5 Retro Rug Ideas to Create The Perfect Nostalgic Environment

5 Retro Rug Ideas to Create The Perfect Nostalgic Environment

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5 Retro Rug Ideas to Create The Perfect Nostalgic Environment

Rugs are one utility that decorates an entire space, even with minimalistic design. Rugs symbolize class and cleanliness for any living space, whether office or home. One thing people underestimate when it comes to rugs is whether or not to own one. You may think that rugs may not be the first thing you notice when you enter a room, but adding that extra fabric to living spaces can significantly affect how you perceive the space. You might want a rug with vibrant, bold colors for a children's play space but choose a more subtle one if it is your working space. You can also give the impression of the space if it is a casual setting or a formal one, as adding a rug can change the entire view of a space. In short, a well-kept room will always have a rug.

Retro rugs take you back by featuring styles from the 50s to the 80s. Bright, bold colors, funky patterns, and unique shapes are popular trends that stand out and give life to retro home décor. Modern décor also uses styles from the past to add a subtle flair of retro style that is perfect for any living space. You can either match the rug to the retro trend in your entire room or add a retro style with the perfect rug.

Retro styles with natural woods combined with a durable carpet ensure that your décor is not overboard and creates the perfect environment full of vitality. From funky playrooms to sophisticated dining rooms or stylish living rooms, you can make retro-inspired home decor that speaks of your love for retro styles. In this article, let's look at some of the best take-backs for retro-style ideas. Sign up with carpet washing services to keep your home spick and span and your carpet themes intact.

How to Choose Designs and Colors?

As few options are classified in the rug market as retro-style rugs, it's better to come up with ways to mix and match patterns and designs for the ultimate retro look. One primary thing you should keep in mind is that the colors you select while purchasing a rug should go well with the wall of that particular room. Carpets with any tint or kind of design may suit rooms with multicolored walls well. You can also go for wall carpeting with the same carpet or one that matches the rug if you feel the wall does not match the rug you prefer.

The selection of rugs should also be carefully made to blend with each room's design, floor type, and purpose. A living room carpet sets the standard of your living space, while a runner rug does the same for a hallway or lobby. Another tip is to add different elements to give the final look of retro-inspired home decor, like furry pillows and gold candle sticks, for designing a cozy living space. A dining room can be made elegant and retro-inspired by including leather chairs and chandeliers.

5 Best Retro Rug Ideas
1. Geometric patterns for a mid-century setting

Oriental rugs are one of the oldest rugs that date back years in history for their origins. Through all these years, it has established itself to be considered an important art piece. An oriental rug is produced in Asia in countries like Turkey, Russia, Iran, China, India, Pakistan, and Tibet. Oriental rugs are known for their alluring bohemian style patterns that are elegant and stunning to improve the room's total look. They make for an excellent living room carpet, for instance.

You might be confused about choosing between modern and traditional rugs for retro styles. While both are unique in their way, oriental rugs with their historical depiction as intricate patterns might seem too elaborate for someone who likes to go for neutral living designs. A common notion that some might have is that oriental rugs may not suit well for neutral backdrops. Oriental rugs do not tamper with the overall look of neutral backdrops but enhance it by standing out as an art piece for contemporary interiors. Have you bleached wood floors? Don't worry, as oriental rugs are best for those who want to cover old floors and add a flair of authentic features to their contemporary rooms. A mid-century modern decorating allows you the possibility of mixing and matching ancient patterns with a modern decorative style.

Three oriental-type rugs are known for their quality and handcrafted appearance: Anatolian carpets, Egyptian Mamluk carpets, and Persian carpets.

Anatolian Carpets: Anatolian carpets are Turkish with floral designs and bold colors. You might be familiar with them as most retailers, and roadside vendors sell these rugs. These carpets are good to go with dark furniture and enhance the beauty of hardwood floors. Typically woolen or cotton-made, these carpets are handwoven with red, yellow, and blue hues. Plain blue wall paint and the same color floors or simply white-colored wall and floor make Anatolian rugs stand out.

Egyptian Mamluk Carpets: Having originated from Cairo, Egypt, in the year 1250, a Mamluk Carpet offers a luxurious look with its Motif patterns and medallion-shaped designs. Any surface flooring can be enhanced with the pale shades of bright red, blue, green, and yellow of mamluk carpets.

Persian Carpets: Predominantly made in Iran, Persian plush carpets are a charm with even more complex designs and multiple colors without losing the handcrafted appearance. Bold carpet patterns of floral motifs and arabesque designs ass stylish patterns to all types of flooring with neutral colors.

Persian Gabbeh rugs, Bijar rugs, and other tribal rugs are ideal for more picturesque tribal patterns or organic shapes. A classy Egyptian Mamluk rug with pale hues will ensure to add extra warmth to your bedroom space, while the fun patterns of a Turkish or Persian carpet can transform any room with a dash of vibrant colors.

You will get a guaranteed outcome by adding unexpected touches and lots of fun elements to a traditionally formal space by using a Turkish or Persian oriental rug. Make a bold statement with any room with these bold pieces selected accordingly to match the same color palette, dream sofa, and ornate gold picture frames.

2. Black and White Patterns for A classic Monotone

Black and white patterns are statement pieces that let you decorate your space with one of the best carpet innovations. There is something about black and white rugs and a retro-inspired room that makes people think of them as the first option when they hear the word "retro." Black and white rugs represent the past of how movies were displayed before color-themed ones came into existence. It is why nearly any retro design connects black and white themes.

Imagine a room with black and white carpet themes, marble flooring, and black or white colored furniture. A full white or black rug can be included if it is difficult for you to find a carpet with a mix and match of black and white patterns. A moody black and white floral rug featuring large blooms and flower trumpets is a decorative statement.

Black and white rugs are available in various styles as they are one of the biggest carpet trends for a retro-inspired design. You can get chic inspirations with Arizona prints, checkered prints, broken stripes, and two-toned floral patterns. Give a dash of mustard yellow or lemon yellow for your furniture, and you are good to go for presenting the whole look of the space. A black and white geometric rug looks lovely as the entire carpet fits well in contemporary and modern spaces. This one, in particular, features sleek lines and simple shapes, which can easily blend with ceramic flooring or concrete flooring.

3. Abstract patterns for Function and Style

Combine elegance with funk for a huge retro living room by mixing and matching various design patterns like curves, sharp lines, or vectors in a rug for a homey appeal. Rugs with abstract patterns do well for both contemporary and modern decor. In retro styling, you can choose one color highlighting different patterns or multiple colors that deliver a pop of style and personality. You can combine and experiment with abstract rugs to give your room funky flair. Who wouldn't want to sit back and relax in a bright, airy space designed? Another mid-century modern styling is adding a rainbow rug that pulls almost all the colors in the palette to match chairs, walls, and pillows with different pops of color. Give the room a forest-like feel with a mixture of green floor and table plants.

Bold patterns in the rug elements can overpower the soft colors of wall carpeting, but it will keep them all the more exciting and vibrant. Muted tones of blue carpets and gray in retro area rugs can balance out the dull colors of a contemporary space. Some may prefer to keep their furniture simple and minimal while they choose abstract designs for rugs which can be surprisingly stylish for a zen space.

Living rooms or playrooms need not be the only ones that need to be colorful or funky. You don't always need to sacrifice style for functionality when calculating the intensive tasks in a kitchen or a workroom. A retro kitchen rug can be spaced near the sink and the kitchen island where you may most need them, but understand that the overall designs can still be funky. Go for abstract art, green tiles, or textured walls, and you will still love the extra splash of unconventional settings.

You may already think that a splash of color may look suitable for your living room or dining room. But what about bedrooms? You may have read about keeping neutral colors in your bedroom for a good night's sleep. But you don't need to compromise on the flooring that gives the first impression of your bedroom and sets the mood with a pop of color with vibrant linens.

5. Theme-based Designs from The Past

Every decade in the past gives you a mix of colors and patterns to try out different pieces inspired from the eras for decorating your home. Between the dramatic drapes and pastel tones, one can embrace a retro styled room with some of the best trends of the '80s. There's no arguing that the 80s vibe is not going anywhere and is here to stay. Interior designers use the 80s style in different ways. For instance, a plush white rug adds to the retro vibe with gold-and-white elements of furniture, light fixtures and frames for a serious pop against the wood flooring or a glass table.

A 70's living space with decorative tile flooring may already have all kinds of funky nostalgic vibes. From the plush carpets in orange color to the ceramic panther designs in the center of the coffee table, the room is loaded with super amusing retro home decor. The vintage style offered in midcentury and abstract rug designs adds to the offbeat appeal while bringing in the orange and brown colors for a mismatched furniture set. Seal the whole room's look with an art-filled gallery wall for a jaw-opening appearance.

Make decorative flooring with fruity and fab designs from the 1950s. The 1950s-inspired designs give people a feel of vitality with multicolored designs and are best to keep up with the current flooring trends. For instance, a citrus fruit retro rug is ideal for the orange and white checkered floor and the multicolored cabinets when you are sure you want something more than subtle.

6. Animal Print Rugs for Versatility

If one carpet design trend keeps coming back in different ways, they are animal prints. As complex as it can get while choosing one, it's better to keep the rest of the decorations in the room subtle when you go for animal print rugs.

Chances are that you may not be able to choose your favorite animal print, and that is when you can always consider one of the most commonly used animal prints rug designed with zebra stripes. A Zebra stripe rug can go under any furniture in the office, play area, or even living room. It can also create a backdrop for decor styles in blank spaces and turn any bland space into a signature room décor. You can use the pattern of the zebra stripes to direct the viewer's attention to where you want to highlight in busy spaces. The stripes act as directional lines for catching the observer's attention in whichever direction you prefer. The sharp lines add a retro twist to the whole room for a slightly modern spin without distracting the natural appeal.

Pairing distinctive prints in the same color palette can maintain the same tone across the floor. A cool-toned stone flooring can be laid out with tiger pattern geometric rugs paired with a cowhide (faux) ottoman to make the natural stone floors attractive. A cowhide pattern faux rug with bright accents can accentuate wood flooring, and the soft materials used in animal print rugs can turn any bedroom into heaven.

Animal print rugs also come with spot patterns and shag carpet texture trend to bring elements from the wild side. Add a green flair to the furniture and walls to have a natural theme for your room. The idea that animal prints with spot patterns are loud is false. Keeping the tone and colors subtle will anchor a monotone room while maintaining the class of carpeted floors. As any half-hearted attempt is bound to fail, so make a bold choice to go for spotted animal rugs knowing that they will work best when you design with appropriate design elements and furniture. Adding hints of animal prints in parts of clean spaces with minimalistic designs is best.

Environment-friendly Flooring Options

You would already know that recycled materials go a long way in saving the environment but did you know that you had that option in rugs? The recycled flooring trend has been gaining popularity this year, and carpet making has been adopting ways to manufacture them in an environmentally responsible manner.

"Going green" and "eco-friendly" have been the buzzwords of today's world, with many environmentalists suggesting sustainable living and consumption protect the environment. Flooring is also a part of the campaign, with carpet fibers made from recycled materials. Eco-friendly floor styling and carpet buying trends are still innovative, with recycled plastic bottles used as raw materials to create unique and durable carpets. Carpet manufacturers keep comfort, durability, and floor styling in mind while including eco-friendly materials, which may be difficult to compromise.

Accentuate Your Living Space: Retro Rug Ideas for 2022

Contemporary styling can always live up to your expectations and fit any décor type through retro rug ideas. Interior designers utilize retro rug ideas for clients who wish to go for something unique and antique. They may consider designing the furniture arrangements that go well with the retro rug to make everything look well placed for an organized living.

Your choice of carpeting can make or break the whole appearance and mood of your living space. One decorating tip to keep in mind is to consider the carpets' size and color that fit the dimension of the flooring and blend with its interiors. You may choose a retro rug that appeals to the eye, but it may not be perfect for the room setting or color. Remember the above ideas while selecting a rug to create the ideal retro space, as you might be spending considerable time in it.

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