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Turquoise rugs capture the essence of the sea and the deep beauty of semi-precious stones, bringing dynamism and the memory of summer to a room. Calming without feeling cold, turquoise is now a very popular choice. Let's discover now!



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Martha | Turquoise Tranquility | Hand-Knotted Turkish Elegance | Kuden RugsMartha | Overdyed Vibrance | Vintage Area Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Martha - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10' 4" x 7' 3"

Sale price$638.00
One of A Kind
Mara | Turquoise Tranquility | Hand-Knotted Turkish Elegance | Kuden RugsMara | Overdyed Majesty | Vintage Medallion Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Mara - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 5" x 6' 9"

Sale price$543.00
One of A Kind
Maliyah | Turquoise Elegance | Hand-Knotted Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsMaliyah | Overdyed Allure | Vintage Area Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Maliyah - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10' 2" x 7' 1"

Sale price$610.00
One of A Kind
Mairwen | Turquoise Tranquility | Hand-Knotted Turkish Elegance | Kuden RugsMairwen | Overdyed Marvel | Vintage Medallion Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Mairwen - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10' 3" x 6' 4"

Sale price$551.00
One of A Kind
Lucia | Turquoise Medallion Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsLucia | Overdyed Turkish Carpet Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Lucia - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 11" x 6' 10"

Sale price$580.00
One of A Kind
Luane | Turquoise Elegance Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsLuane | Hand-Knotted Area Rug Art | Kuden Rugs
Luane - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 11" x 6' 8"

Sale price$558.00
One of A Kind
Landrada | Tranquil Turquoise Runner Rug | Kuden RugsLandrada | Timeless Overdyed Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Landrada - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9' 1" x 3' 1"

Sale price$242.00
One of A Kind
Isabel | Turquoise Vintage Runner Elegance | Kuden RugsIsabel | Overdyed Turkish Corridor Rug | Kuden Rugs
Isabel - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

8' 5" x 2' 10"

Sale price$205.00
One of A Kind
Clarabel | Exquisite Turquoise Geometric Runner | Kuden RugsClarabel | Hand-Knotted Wool Vintage Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Clarabel - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

10' 11" x 2' 11"

Sale price$274.00
One of A Kind
Cherish | Turquoise Geometric Wool Runner | Kuden RugsCherish | Exquisite Hand-Knotted Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Cherish - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

11' 5" x 3' 0"

Sale price$293.00
One of A Kind
Denali | Vintage Turkish Grandeur | Exquisite Turquoise Rug | Kuden RugsTurkish Overdyed Rug | Denali's Timeless Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Denali - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 1" x 6' 3"

Sale price$498.00
One of A Kind
Malayah - Turkish Rug Craftsmanship Par ExcellenceTurquoise Medallion - Malayah's Professional Carpet Elegance
Malayah - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 2" x 6' 4"

Sale price$481.00
One of A Kind
Nadya | Turquoise Treasure Hand-Knotted Rug | Kuden RugsEnchanting Weaves | Nadya Vintage Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Nadya - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8' 6" x 5' 7"

Sale price$399.00
One of A Kind
Kandiss | Turquoise Tranquility | Hand-Knotted Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsKandiss | Overdyed Opulence | Vibrant Vintage Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Kandiss - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

7' 1" x 4' 6"

Sale price$316.00
One of A Kind
Kaja | Turquoise Treasure | Hand-Knotted Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsKaja | Overdyed Splendor | Vintage Medallion Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Kaja - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

7' 2" x 4' 1"

Sale price$298.00
One of A Kind
Darlyne - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Runner RugDarlyne - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Runner Rug
Darlyne - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Runner Rug

8' 5" x 2' 10"

Sale price$261.00
One of A Kind
Dajona | Serene Turquoise Wool Rug | Kuden RugsDajona | Overdyed Turkish Area Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Dajona - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9'1" x 5'7"

Sale price$455.00
One of A Kind
Aloani - Vintage Turquoise Patchwork Rug - kudenrugsAloani - Vintage Turquoise Patchwork Rug - kudenrugs
Aloani - Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rug

6’ 11” x 3’ 11”

Sale price$392.00
One of A Kind
Dora | Vibrant Turquoise Floral Runner Rug | Kuden RugsDora | Overdyed Vintage Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Dora - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9’ 1” x 2’ 6”

Sale price$244.00
One of A Kind
Paige - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsPaige - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Paige - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

6’ 11” x 3’ 9”

Sale price$268.00
One of A Kind
Lyla - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsLyla - Vintage Turquoise Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Lyla - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

6’ 9” x 3’ 9”

Sale price$263.00
One of A Kind
Emilia - Vintage Blue Patchwork Rug - kudenrugsEmilia - Vintage Blue Patchwork Rug - kudenrugs
Emilia - Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rug

9’ 10” x 8’ 2”

Sale price$630.00
One of A Kind
Nyomi | Refreshing Turquoise Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsNyomi | Overdyed Turkish Carpet Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Nyomi - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8’ 10” x 5’ 7”

Sale price$420.00
One of A Kind
Taanach - Vintage Blue Patchwork Rug - kudenrugsTaanach - Vintage Blue Patchwork Rug - kudenrugs
Taanach - Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rug

7’ 11” x 5’ 7”

Sale price$384.00

Turquoise Rugs: Adding Joy to Every Part of Your Home!

Make your home look better with the pretty charm of turquoise rugs. Imagine coming into your living room and being welcomed by the calm feeling of a turquoise rug - it's like having a small vacation right at home! Our turquoise rugs are not just for looking nice. They invite you to rest, feel calm and enjoy beach-like feelings no matter where you are at the moment.

If you live near the beach or just want that feeling, our turquoise rugs easily bring calm waters into your house. They make your home a special place for peace and relaxation.

Discover the Perfect Turquoise Rug for Every Space

1. Living Room Bliss: Your Ultimate Retreat

Enhance your living room with our thoughtfully curated turquoise rug collection. These rugs are more than just visual appeal; they're about crafting a specific atmosphere. Imagine a carefully selected turquoise rug anchoring your living area, effortlessly tying everything together. It's not merely a rug; it's that essential element that converts your living room into a snug haven. The best part? It introduces a burst of color without overshadowing the spotlight.

2. Bathroom Serenity: Transforming Dreams into Reality

Have you ever envisioned turning your bathroom into a spa-like haven? Our turquoise bathroom rugs are here to turn that dream into reality. Step out of the shower onto sheer luxury, as your feet sink into the plush softness of these turquoise rugs. Practicality meets aesthetics, bringing a calming turquoise energy that transforms your bathroom into a serene escape – a touch of luxury that makes a significant difference.

3. Kitchen Chicness: Where Style Meets Spills

Make your kitchen look fresh and cool with our stylish turquoise rugs for the kitchen. These mats can handle the mess of kitchen work while adding some fancy style. Imagine a bright turquoise rug on the ground as you make food - it's useful, fancy and changes how your kitchen looks. Goodbye to boring kitchen floors and hello a fun yet useful kitchen.

4. Bedroom Retreat: Cozy Comfort in Turquoise

Infuse the magic of turquoise into your bedroom for a retreat that exudes comfort. Envision a turquoise rug beneath your bed, transforming your bedroom into a cozy oasis. The calming turquoise tones set the perfect mood for winding down after a hectic day.

5. Home Office Elegance: Style for Productivity

Working from home? Let's make your home office nice with the magical addition of a turquoise rug. It's not just about the desk and chair for work; it's about making a place that sparks creativity and focus. The turquoise carpet makes your fancy home office fun to work in.

Why Turquoise Works Everywhere

  • Versatility: Turquoise rugs easily match different colors, so they look great in any room.
  • Timeless Elegance: Turquoise has an everlasting appeal that goes past fashions, making your stuff always look stylish without having to worry.
  • Calming Aura: The calm vibes of turquoise change your area into a place for rest, perfect to relax after a tiring day.

Elevate Your Space with Turquoise Rugs

Ready to make your home a work of art? Turquoise rugs are your ticket. Their energetic, coastal vibes and versatility make them a must-get. Change your living room, make the bathroom better, or add style to the kitchen - all can happen with our turquoise rugs. Embark on a design adventure and explore our collection now, letting the magic of turquoise weave seamlessly into your home.

Turquoise Rugs Insights: Beyond the Basics

Turquoise is often inferred as sea-blue color, which is because of its similarity to the water in the ocean. Turquoise blue shades have a range of variations in their intensity.

Turquoise is an elegant color that can promptly implant life and energy in your interior. It’s also versatile, so it works well with various pattern styles. Whether you own a house with contemporary, classical, or a design somewhere in between, our turquoise rug would surely be perfect for your living room.

The turquoise rugs majorly consist of the most premium high-end materials. Plus, being handwoven the rugs are available in an array of unique designs. Rugs made of wool are the best choice for living rooms, as they are reliable and easy to maintain. If you prefer something budget-friendly, you can get rugs made of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene or polyester are also incredible options. You should pick a rug with the finest quality products so that it can last for years to come.

For any space requiring modification by a refreshing color and revamped décor, try adding one of our turquoise rugs to spice things up.

Adding a soothing and calm color to a room's floor makes it appear unique and elegant. Turquoise rugs possess the strength to transform how an interior area makes us subconsciously realize, and our handmade turquoise area rugs will pose a terrific impact. Whether you prefer classic options or something contemporary, you'll get it from our wide selection.

Outdoor areas can become dull without colorful décor, and turquoise rugs are the ideal remedy for this issue. These handmade pieces are also ideal for indoor locations that need additional resistance to moisture, and heavy traffic, in soil like entrances, kitchens, hallways, and many more.

Bathrooms can also use soothing colors, and a turquoise bathroom rug will work exceptionally for this space. When paired with similar shades for shower curtains, these vintage rugs can balance out your bathroom’s décor.

The uncertain combination of colors generates a relaxing and elegant appearance that works incredibly in trendy, country, and even modern designs.

The color turquoise gets its name from a gemstone. It's a combination of pale blue and green or blue-green shades, and it lies between blue and green. Turquoise Area rugs are an excellent selection for people new to rugs. They illustrate hope and safety. They also muster the ambiance of comforting nature.

When you strive for positivity, your mind overreaches a color that provokes harmony. Ultimately, it appears peaceful, which is why turquoise is said to symbolize hope.

This color brings peace and balances out your house decor. A turquoise rug as a floor covering soothes the mind and brings calmness. 

Its flexible association with other color hues makes it the most preferred selection for different décor accents.

Turquoise is one of the most versatile colors in home decor and can be used in almost any room. It's perfect for adding an elegant feel to your living room or a splash of colors to your bedroom. Turquoise rugs are also ideal for kids' rooms as they’re fun and playful. Plus, with these rugs, you can also add a sense of luxury to your home.

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