A dining room rug adds a touch of extravagance to the dining experience. Even more importantly, a carefully chosen rug is easy to clean and handles the mess of family dining without complaint. Of course, choosing a hardwearing, practical rug does not mean compromising on color or design.

Larger rugs placed under the dining table can provide visual separation for an open plan space or bring together a room design. A rug with bold patterns and the right contrast can become a delightful focal point. With so many options, you can find a rug that enhances the joy of dining.

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Ahava - Vintage Persian RugAhava - Vintage Persian Rug
Ahava - Vintage Persian Rug

11' 4" x 7' 10" ft / 265 x 165 cm

Sale price$2,800.00
Save $85.00
Abbellonna - Vintage Red Overdyed RugAbbellonna - Vintage Red Overdyed Rug
Abbellonna - Vintage Red Overdyed Rug

8'2" x 5'1" ft / 250 x 155 cm

Sale price$240.00 Regular price$325.00
Save $120.00
Naimaha - Vintage Yellow Overdyed RugNaimaha - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug
Naimaha - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug

8' 6" x 5' 6" ft / 260 x 168 cm

Sale price$265.00 Regular price$385.00
Save $85.00
Nafiza - Vintage Pink Overdyed RugNafiza - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug
Nafiza - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug

9'8" x 5'5" ft / 295 x 165 cm

Sale price$290.00 Regular price$375.00
Nadya - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed RugNadya - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug
Nadya - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug

8' 6" x 5' 7" ft / 258 x 169 cm

Sale price$265.00
Nadezda - Vintage Green Overdyed RugNadezda - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug
Nadezda - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug

8' 8" x 5' 0" ft / 265 x 153 cm

Sale price$250.00
Save $50.00
Kareeda - Vintage Pink Overdyed RugKareeda - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug
Kareeda - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug

9' 11" x 6' 0" ft / 303 x 184 cm

Sale price$325.00 Regular price$375.00
Save $155.00
Karbie - Vintage Yellow Overdyed RugKarbie - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug
Karbie - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug

8' 2" x 4' 10" ft / 250 x 147 cm

Sale price$230.00 Regular price$385.00
Save $120.00
Kapuki - Vintage Green Overdyed RugKapuki - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug
Kapuki - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug

10' 1" x 6' 2" ft / 308 x 187 cm

Sale price$335.00 Regular price$455.00
Save $135.00
Kanika - Vintage Black Overdyed RugKanika - Vintage Black Overdyed Rug
Kanika - Vintage Black Overdyed Rug

10' 1" x 6' 7" ft / 307 x 200 cm

Sale price$355.00 Regular price$490.00
Save $90.00
Kaneshia - Vintage Pink Overdyed RugKaneshia - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug
Kaneshia - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug

9' 3" x 5' 6" ft / 283 x 167 cm

Sale price$285.00 Regular price$375.00
Kanene - Vintage Green Overdyed RugKanene - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug
Kanene - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug

10' 5" x 7' 1" ft / 318 x 215 cm

Sale price$390.00
Save $35.00
Kaneesh - Vintage Navy Blue Overdyed RugKaneesh - Vintage Navy Blue Overdyed Rug
Kaneesh - Vintage Navy Blue Overdyed Rug

8' 6" x 5' 2" ft / 260 x 157 cm

Sale price$250.00 Regular price$285.00
Kandiss - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed RugKandiss - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug
Kandiss - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug

7' 1" x 4' 6" ft / 216 x 136 cm

Sale price$195.00
Save $125.00
Kammie - Vintage Yellow Overdyed RugKammie - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug
Kammie - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug

8' 11" x 5' 2" ft / 273 x 157 cm

Sale price$260.00 Regular price$385.00
Kamna - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed RugKamna - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug
Kamna - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug

8' 9" x 5' 9" ft / 266 x 176 cm

Sale price$280.00
Save $30.00
Kamra - Vintage Green Overdyed RugKamra - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug
Kamra - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug

10' 0" x 2' 11" ft / 305 x 90 cm

Sale price$185.00 Regular price$215.00
Kanara - Vintage Pink Overdyed RugKanara - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug
Kanara - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug

10' 0" x 6' 3" ft / 305 x 190 cm

Sale price$340.00
Kaja - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed RugKaja - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug
Kaja - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug

7' 2" x 4' 1" ft / 218 x 124 cm

Sale price$185.00
Kaite - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed RugKaite - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug
Kaite - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug

10' 4" x 6' 4" ft / 316 x 208 cm

Sale price$375.00
Save $15.00
Kairos - Vintage Yellow Overdyed RugKairos - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug
Kairos - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug

10' 1" x 6' 11" ft / 307 x 210 cm

Sale price$370.00 Regular price$385.00
Save $115.00
Kaililah - Vintage Yellow Overdyed RugKaililah - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug
Kaililah - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug

8' 6" x 5' 7" ft / 260 x 171 cm

Sale price$270.00 Regular price$385.00
Save $270.00
Kailea - Vintage Gray Overdyed RugKailea - Vintage Gray Overdyed Rug
Kailea - Vintage Gray Overdyed Rug

7' 4" x 5' 1" ft / 223 x 155 cm

Sale price$220.00 Regular price$490.00
Kailah - Vintage Orange Antique Washed RugKailah - Vintage Orange Antique Washed Rug
Kailah - Vintage Orange Antique Washed Rug

10' 2" x 6' 9" ft / 310 x 205 cm

Sale price$365.00
Save $285.00
Kaida - Vintage Gray Overdyed RugKaida - Vintage Gray Overdyed Rug
Kaida - Vintage Gray Overdyed Rug

9' 0" x 6' 4" ft / 274 x 193 cm

Sale price$205.00 Regular price$490.00
Save $110.00
Kahlilah - Vintage Brown Overdyed RugKahlilah - Vintage Brown Overdyed Rug
Kahlilah - Vintage Brown Overdyed Rug

8' 9" x 6' 2" ft / 266 x 187 cm

Sale price$295.00 Regular price$405.00
Save $145.00
Kagami - Vintage Pink Overdyed RugKagami - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug
Kagami - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug

8' 4" x 4' 8" ft / 255 x 142 cm

Sale price$230.00 Regular price$375.00
Save $95.00
Kadija - Vintage Gray Overdyed RugKadija - Vintage Gray Overdyed Rug
Kadija - Vintage Gray Overdyed Rug

9' 5" x 5' 4" ft / 288 x 162 cm

Sale price$280.00 Regular price$375.00
Save $180.00
Abreona - Vintage Brown Overdyed RugAbreona - Vintage Brown Overdyed Rug
Abreona - Vintage Brown Overdyed Rug

7' 9" x 4' 11" ft / 237 x 150 cm

Sale price$225.00 Regular price$405.00
Fylyah - Vintage Pink Overdyed RugFylyah - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug
Fylyah - Vintage Pink Overdyed Rug

9' 11" x 6' 1" ft / 303 x 186 cm

Sale price$330.00
Save $20.00
Faricka - Vintage Black Overdyed RugFaricka - Vintage Black Overdyed Rug
Faricka - Vintage Black Overdyed Rug

9' 8" x 6' 1" ft / 295 x 185 cm

Sale price$320.00 Regular price$340.00
Save $25.00
Fallenna - Vintage Yellow Overdyed RugFallenna - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug
Fallenna - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug

10' 0" x 6' 9" ft / 305 x 207 cm

Sale price$360.00 Regular price$385.00
Save $130.00
Fabyannah - Vintage Yellow Overdyed RugFabyannah - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug
Fabyannah - Vintage Yellow Overdyed Rug

8' 11" x 4' 11" ft / 273 x 150 cm

Sale price$255.00 Regular price$385.00
Edena - Vintage Red Antique Washed RugEdena - Vintage Red Antique Washed Rug
Edena - Vintage Red Antique Washed Rug

10' 5" x 6' 9" ft / 317 x 205 cm

Sale price$370.00
Ebba - Vintage Beige Antique Washed RugEbba - Vintage Beige Antique Washed Rug
Ebba - Vintage Beige Antique Washed Rug

6' 11" x 9' 10" ft / 300 x 210 cm

Sale price$360.00
Save $125.00
Darriah - Vintage Brown Overdyed RugDarriah - Vintage Brown Overdyed Rug
Darriah - Vintage Brown Overdyed Rug

9' 7" x 5' 3" ft / 292 x 160 cm

Sale price$280.00 Regular price$405.00
Darnella - Vintage Green Antique Washed RugDarnella - Vintage Green Antique Washed Rug
Darnella - Vintage Green Antique Washed Rug

9' 8" x 6' 1" ft / 295 x 185 cm

Sale price$320.00
Save $150.00
Darlenne - Vintage Blue Overdyed RugDarlenne - Vintage Blue Overdyed Rug
Darlenne - Vintage Blue Overdyed Rug

9' 2" x 5' 6" ft / 280 x 168 cm

Sale price$285.00 Regular price$435.00
Save $185.00
Darelle - Vintage Blue Overdyed RugDarelle - Vintage Blue Overdyed Rug
Darelle - Vintage Blue Overdyed Rug

9' 4" x 4' 9" ft / 284 x 144 cm

Sale price$250.00 Regular price$435.00

Dining Room Rugs

Your dining room should have an impact on anyone who visits your home. Your priority should be to transform your house's dining space into an attractive place. Our handmade antique rugs are what your dining room needs!

There is something special about a good dining room rug; it's part of the overall décor of any dining table. There are many benefits associated with having a quality rug in your dining area. Not only does it look great, but it also provides comfort and protection.

How can Vintage Dining Room Rugs Transform a Room? 

When you're eating, you want to feel comfortable. You don't want to worry about tripping on the carpet, so you'll want to ensure you've got some floor covering.

A dining room is one of the most significant places in a home. This area of the house should be well-maintained and kept clean, so you can enjoy meals with family and guests. If you have an old and worn-out rug in your dining room, it can make the entire room look dull and unappealing.

If this is true, why don't you consider getting new ones for your dining rooms? You will love the way they look and feel once you get them.

Why Do People Like Handmade Dining Room Rugs?

Dining rooms are crucial spaces where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it's so important to keep them clean and organized. If you want to ensure you have everything under control, you should consider purchasing a rug for the dining area of your home. A good quality vintage rug will help you to create an inviting space. You'll be able to enjoy the food and conversation in comfort.

You don't need to worry about any health risks associated with using a rug in the dining room. However, you do need to confirm if the material is non-allergenic and won't trap dust.

Where Should You Place Dining Room Rugs In Your Dining Rooms?

Dining rooms can be a great space to relax after work. However, you must keep the area clean. If you don't, your guests might feel like they're eating in an unclean environment. When you have carpeting in the dining room, it's easy to forget how dirty the floor is. It means you should get rid of all the dirt before hosting any parties. You should also consider getting a rug for the area.

If you want to use a tablecloth, then you should place them at least three feet away from the edge of the table.

How to Choose The Best Dining Room Rugs?

Dining rooms can be a vital part of any home. They serve many purposes, including entertaining guests, relaxing after work, and having meals together. When you're looking for ways to transform your living space, you should consider adding some interesting elements to your dining area. For example, you can use an elegant vintage rug to add warmth and style.

Using a rug exclusively designed for your dining room is a great way to confirm you have enough seating in your home. You can place one in the center of your table or style it underneath the table. 

If you want to buy a dining room vintage, you must check out our collection, there are certainly a lot of rugs that you will love to take to make your dining rooms more elegant. 

Dining Room Rug Ideas For An Absolute Dining Experience

Shopping for a dining room rug contributes to an organized way toward a perfect dining room design. A dining room rug is an essential utility that will determine the style and look of your dining room. As much as you would wonder what significant change would bring to your dining room, it does create a considerable impact to change a dining room from ordinary to attractive. A dining table is integral to making everyday conversations thrive as people get together during dining time. One important styling tip while you design your dining room is to match the design and color of the rest of the home. Stains or cracks in dining room floors? No need to worry, as you can cover up the floor space with dining room rugs.


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