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Aaliyah - Vintage Beige Antique Washed Rug - kudenrugsAaliyah - Vintage Beige Antique Washed Rug - kudenrugs
Aaliyah - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10'3" x 7'

Sale price$691.00
Feya - Vintage Persian Area RugFeya - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Feya - Vintage Persian Area Rug

17' 9" x 12' 6"

Sale price$14,475.00
Feronia - Vintage Persian Area RugFeronia - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Feronia - Vintage Persian Area Rug

12' 4" x 9' 2"

Sale price$4,703.00
Fannia - Vintage Persian Runner RugFannia - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Fannia - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

15' 3" x 3' 6"

Sale price$2,250.00
Chrystel - Vintage Persian Runner RugChrystel - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Chrystel - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

11' 8" x 3' 3"

Sale price$1,850.00
Catshy - Vintage Persian Area RugCatshy - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Catshy - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 4" x 8' 8"

Sale price$5,600.00
Caisie - Vintage Persian Area RugCaisie - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Caisie - Vintage Persian Area Rug

12' 10" x 9' 6"

Sale price$6,600.00
Bameket - Vintage Persian Runner RugBameket - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Bameket - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

14' 7" x 3' 2"

Sale price$2,100.00
Bambino - Vintage Persian Area RugBambino - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Bambino - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 1" x 7' 3"

Sale price$5,350.00
Amoryte - Vintage Persian Runner RugAmoryte - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Amoryte - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

15' 5" x 3' 1"

Sale price$2,100.00
Amitola - Vintage Persian Runner RugAmitola - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Amitola - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

12' 10" x 3' 3"

Sale price$1,975.00
Althea - Vintage Persian Area RugAlthea - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Althea - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 8" x 7' 5"

Sale price$5,725.00
Allisyn - Vintage Persian Runner RugAllisyn - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Allisyn - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

12' 8" x 3' 5"

Sale price$1,915.00
Alishah - Vintage Persian Area RugAlishah - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Alishah - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 6" x 9' 10"

Sale price$3,350.00
Algoma - Vintage Persian Area RugAlgoma - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Algoma - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 4" x 7' 1"

Sale price$4,600.00
Achante - Vintage Persian Area RugAchante - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Achante - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 10" x 8' 2"

Sale price$4,850.00
Naimaha - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugNaimaha - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Naimaha - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8' 6" x 5' 6"

Sale price$429.00
Karbie - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKarbie - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Karbie - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8' 2" x 4' 10"

Sale price$374.00
Kanara - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKanara - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kanara - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

10' 0" x 6' 3"

Sale price$541.00
Kaililah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKaililah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kaililah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8' 6" x 5' 7"

Sale price$435.00
Kagami - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugKagami - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Kagami - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8' 4" x 4' 8"

Sale price$370.00
Fallenna - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugFallenna - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Fallenna - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

10' 0" x 6' 9"

Sale price$582.00
Darriah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugDarriah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Darriah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 7" x 5' 3"

Sale price$453.00
Daijon - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugDaijon - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Daijon - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 9" x 6' 3"

Sale price$528.00
Dahrah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugDahrah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Dahrah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 9" x 6' 1"

Sale price$518.00
Allidia - Vintage Turkish Overdyed RugAllidia - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug
Allidia - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

9' 8" x 5' 3"

Sale price$457.00
Hecate - Vintage Persian Area RugHecate - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Hecate - Vintage Persian Area Rug

13' 4" x 10 '4"

Sale price$10,353.00
Saumya - Vintage Persian Area RugSaumya - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Saumya - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 8" x 8' 3"

Sale price$2,853.00
Karlah - Vintage Persian Area RugKarlah - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Karlah - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 4" x 6' 1"

Sale price$2,478.00
Kaitrionaugh - Vintage Persian Area RugKaitrionaugh - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Kaitrionaugh - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 2" x 6' 11"

Sale price$1,978.00
Okapi - Vintage Persian Area RugOkapi - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Okapi - Vintage Persian Area Rug

13' 0" x 10' 0"

Sale price$3,478.00
Lavey - Vintage Persian Area RugLavey - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Lavey - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10' 2" x 7' 9"

Sale price$2,478.00
Abeir - Vintage Persian Runner RugAbeir - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Abeir - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

11' 6" x 2' 8"

Sale price$1,291.00
Damarius - Vintage Persian Area RugDamarius - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Damarius - Vintage Persian Area Rug

9' 8" x 7' 0"

Sale price$2,728.00
Amaleta - Vintage Persian Area RugAmaleta - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Amaleta - Vintage Persian Area Rug

7' 9" x 4' 1"

Sale price$1,166.00
Akako - Vintage Persian Area RugAkako - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Akako - Vintage Persian Area Rug

7' 7" x 4' 10"

Sale price$1,166.00
Abequa - Vintage Persian Area RugAbequa - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Abequa - Vintage Persian Area Rug

11' 10" x 8' 8"

Sale price$2,353.00
Keahi - Vintage Persian Runner RugKeahi - Vintage Persian Runner Rug
Keahi - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

9' 6" x 2' 11"

Sale price$1,176.00
Claribel - Vintage Persian Area RugClaribel - Vintage Persian Area Rug
Claribel - Vintage Persian Area Rug

13' 1" x 10' 8"

Sale price$4,448.00

Allover Rugs

The allover rugs or allover rug layout infers to the structure duplicated on a fabric repeatedly. The Allover Rugs do not possess a medallion or corner in the field. Instead, the whole rug contains repetitive motifs and patterns.

This kind of motif enables the rug’s owner to position their furniture anywhere on the rug without worrying about the design being hidden. Usually, the extent of the design is somewhat tiny. Our handmade Allover rug is a component of the Heritage Collection, a continuous research program for weaving traditional designs and patterns. Most enthusiasts prefer these vintage pieces of art with some modifications in the design based on recent trends and color schemes. The collection accentuates the lineage of a particular region affluent in culture by reinterpreting their classic patterns and revitalizing local craft.

Can Allover Rugs Promote Minimalist Schemes?

Allover Rugs are considered pieces of art or objects that bring harmony or transform the impression of your floor. Sometimes we prefer them for their sophisticated and elegant colors, as they complement a range of pale shades. In other cases, they are used to match different hues. Even a much dull or mute, hard-lined, contemporary area can also benefit from a handmade all-over rug design. These rugs would stand out more in the soothing surrounding while retaining the overall proportion that encourages a contemporary design. Then again, if you use this style with a classic brownstone, it would portray traditional elegance. The durable yet soft allover rugs feel made for baby feet to walk on or for relaxing in front of the fire. Allover rugs can be considered the most flexible designs.

How to Style Allover Rugs in Your Home?

With their exceptionally detailed patterns crafted with talent and precision, Allover rugs can provide any space with a chic, sophisticated feel.

The riot of colors is scattered evenly all over the field and encompassed by a smooth border, which softens the look, so the rug does not feel formal. It makes this design adaptable and ideal for being placed in any location, whether formal or casual, modern or traditional.

In addition to their versatility, these designs are not formulated the same way. Most rugs feature simple patterns appearing all over the area, while others feature vivid structures duplicated along the length of the carpet.

In some rugs, the symbols and motifs appear to be positioned with the highest precision, while for others they are placed randomly. Irrespective of the style you select, an Allover rug can add style and elegance to any space.

Why Choose Allover Rugs?

An allover carpet can also be deemed comparable to wallpaper or fabric. However, it appears as if someone sheared a portion of replicating designs and arranged it inside borders to create a frame. An Allover rug design can possess several characteristics that provide a unique character and style. Our Allover rug designs can add texture without dominating the rest of the décor in your room. In addition, they also offer richness and softness while complimenting both modern and traditional décor styles.

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