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Striped rugs are easy, and with so many color choices to select from, you can conveniently integrate the room design. Striped vintage patterns give your home a bright, clean, and classic appeal.  Vintage striped rugs are handcrafted in Anatolia with old hemp fibers rather than typical wool for a delicate touch and sophisticated look. Turkish villages produced hemp until the 1960s when it was banned, and many weavers now use historic yarns to create new pieces in modern patterns. Anatolia, located at the crossroads of the Asian and European continents, is an area rich in history and cultural influences. For doscover striped rugs, scroll the page!



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Itzel | Beige Striped Kilim Rug | Kuden RugsItzel | Handwoven Turkish Wool Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Itzel - Turkish Wool Area Kilim

9' 8" x 6' 5"

Sale price$1,098.00
One of A Kind
Shirleen - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugShirleen - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Shirleen - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 6" x 6' 0"

Sale price$462.00
One of A Kind
Sakima - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugSakima - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Sakima - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 10" x 5' 0"

Sale price$376.00
One of A Kind
Sajili - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugSajili - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Sajili - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 10" x 6' 5"

Sale price$512.00
One of A Kind
Reeba - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugReeba - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Reeba - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 6" x 5' 10"

Sale price$453.00
One of A Kind
Rayzel - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugRayzel - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Rayzel - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 5" x 4' 7"

Sale price$372.00
One of A Kind
Ragnhild - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugRagnhild - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Ragnhild - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 11" x 4' 9"

Sale price$364.00
One of A Kind
Petula - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugPetula - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Petula - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 8" x 5' 1"

Sale price$373.00
One of A Kind
Payge - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugPayge - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Payge - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 10" x 5' 8"

Sale price$460.00
Paulyn - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugPaulyn - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Paulyn - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

8' 2" x 4' 8"

Sale price$408.00
One of A Kind
Pamala - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugPamala - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Pamala - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 9" x 6' 4"

Sale price$443.00
One of A Kind
Nomi - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugNomi - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Nomi - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 11" x 4' 7"

Sale price$355.00
One of A Kind
Nohely - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugNohely - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Nohely - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 3" x 5' 6"

Sale price$419.00
One of A Kind
Noire - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugNoire - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Noire - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 9" x 4' 10"

Sale price$400.00
One of A Kind
Nokomis - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugNokomis - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Nokomis - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 8" x 4' 2"

Sale price$321.00
One of A Kind
Nieve - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugNieve - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Nieve - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

9' 0" x 5' 10"

Sale price$528.00
One of A Kind
Manuella - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugManuella - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Manuella - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 4" x 5' 9"

Sale price$392.00
One of A Kind
Marayna - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugMarayna - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Marayna - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 4" x 4' 11"

Sale price$351.00
One of A Kind
Mallow - Vintage Turkish Kilim RugMallow - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug
Mallow - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

8' 2" x 5'

Sale price$430.00
One of A Kind
Ashleah - Vintage Turkish Hemp RugAshleah - Vintage Turkish Hemp Rug
Ashleah - Vintage Turkish Hemp Rug

8' 2" x 5' 8"

Sale price$473.00
One of A Kind
Zerdali - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZerdali - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zerdali - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

10' 11" x 11' 7"

Sale price$1,501.00
One of A Kind
Zenobia - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZenobia - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zenobia - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 1" x 5' 1"

Sale price$370.00
One of A Kind
Zelpha - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZelpha - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zelpha - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

5' 9" x 5' 2"

Sale price$318.00
One of A Kind
Zelotes - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZelotes - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zelotes - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 2" x 4' 9"

Sale price$313.00
One of A Kind
Zelenka - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZelenka - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zelenka - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 7" x 4' 11"

Sale price$339.00
One of A Kind
Zelena - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZelena - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zelena - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 1" x 5' 11"

Sale price$413.00
One of A Kind
Zeeba - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZeeba - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zeeba - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 11" x 5' 1"

Sale price$364.00
One of A Kind
Zdebka - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZdebka - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zdebka - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 7" x 4' 9"

Sale price$372.00
One of A Kind
Zawadi - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZawadi - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zawadi - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 5" x 4' 7"

Sale price$352.00
One of A Kind
Zasha - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZasha - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zasha - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 7" x 4' 9"

Sale price$368.00
One of A Kind
Zagir - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsZagir - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Zagir - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 3" x 4' 8"

Sale price$313.00
Yerusha - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsYerusha - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Yerusha - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 3" x 5' 3"

Sale price$384.00
Yentel - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsYentel - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Yentel - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

5' 10" x 3' 9"

Sale price$259.00
Yekaterin - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsYekaterin - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Yekaterin - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

5' 9" x 5' 5"

Sale price$330.00
Yauvani - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsYauvani - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Yauvani - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

7' 1" x 4' 11"

Sale price$361.00
One of A Kind
Verina - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugsVerina - White Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Verina - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

6' 7" x 5' 3"

Sale price$356.00
One of A Kind
Uttara - Beige Hemp Rug - kudenrugsUttara - Beige Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Uttara - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

11' 6" x 8' 3"

Sale price$1,047.00
One of A Kind
Usdi - Beige Hemp Rug - kudenrugsUsdi - Beige Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Usdi - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

11' 8" x 8' 6"

Sale price$1,092.00
One of A Kind
Totie - Beige Hemp Rug - kudenrugsTotie - Beige Hemp Rug - kudenrugs
Totie - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

11' 7" x 9' 1"

Sale price$1,148.00

Striped Rugs

For people who prefer a versatile, practical, chic, amusing, and empowering rug, our striped rugs are a must-try. The stripes can blend elegantly with solids, florals, and different types of patterns, the rugs are a reasonable way to create a sophisticated look for your home. The versatility of stripes can be illustrated by the fact that the striped rugs are available in a range of classic traditional to modern designs.

What Designs of striped Rugs Are Prominent?

We deal with the finest quality vintage striped area rugs that range from delicate understated or elegant pieces to bold, and bright striped rugs that allure more interest. So, if you are looking for a rug that can tone down overly furnished areas and fire up dull rooms at the same time, striped rugs can help you. A properly used striped area rug will offer the ability to reshape and modify any room. A striped area rug allows you to visually influence the way a space is comprehended. Brightly colored vertical stripes provide vibrant energy to your room. While horizontal stripes can either entice attention towards or away from elements in a room.  Stripes are valued by artisans and rug enthusiasts all over the world.

Why Choose A Striped Area Rug?

Striped rugs are adaptable. They can be bold or delicate, mute or colorful, and complements any kind of decorating style. The stripes are better at concealing dirt and spots than permanent hues. Therefore, the striped rugs are an ideal choice for families and active households in high-traffic areas. This feature makes these rugs useful in commercial areas or places where dirt gathers frequently. 

A striped rug can help make a tiny space seem bigger. Plus, the simply elegant pattern can complement every room of your house. Apart from providing visual interest, stripes make the elements vertical to them seem larger in small spaces. They may also guide the eye to detailed areas or fascinating objects.

Stripes have a long, affluent history in design that start up with early textiles. There are a variety of themes that work well with striped area rugs. It works well with both modern complementary and classic traditional settings. A minimal design can also profit from striped area rugs, like Mid-Century modern, as the pattern can add a hint of spectacle to your space.

How Do I Determine If Striped Rugs Will Match The Current Colors Of My Surroundings?

Our striped rugs can complement any kind of interior with the existing colors and furniture without any change. If you own heavy wooden furniture or vivid colors, deep-hued striped rugs can suit them well. Conversely, if your layout spotlights are limited, industrial furnishings or lots of calm colors, a lighter-colored rug would be best.

Heavy furniture is seemed to match heavier thick pile rugs, whereas limited decorations and contemporary structures fit precisely with enormous, but thin rugs. You can mix things up while decorating your room based on your desired style.

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