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Blayre - Vintage Persian Area RugBlayre - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Blayre - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 10" x 9' 2"

Sale price$4,327.00
Farycka - Vintage Persian Area RugFarycka - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Farycka - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 11" x 8' 6"

Sale price$5,350.00
Faithful - Vintage Persian Area RugFaithful - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Faithful - Vintage Persian Area Rug

12' 3" x 8' 8"

Sale price$4,350.00
Ballinda - Vintage Persian Area RugBallinda - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Ballinda - Vintage Persian Area Rug

12' 0" x 9' 10"

Sale price$3,975.00
Alya - Vintage Persian Area RugAlya - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Alya - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 10" x 8' 10"

Sale price$4,100.00
Alvina - Vintage Persian Area RugAlvina - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Alvina - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 4" x 7' 5"

Sale price$3,100.00
Alonya - Vintage Persian Area RugAlonya - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Alonya - Vintage Persian Area Rug

16' 11" x 10' 0"

Sale price$6,975.00
Ahava - Vintage Persian Area RugAhava - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Ahava - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 4" x 7' 10"

Sale price$3,100.00
Nafiza - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugNafiza - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Nafiza - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9'8" x 5'5"

Sale price$468.00
Kareeda - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKareeda - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kareeda - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 11" x 6' 0"

Sale price$524.00
Kaneshia - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKaneshia - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kaneshia - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 3" x 5' 6"

Sale price$457.00
Kammie - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKammie - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kammie - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8' 11" x 5' 2"

Sale price$423.00
Kaja - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKaja - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kaja - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

7' 2" x 4' 1"

Sale price$298.00
Kailah - Vintage Turkish Area RugKailah - Vintage Turkish Area Rug
Kailah - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10' 2" x 6' 9"

Sale price$586.00
Kahlilah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKahlilah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kahlilah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8' 9" x 6' 2"

Sale price$477.00
Abreona - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugAbreona - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Abreona - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

7' 9" x 4' 11"

Sale price$365.00
Fylyah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugFylyah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Fylyah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 11" x 6' 1"

Sale price$529.00
Fabyannah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugFabyannah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Fabyannah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8' 11" x 4' 11"

Sale price$407.00
Edena - Vintage Turkish Area RugEdena - Vintage Turkish Area Rug
Edena - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10' 5" x 6' 9"

Sale price$597.00
Darnella - Vintage Turkish Area RugDarnella - Vintage Turkish Area Rug
Darnella - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9' 8" x 6' 1"

Sale price$515.00
Darlenne - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugDarlenne - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Darlenne - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 2" x 5' 6"

Sale price$455.00
Darelle - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugDarelle - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Darelle - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 4" x 4' 9"

Sale price$407.00
Allyiah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugAllyiah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Allyiah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 7" x 6' 3"

Sale price$522.00
Aislin - Vintage Turkish Area RugAislin - Vintage Turkish Area Rug
Aislin - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9'0" x 5'8"

Sale price$466.00
Aimyah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugAimyah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Aimyah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 0" x 5' 6"

Sale price$449.00
Abbira - Vintage Turkish Area RugAbbira - Vintage Turkish Area Rug
Abbira - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

11' 5" x 7' 0"

Sale price$670.00
Seev - Vintage Persian Area RugSeev - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Seev - Vintage Persian Area Rug

8' 8" x 5' 5"

Sale price$1,728.00
Satoko - Vintage Persian Area RugSatoko - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Satoko - Vintage Persian Area Rug

12' 4" x 9' 10"

Sale price$3,478.00
Savitri - Vintage Persian Area RugSavitri - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Savitri - Vintage Persian Area Rug

6' 4" x 4' 3"

Sale price$1,103.00
Litonya - Vintage Persian Area RugLitonya - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Litonya - Vintage Persian Area Rug

6' 7" x 3' 11"

Sale price$853.00
Ghita - Vintage Persian Area RugGhita - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Ghita - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 5" x 7' 10"

Sale price$2,228.00
Danja - Vintage Persian Area RugDanja - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Danja - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 6" x 8' 6"

Sale price$2,603.00
Danaia - Vintage Persian Area RugDanaia - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Danaia - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 2" x 8' 4"

Sale price$2,478.00
Ahave - Vintage Bamboo Silk RugAhave - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug
Ahave - Vintage Bamboo Silk Rug

6' 9" x 4' 8"

Sale price$886.00
Gynyah - Vintage Persian Area RugGynyah - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Gynyah - Vintage Persian Area Rug

14' 7" x 10' 2"

Sale price$6,752.00
Gunta - Vintage Persian Area RugGunta - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Gunta - Vintage Persian Area Rug

12' 6" x 9' 2"

Sale price$3,721.00
Gwenne - Vintage Persian Area RugGwenne - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Gwenne - Vintage Persian Area Rug

13' 1" x 9' 6"

Sale price$5,176.00
Ginneva - Vintage Persian Area RugGinneva - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Ginneva - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 6" x 8' 5"

Sale price$2,509.00
Gilah - Vintage Persian Area RugGilah - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Gilah - Vintage Persian Area Rug

9' 6" x 6' 5"

Sale price$1,903.00

Medallion Rugs

The term 'medallion' signifies a decorative medal or a structure that embodies an impression or patterned design. Historically you'll find medallion decorations on various objects, like jewelry, architecture, furnishings, fabrics, and surfaces where decorations are used. Most recent patterns are based on an antique medallion design. 

For decades, medallion-style rugs are practically available in every shape and size, like squares, hexagons, diamonds, octagons, stars, and rhomboids. A medallion rug comes with distinctly-outlined patterns that contain different types of decoration.

How Medallion Rugs Are Made?

Medallion rugs are hand woven by using an enormous ornamental design in the center. This design is termed a medallion, and it captivates more interest than any other type of rug. The rugs can be woven in more muted tones and patterns to make the medallion the center of focus. Our vintage medallion rugs are crafted with the finest materials, like wool or other natural fibers, and are available in a variety of colors and shapes. 

How to Style a Medallion Rug?

Medallion rugs can be placed in a variety of settings, including both traditional or modern living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The medallion is symmetrical and might come with geometric or floral patterns based on where the rug was made. You can also get a medallion rug that illustrates a small landscape.

Rugs with medallion patterns can add a unique elegance to your living space. For some rugs, the medallion is designed to be in complete harmony with the rest of the design on the rug. Every piece of this handmade rug is symmetrical in association with the medallion.

When investing in a medallion rug, it is best to consider its placement. Since the focal point of this rug is the huge medallion in the center, the rug should not be placed in an area where the Medallion is obscured or hidden. Medallion rugs are the most exceptionally elegant area rugs, and you can also style your hallways and stairways with them. As the medallion rugs are available in a rich blend of colors, you can think about how the rug will fit with other furnishings, drapes, and the paint used on the walls.

Why Do People Love Medallion Rugs?

People prefer our finest hand-tufted medallion rugs, precisely crafted by skilled rugmakers. Handmade rugs might be available only at a high price, but it reflects the creativity and time-consuming procedure involved. Handmade rugs are more durable, and the materials used are of higher quality as compared to machine-made ones.

Rugs having middle medallion designs are some of the most iconic rugs available. They can be natural, rectilinear, or elegant. Fortunately, these impressive rugs are available in cities and countries around the world, so people can appreciate their magnificence regardless of their particular style. 

Most medallion designs are traditional to tribal populations from Central Asia to Morocco and Native American peoples. Often the medallion is hand knitted into the design as a repetitive design. There are many different types of Medallions, and in traditional civilizations, they depict plants, animals, or elements of nature. 

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