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Bernice - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugBernice - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Bernice - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

13' 7" x 9' 9"

Sale price$3,395.00
Benazir - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugBenazir - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Benazir - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

11' 0" x 7' 10"

Sale price$2,241.00
Beezus - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugBeezus - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Beezus - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

6' 0" x 3' 11"

Sale price$683.00
Beitah - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugBeitah - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Beitah - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

8' 8" x 6' 0"

Sale price$1,383.00
Barbra - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugBarbra - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Barbra - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

10' 11" x 7' 10"

Sale price$2,228.00
Alisinah - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAlisinah - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Alisinah - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

12' 0" x 9' 2"

Sale price$2,822.00
Ahave - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAhave - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Ahave - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

6' 9" x 4' 8"

Sale price$886.00
Agueda - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAgueda - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Agueda - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

8' 6" x 5' 10"

Sale price$1,331.00
Agnola - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAgnola - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Agnola - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

11' 6" x 7' 10"

Sale price$2,337.00
Agnessija - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAgnessija - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Agnessija - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

12'4" x 9'6"

Sale price$2,997.00
Agata - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAgata - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Agata - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

9' 5" x 6' 0"

Sale price$1,510.00
Agape - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAgape - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Agape - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

13'7" x 9'8"

Sale price$3,354.00
Affera - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAffera - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Affera - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

5'9" x 5'9"

Sale price$904.00
Aspen - Blue Bamboo Silk Rug - kudenrugsAspen - Blue Bamboo Silk Rug - kudenrugs
Aspen - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

4’ 0” x 2’ 5”

Sale price$355.00

Bamboo Silk Rugs

If you need an exceptionally impressive and ornamental rug that brings warmth to your space and improves the interior of your room, our bamboo silk rugs are the best option for you. Bamboo silk is a soft and luxurious fabric. These rugs are made from bamboo stalks, after it’s removed, the material is dried and woven into fibers. 

Our exclusive bamboo silk rugs adopt a unique finish that intensifies their performance.  

Where Do Bamboo Rugs Fit Best?

Bamboo rugs are the perfect illustration of tolerable design. Bamboo silk is one of the most preferred materials for luxurious rugs. With an appearance resembling antique silk rugs, it boosts the aesthetics of its surroundings. 

But a bamboo silk rug is best for both a low and high-traffic region to prevent damage. But it's best if you avoid placing heavy furniture or other big wood furnishings on these carpets. It has an attractive sheen that boosts the overall look of the rug.

Consider bamboo silk rug as a treasured antique art piece. Any rooms that are not in daily use, like a formal dining room or guest room are perfect places to exhibit one of these carpets. You can also use a bamboo silk rug for your library or den, but only if you keep tea, coffee, and other drinks away from the room or out of sight as well. 

What Designs of Bamboo Silk Rugs are Available In?

Handmade bamboo silk rugs are available in exceptionally unique designs and dimensions. Out designs can contemplate your interior, playing wonderfully with light and shifting steadily. Bamboo silk can emphasize segments of the design of the rug, developing remarkable highlights and lowlights.

Bamboo silk rugs are preferred for their extraordinary quality and stability. Not just Bamboo silk is easier to extract, they are more reliable than machine-made rugs. They add an elegant appearance to your home.

How to Decorate Bamboo Silk Rugs? 

A Bamboo rug is the safest and most durable category. They can withstand high foot traffic without any additional care and attention.

Moreover, our Bamboo silk rugs are soft to the touch, convenient to handle, and made of natural fiber. Thus, it imposes no health issues when using a bamboo silk rug. 

A bamboo rug can be used in various ways. They are usually consumed to embellish homes and offices with distinctive designs and colors. Luckily, they can be used as an outdoor addition or inside the house to provide a vintage appearance to any room.

How are Handmade Bamboo Silk Rugs Different from Machine-Made Ones?

Handmade bamboo silk rugs might often be more expansive than machine-made ones but are incredibly elegant and give an exceptional boost to your rooms. Made from the finest quality fibers from a bamboo stalk, our bamboo silk rugs are considered a luxury. 

The use of bamboo silk might be a fairly new idea but, is being acknowledged around the globe.  Bamboo silk is a premium type of viscose as it is made from bamboo fiber rather than wood or other substances.

How To Clean Indian Rugs?

Indian rugs are famous for their intricate patterns and vibrant colors. When it comes to Indian rug cleaning, these rugs, typically made with synthetic material, can present some challenges. The wool pile or silk used in Indian rugs is hand-dyed, giving the rugs a distinct appearance. Read to know more about how to clean Indian rugs. The true value of rugs lie in the expertise of rug makers and not machines. Explore carpets from Kuden rugs to buy genuine hand-made carpets. 


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