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Drawing upon the rich heritage of rug making in Anatolia and Central Asia, Turkish rugs are imbued with a deep history and cultural meaning. With an assortment of styles, including hand-woven rugs and kilim, tight weaves make Turkish rugs exceptionally hardwearing. Each rug contains the personality of the weaver, with a variety of unique patterns. The mix of traditional and modern colors makes it easy to find the perfect rug for any décor. Find your perfect Turkish rug now!



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Eulalia - Handmade Rug | Kuden RugsEulalia - Oriental Rug | Kuden Rugs
Eulalia - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

14' 11" x 12' 4"

Sale price$3,690.00
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Asil - Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsAsil - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Asil - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

7' 3" x 4' 2"

Sale price$261.90 Regular price$291.00
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Handwoven tradition meets modern style. The Melis Rug. | Kuden RugsMelis - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Melis - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

11' 6" x 2' 9"

Sale price$397.00 Regular price$611.00
One of A Kind%34
Vyvyan - Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsVyvyan - Handmade Area Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vyvyan - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 2" x 5' 7"

Sale price$296.00 Regular price$455.00
One of A Kind%35
Handwoven tradition meets modern style. The Veradis Rug. | Kuden RugsVeradis - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Veradis - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

4' 11" x 3' 3"

Sale price$137.00 Regular price$211.00
One of A Kind%34
Vesna - Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsVesna - Turkish Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vesna - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

6' 6" x 4' 0"

Sale price$220.00 Regular price$338.00
One of A Kind%35
Vesta - Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsVesta - Turkish Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vesta - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

10' 1" x 2' 5"

Sale price$206.00 Regular price$317.00
One of A Kind%34
Vevina - Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsVevina - Handmade Small Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vevina - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

8' 9" x 3' 12"

Sale price$296.00 Regular price$455.00
One of A Kind%34
Viole - Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsViole - Handmade Small Rug | Kuden Rugs
Viole - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

6' 11" x 3' 7"

Sale price$210.00 Regular price$322.00
One of A Kind%34
Vittoria - Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsVittoria - Handmade Small Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vittoria - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

7' 5" x 4' 4"

Sale price$274.00 Regular price$421.00
One of A Kind%34
Volya - Oushak Rug | Kuden RugsHandwoven tradition meets modern style. The Volya Rug. | Kuden Rugs
Volya - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

7' 4" x 4' 5"

Sale price$275.00 Regular price$423.00
One of A Kind%34
Handwoven tradition meets modern style. The Vonda Rug. | Kuden RugsVonda - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vonda - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

6' 3" x 3' 8"

Sale price$196.00 Regular price$301.00
One of A Kind%35
Handwoven tradition meets modern style. The Vonetta Rug. | Kuden RugsVonetta - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vonetta - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

7' 1" x 4' 2"

Sale price$252.00 Regular price$388.00
One of A Kind%34
Vorena - Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsVorena - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vorena - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

6' 7" x 3' 7"

Sale price$198.00 Regular price$304.00
One of A Kind%34
Vivette - Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsVivette - Handmade Area Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vivette - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 2" x 4' 0"

Sale price$314.00 Regular price$483.00
One of A Kind%34
Vivia - Handmade Small Rug | Kuden RugsVivia - Oushak Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vivia - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

7' 3" x 4' 4"

Sale price$268.00 Regular price$412.00
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Vladislava - Oushak Rug | Kuden RugsHandwoven tradition meets modern style. The Vladislava Rug. | Kuden Rugs
Vladislava - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

7' 8" x 4' 3"

Sale price$278.00 Regular price$428.00
One of A Kind%35
Vyara - Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsVyara - Turkish Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vyara - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

8' 5" x 4' 5"

Sale price$316.00 Regular price$487.00
One of A Kind%35
Vylette - Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsVylette - Turkish Rug | Kuden Rugs
Vylette - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8' 7" x 4' 10"

Sale price$351.00 Regular price$540.00
One of A Kind%34
Violetta - Handmade Small Rug | Kuden RugsVioletta - Oushak Rug | Kuden Rugs
Violetta - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

7' 1" x 3' 11"

Sale price$236.00 Regular price$363.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Ondine Rug. | Kuden RugsOndine - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Ondine - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

5' 11" x 3' 11"

Sale price$200.70 Regular price$223.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Nyssa Rug. | Kuden RugsNyssa - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Nyssa - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 2" x 5' 1"

Sale price$507.60 Regular price$564.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Nixie Rug. | Kuden RugsNixie - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Nixie - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

11' 1" x 3' 9"

Sale price$450.90 Regular price$501.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Nicasia Rug. | Kuden RugsNicasia - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Nicasia - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10' 11" x 5' 7"

Sale price$657.90 Regular price$731.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Niamh Rug. | Kuden RugsNiamh - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Niamh - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8' 7" x 5' 3"

Sale price$486.90 Regular price$541.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Nerina Rug. | Kuden RugsNerina - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Nerina - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

11' 5" x 6' 4"

Sale price$784.80 Regular price$872.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Nereida Rug. | Kuden RugsNereida - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Nereida - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

8' 6" x 4' 1"

Sale price$378.00 Regular price$420.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Morwenna Rug. | Kuden RugsMorwenna - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Morwenna - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

8' 4" x 4' 9"

Sale price$431.10 Regular price$479.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Mireille Rug. | Kuden RugsMireille - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Mireille - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

11' 1" x 5' 7"

Sale price$667.80 Regular price$742.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Meliora Rug. | Kuden RugsMeliora - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Meliora - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10' 6" x 5' 1"

Sale price$573.30 Regular price$637.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Mariposa Rug. | Kuden RugsMariposa - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Mariposa - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9' 6" x 3' 4"

Sale price$343.80 Regular price$382.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Marigold Rug. | Kuden RugsMarigold - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Marigold - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

5' 11" x 3' 11"

Sale price$178.20 Regular price$198.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Marcella Rug. | Kuden RugsMarcella - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Marcella - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

11' 7" x 6' 4"

Sale price$743.40 Regular price$826.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Madelief Rug. | Kuden RugsMadelief - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Madelief - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 8" x 6' 9"

Sale price$664.20 Regular price$738.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Lysandra Rug. | Kuden RugsLysandra - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Lysandra - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8' 4" x 6' 8"

Sale price$560.70 Regular price$623.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Luminara Rug. | Kuden RugsLuminara - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Luminara - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

7' 5" x 7' 1"

Sale price$451.80 Regular price$502.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Luella Rug. | Kuden RugsLuella - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Luella - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

8' 0" x 4' 4"

Sale price$297.00 Regular price$330.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Lovisa Rug. | Kuden RugsLovisa - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Lovisa - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

6' 7" x 4' 1"

Sale price$232.20 Regular price$258.00
One of A Kind%10
Handwoven tradition meets modern style: The Lisette Rug. | Kuden RugsLisette - Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Lisette - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

4' 11" x 4' 7"

Sale price$195.30 Regular price$217.00

How to Choose the Perfect Turkish Rug for your Space

For many years now, Turkish carpets woven with history have won hearts and have been elevated beyond covering floors into valued artistic items imparting beauty to the space. Let us explore together the soothing hug of wool, the refreshing sensation of cotton, and the opulent feel of silk in Turkish rug fabrics. Our rug-buying guide will help you find the ideal rug that has both elaborate patterns and a variety of colors that will help you decorate any of your rooms.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced collector or someone starting on their journey with rugs, let’s sail through patterns, designs, and maintenance advice. Your home is about to embrace a piece of Turkish charm – a rug that doesn't just decorate but transforms, turning every room into a canvas of comfort and culture.

Why Use Turkish Rugs?

In addition to the traditional aspects of culture, the craftsmanship shown on Turkish rugs makes them worthy to be central pieces in your house. Every thread represents a meticulously crafted ritual handed down from generation to generation to create rugs that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also long lasting. Choosing a Turkish carpet is a profound tribute to the dedicated artisans whose skillful hands breathe life into these enduring masterpieces, weaving them into the rich tapestry of Anatolian artistry. The intricate patterns of the kilim, whether adorned with geometric precision or the timeless elegance of the Oushak style, bestow an aura of timeless sophistication upon any space, transforming it into a veritable haven of ageless allure and refined beauty.

Patterns and Styles Unveiled: Investigating the Ageless Grace of Turkish Carpets

Turkish area rugs are not just interior décor; they are cultural gems steeped in centuries of craftsmanship and adorned with captivating patterns. Read on to explore the myriad of designs and styles that define the essence of Turkish rugs.

1. Kilim Rugs: An Assemblage of Tales and Hues

Turkey is famous for kilim rugs that feature bright colors and geometrical designs – a symbol of its multicultural heritage. The extraordinary talents of these masterful flat-weave artisans breathe life into Anatolian narratives, weaving tales of heritage, abundance, and safeguarding into every intricate thread. A kilim rug transcends mere aesthetics; it evolves into a journey, unraveling the rich tapestry of these narratives one by one. Kilim rugs offer a versatile canvas, equally at home adorning floors or gracing walls with their timeless beauty. In this harmonious fusion of the past and present, these rugs effortlessly infuse spaces with a captivating burst of color and a unique ambiance, enhancing the character and allure of any room, residence, or location.

2. Oushak Classics: Elegance Rooted in Tradition

The Oushaks rugs are not only from some historic city, called Uşak, but also they feature some specific charming attributes like subdued shades and complex patterns. Often, though, these rugs are created to reflect natural beauty with floral imagery of climbing vines. An Oushak rug is like having some elegance in your room. The calm colors help to create an evergreen, which can be used in both classic and modern interiors. Classic Oushaks are not just rugs, but also examples of sophisticated style and culture.

3. Vintage Turkish Wool Rugs: Timeless Beauty in Faded Hues

Aged Turkish wool carpets have an old-fashioned feel which is complementary to modernism. Picking an antique Turkish wool carpet is opting for imperfect elegance and narrating through the old-faded appearance of time and culture. Such rags decorated with the ancient Ottoman images evoke nostalgia in anyone’s mind. The Turkish wool rugs will harmoniously combine neutral tones and bright, contrasting colors that will add attractiveness to any room.

4. Anatolian Motifs: Cultural Narratives Woven into Threads

Turkish rug design is centered on Anatolian motifs that give each piece a unique cultural value. The selection of a Turkish rug with Anatolia patterns reflects an intentional correlation with the centuries-old heritage of the area. The antique rugs designs range from symbolic animals to stylized floral patterns that have deeper meaning than just decorating rugs. There is no way such an item can be missed in the living room or bedroom with all its rich elements of culture, traditions, as well as exquisite artistry used in creation.

5. Faded Rugs: Contemporary aesthetics with a vintage touch

Distressed or overdyed rugs, with their softly faded Turkish designs, introduce a refreshing contemporary twist to the timeless charm of classic aesthetics. Choosing a well-worn floor covering deliberately blends the old with the new, skillfully transforming enduring motifs through deliberate fading techniques. The result? A striking vintage-inspired carpet that seamlessly integrates with modern interior design concepts. These faded rugs come in a variety of sizes, including 9x12, 8x10, 6x9, 5x7, 2x3, and runners, providing a versatile palette for homeowners to strike the perfect balance between nostalgia and trendiness while adorning their living spaces. With these rugs, you can effortlessly bridge the gap between the elegance of yesteryears and the chic sensibilities of today.

Turkish Rug Buying Guide

Embarking on the journey of purchasing a Turkish rug online is like taking a step back in time while simultaneously embracing the conveniences of the modern era. This intricate process demands thoughtful deliberation to guarantee that the rug you ultimately select harmonizes with your living space and resonates with your personal taste and expectations. This all-encompassing guide is intended to navigate you through  the intricacies of each step involved in this process.

1. Define Your Requirements

The first and important step to this is understanding why you need your Turkish Rug. Does it contribute towards enhancing your home environment aesthetically? Or does it function by keeping you warm and giving you under-foot pleasure? To arrive at an ideal size, you need to assess the space in which the rug would be placed to ensure it will blend seamlessly with other items in your room.

2. Understanding The Different Classes of Turkish Carpets

Explore the splendor of Turkish rug types. Each type has an appeal of its own from the beautiful patterns of the complex Kilims and the traditional look of Oushaks. Also, there is the famous history of Anatolian rugs. Choose materials, colors and patterns that speak to you and suit the interior of your room at the same time.

3. Set a Budget

The selection of a Turkish rug involves determining an appropriate budget from various prices at which Turkish area rugs are available. Identifying your budget would not only help you pick an affordable option but also save you from tempting extravagances that you cannot afford.

4. Research Online Sellers

Find respectable websites that deal with Turkish rugs for sale. Look at customer reviews, ratings and testimonials to assess the authenticity of every seller. A seller whose past deals have been okay will provide a smooth transition of business for the buyer.

5. Check Return Policies and Guarantees

Carefully analyze sellers’ return policy before purchasing. The company’s transparent and fair return policy gives you a way out should the rug be not what you expected. As well, make sure to examine other aspects that affect the rug’s quality such as the warranty and guarantee.

6. View High-Quality Images

Take a look at high-quality photos with different angles, offered for inspection by the merchant prior to placing your order. Ensure that you keenly observe the colors, features, and other defects, enabling you to choose the one that meets your needs accordingly.

7. Read Descriptions Carefully

Go deeper than the mere visual appeal and look through the product descriptions. Know what materials it is made from, how big or small it is, and how exclusive it is among other rugs. By being knowledgeable about their needs, buyers can make an informed choice regarding the best rug.

8. Contact the Seller for Clarifications

Communication is key. Don’t hesitate informing the supplier in case of uncertainty or if you would like to know more about some details. You should ask where the rug was made, what it is made of, and how to take care of it. Your confidence in a purchase is strengthened by a responsive seller.

9. Compare Prices and Options

Prudent buyers compare prices of different sellers with the same type of rugs. You can also compare the prices of Persian rugs to get a different perspective. Include any other charges, if there are, in your consideration. Here is where you make sure that you receive the most in return for what you have invested.

10. Check for Certification

You need to carry out proper checks and ascertain that the antique rug comes with the appropriate documentation. This includes confirmation of the origin, craftsmanship, and compliance with the quality standards, providing you with added assurance.

11. Secure Payment

Securely pay for your purchases and protect your finances. Verify the payment process for accuracy and double check the bill before completing the order. This gives you extra trust that your transaction is safe.

12. Review Shipping Information

Review shipping details carefully before getting excited about the shipment of your Turkey rug. Verify the expected arrival date and check for any tracking information. Be on the lookout for any extra charges like custom duties or tax payments that may apply to overseas deliveries.

13. Inspect the Rug Upon Delivery

Upon arrival, open the package and scrutinize the rug thoroughly. Check for any damages while making sure that the item corresponds with your expectations. If there are any problems, quickly get in touch with a seller and take pictures of each case to clarify the issues.

14. Follow Care Instructions

To ensure your Turkish runner rug continues to look good, follow the guidelines for its care as supplied by the seller. The maintenance required for each material differs; hence, observing such guidelines ensure you continue to enjoy your rug for many decades.

Finding a suitable Turkish rug online requires research, and effective communication. However, by adhering to all these steps, you will end up enjoying shopping for a Turkish rug online and bring its timeless beauty in your home

Benefits of Turkish Vintage Rugs

A Turkish rug has transcended its role as a mere floor covering over the centuries, evolving into a symbol of enduring tradition and unparalleled craftsmanship. It is an exquisite expression of artistry that imparts immeasurable value to any home or office space. From its profound cultural richness to its remarkable durability, here's why the incorporation of Turkish rugs into your living spaces represents a decision that goes far beyond mere aesthetics.

  1. Cultural Richness and Heritage: Let your life evolve, starting with embellishing your house with Turkish vintage rugs that narrate the long-standing history and tradition. Not merely an addition but a portal to Anatolian heritage, customs of designs which are carefully handed down from generation to generation. Selecting a Turkish rug implies bringing a fragment of history to your lounge or bedroom and turning it into atmospheric culture-rich space.
  1. Unrivaled Craftsmanship: A Vintage Turkish rug displays master workmanship that has been perfected through centuries. Every rug is an artwork, carefully made using great skill by talented craftsmen. Such elaborate designs like the Turkish rugs motif turns the carpets into embodiments of human expertise and culture.
  2. Versatility in Design: The beauty lies in the variability with regard to design; be it the patterned sophistication of a kilim rug, the quiet opulence offered by an Oushak classic, or a touch of nostalgia with a Turkish wool rug. These rugs suit all sorts of interiors and are perfectly applicable for every room in your house. The many patterns and designs suit people with different preferences and therefore everyone can find something they like.
  3. Durability and Longevity: The value of a Turkish rug extends far beyond its initial purchase; it is indeed an investment in unparalleled durability. Crafted from premium-quality materials with meticulous attention to detail, these rugs are designed to withstand the test of time and can be cherished for generations to come. Whether they grace high-traffic areas or occupy more secluded spaces, Turkish rugs do not falter in their beauty or quality. Instead, they stand as enduring legacies, capable of being passed down as precious heirlooms from one generation to the next, a testament to their timeless craftsmanship and enduring appeal.
  4. Timeless Aesthetic Appeal: Perhaps, what makes them more interesting is the timeless beauty that encompasses each rug with its unique pattern and design. These rugs do not follow trends that change overtime but actually become more enchanting as they age. Some Turkish rugs carry a distinctive worn, faded quality which adds to the appearance and ensures that you are buying something timeless that will always be elegant in any setting.
  5. Comfort and Warmth: Not only do Turkish rugs look pleasant and provide a soft touch, but they also create that feeling of snug and warmness. The natural fibers, especially those found in vintage Turkish wool rugs provide a warm feeling to walk upon. The comfort offered by a Turkish rug makes every moment at home more enjoyable whether you are relaxing in the living room or kicking off your morning routine in the bedroom.
  6. Investment in Value: The Turkish rug is more than just décor; it is also an investment for value. Turkish carpets become more valuable as they age while also being attractive. Buying a Turkish rug doesn’t mean purchasing a simple homeware product, it’s more or less like an investment in art which is guaranteed to endow your interiors with personality and value.

Care Tips for Your Turkish Rugs

The importance of meticulous care cannot be overstated when it comes to preserving the timeless allure of these magnificent Turkish rugs for generations to come. These invaluable tips are not confined to any specific type but serve as a sacred code, a universal key to safeguarding the pristine beauty of kilim rugs, the enduring charm of Oushak classics, the heritage of vintage Turkish wool rugs, or any other cherished Turkish rug.

  • Regular Vacuuming: The best way of keeping your rug to look like new is getting yourself a vacuum cleaner, and use it regularly as part of your daily cleaning routine. Gently clean off dust by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Be sure you pay special attention to high traffic areas, edges and make sure not to snag the delicate fibers.
  • Rotate for Even Wear: Rotating the Turkish Rug frequently will help avoid uneven wear or fades. This applies more to rugs placed in direct sunlight. Turning the rug helps to even out foot traffic as well as sun exposure for consistent aging of the whole rug.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Turkish rugs are just like most textiles and may discolor due to sun exposure. Make use of curtains/blinds to minimize sun exposure especially in rooms with big window panes. When you have the chance, move your furniture around and allow different parts of the rug to have breaks from sunlight.
  • Clean Spills Promptly: While accidents may occur, immediate intervention can avoid long-term damage. Deal with spills promptly by blotting the area with a clean and dry cloth. Avoid rubbing since it will spread the stain. Consult a professional rug cleaner for particularly persistent stains to ensure proper cleanup without affecting the rug's integrity.
  • Professional Cleaning: In addition to regular vacuuming, occasional professional cleaning is necessary to remove the deeply ingrained dust and spots associated with a Turkish rug. Find an expert carpet cleaner who knows how to handle fragile fabrics like Turkish rugs.
  • Use Rug Pads: Apply rug pads to protect both your Turkish rug as well as the floor on which it lies. The role of a rug pad is to protect it from the hard floor, limit movement, and avoid sliding. Besides, they promote ventilation to avoid high humidity levels leading to development of mold and mildew.
  • Consider Size and Placement: Look at how big the rug is and where you can place it in relation to the layout of the room. A bigger-sized 9×12, for instance, will be great for large rooms while an 8×10 would work well for open space. For creating a warm cozy space or a highlight of particular furnishings, a small rug size such as 5×7 or 2×3 can be used. Make sure that the rug fits with other decorations in the room and brings some harmony to them.
  • Take Care of Moth Prevention: Keep your Turkish wool rugs—especially the antique ones—safe from any possible moth damage. When storing unused carpets, keep them somewhere cool and dry. You may also use natural moth repellents like lavender or cedar sachets. To spot any early indications of moth activity, routinely check and clean your rugs.

These instructions will help to keep your Turkish rug looking beautiful for a long time.

Elevate Your Space with Turkish Elegance

We welcome you to discover the beauty, history, and workmanship that make each rug a unique expression of art as you begin on your Turkish rug adventure with Kuden. Turkish carpets, with their beautiful designs and long-lasting quality, convert your area into a refuge of elegance and relaxation. Discover the ideal rug for your house at Kuden and let the timeless appeal of Turkish carpets captivate you.

Ready to transform your space? Explore our collection and bring home a piece of Turkish elegance. Your journey awaits.

Crafted from high-quality silk, Turkish rugs are exquisite and appealing. Silk is highly flexible and long-lasting, having high tensile strength. These qualities of silk encourage rugs makers to use it in production. Turkish silk rugs are more welcoming than wool, or cotton rugs.

Turkey has a long history to produce artistic and hand-knotted rugs. The key word here is “hand knotted”. Turkish rugs take months in the crafting process, this is the reason why these rugs are a bit expensive. Their long-lasting nature makes it all worth it.

The colors used in such rugs are strong and vibrant, giving the rugs a prominent aesthetic feature.Natural dyes extracted from crops, flowers, insects, and minerals, are used in dying the Turkish rugs. Back in ancient times, this dying method was widely used in the Anatolian region. Passing from generation to generation, the method is still alive and is extensively used in rugs making process. Natural dyes have the benefit of being more durable than synthetic dyes, as well as shining brighter and becoming more vibrant when exposed to direct sunshine.

As mentioned earlier, Turkish carpets are a bit expensive as they are pieces of art; these rugs are handmade and take months to be prepared. Their worth increase as time passes, so they give the best return on investment. Plus, they boast a lavish design which increases their value as time passes. Because Turkish carpets are composed of high-quality natural materials, they get brighter and glossier with time.

Furthermore, Turkish carpets have proven to withstand the test of time due to their great performance and durability. They can withstand the wear and tear of daily usage as a floor covering material or as an accent piece in a room.

Turkish carpets are frequently thought to be only appropriate for Mediterranean or traditional-inspired environments. However, when it comes to design applications, these rugs are quite flexible. They are well suited for various styles, classic or modern, and can operate as a complement to interior décor or a main point in space.

Furthermore, the use of these magnificent pieces of art is not limited. They work well as scatter rugs ideal for your hallway, kitchen, or laundry room. Plus, the patterns on these rugs are also unique, from traditional geometric designs to more contemporary abstract ones. A Turkish rug may adapt to any style you have in your home.

These rugs have demonstrated to endure for not just years, but decades.

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