What Kind of Area Rugs Are in Style in 2022?

What Kind of Area Rugs Are in Style in 2022?

One of the key things you think about after deciding to buy a rug is to see what's trending and filling in the living spaces of people around you. A range of colors has been flooding the market and giving a second wind to vintage and bohemian designs. With sustainability taking center stage in people's buying decisions, natural fibers are returning to the market. Rugs and carpets have been used to add a dynamic look to the room they're placed in. From hiding ugly floors to adding a refreshing and grand look to high-traffic areas, rugs of all sizes have a different role to play.

An area rug is a perfect addition to any room for several reasons. Along with being a decorative piece, the rug also serves many functions. The area rug provides warmth and cushioning to the place, reducing the reverberations and muffled noises of the space. How a person decorates their room will speak a lot about how they look at themselves. The current trends have space for all kinds of patterns and shades: muted, vibrant colors to earthy tones.

Read this blog to understand what's running in the trends and what options suit you the best.

Types of Rugs

Knowing the type of rug you are looking for before hitting the large pile of options saves time. A rug pile refers to the visible tufts of yarn on the material's surface for rugs. Rugs are broadly categorized into four types by the way they are piled:


Flatweaves are primarily famous for being easy to maintain and having no pile (fibers that stick up). They are not knotted by hand, which frees them from being slow to make; they are made on a loom. They are the best option for high-traffic areas.

Low Pile

Low plush pile rugs have fibers up to a quarter of an inch long and provide a bit of extra cushioning than that supplied by flatweave. Considering the price, they should be the best option for someone looking for a bit of grandeur and bold colors at a reasonable cost.

Medium Pile and Deep Pile

Medium and deep pile rugs are softer than the low pile options. The pile fibers help in making the rug last long over the years. It is harder to vacuum and maintain but looks royal and sophisticated.

Shag or Plush

Plush is a type of cut where the rug has a smooth velveteen finish to it along with a glorious but formal look. Carpet trends have fallen into place for shags and plushes to be relevant in the current day and age. Bold jewel tones are familiar with plushies because of their royal ambience.

What Are The Rug Trends for 2022?

The following rug trends are the kind of colors and designs that you can't miss. Covering a wide variety of types and design trends, we've put together a list from which you can take inspiration.

Vintage Rugs

Nothing does that about textures that leave you in awe, like a vintage rug. Vintage rugs don't come with much baggage; they come with heritage points instead. With a neutral color palette to go along with natural materials, a vintage print never fails to amaze any viewer. Vintage rugs have no strict design constraints; they can be made with wool or cotton and have pastel shades or bold colors.

Layering Rugs

Placing a rug on top of another rug seems like a waste of rug space, but it often isn't. Layering rugs together helps in adding a dynamic element to your living room. Contrasting a variety of styles helps in aligning the energy of the room toward one decorative piece. One thing to remember while layering rugs is to place the rugs in the same direction as the furniture.

Framed Rugs

A complete left-field idea of things to do with small-budget area rugs is to frame them and put them on a wall. The pop of color is always meant to be in contrast to the light colors of the walls. Geometric patterns and animal print rugs can be chosen as and when you, please make the wall look better than what it is. You can choose this design when you feel like this adds to the room's dynamic better than having it on the floor.

Sisal Rugs

When you lean on traditional and classic designs for design inspiration, a timeless sisal rug piece is always on point. Sisal rugs have a wide variety of simple or bold patterns with bright or darker colors. They can bring neutral spaces, and outdoor spaces come alive with the level of character they add by simply being there as an art piece.

Shag Rugs

Shags have come back into the mainstream because of their simple design philosophy. They are not the same 70s design and are more of a bolder design in terms of what they bring to your hardwood floors. They follow a neutral color scheme and have a bit of texture to go along with them. The fresh uptrend in opting for natural materials helps shag rugs as they are made with natural fibers and fabrics like jute, cotton, and wool. The Dash & Albert Marled Woven Cotton rug has a rough underfoot but is one of the best in the competition.

Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are a great addition to your living room floor because they add rich shade to your room and for your furniture to build cohesion. Where the shag rugs stop serving luxury, sheepskin rugs continue with options that feel more and more royal as you get used to the tactile delight in the form of this plush carpet. The Safavieh Juliette collection offers an extensive collection of rugs from natural materials.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

From design-savvy enthusiasts to an average person browsing a catalog, a hand-knotted rug has the power to leave everyone amazed. From the simple neutral shades to contrasting dark colors to form bolder styles that work great together, hand-knotted rugs have been a part of the most fashionable soft underfoot accessory you need today. Leopard prints are one of the most sought-after prints in this segment.

Oushak Runners

Accessorizing a home is incomplete without accessorizing the bathroom. While the bathroom is a low-traffic area, the bathroom is the place where a lot of thinking takes place. Invest in the piece of furniture that can push the limits to give character and dimension to a room. Upgrade your white towels with natural-looking colors that bring warmth to every step you take, like a Persian area print. The Dylan Nylon Area Rug is an example from the Safavieh Ramona collection.

Finding The Right Rug to Match The Flooring

Changing the rug is always easier than changing the flooring; likewise, finding the right rug for your flooring is more accessible than the other way around. Whether you're looking to add a bit of funk into your dining room with a grid design or a large comfortable area rug to step foot onto first in the morning, choosing the right fit is down to putting in the effort. You might think a commercial office carpet does not need the attention to detail that a Persian area rug might need but

Carpeted Floors

A carpeted floor offers some insulation and comfort, but the value added by a rug is not just for the utility but for the aesthetics. The splash of color with a black and white pattern taking over the room is the difference between a simple room and an attractive one. Another aspect of playing around is the material used; you can cross-match the carpet with fibers from cotton and use high-end wool rugs to add variety to the room.

Using colors that are not in complete contrast to the color of the room helps you stay within touching distance of carpet trends. Use analogous colors that blend into the carpet so that the harmony between the two is unmatched and seamless to the eye. A safe bet would be to buy white, black, or gray rugs as they blend with the range of colors within the room. Use a thick rug with a thin carpet like a bamboo silk rug and vice versa to form an element of distinction between the two. A shaggy rug would be a great way to add texture to your room, especially with a neutral color scheme.

Laminated Floors

Laminated floors are up and coming, according to multiple interior design consultants. They are easy to install, affordable, and an excellent material to rely upon. One criticism of laminated floors is that they are cold to the touch, and you tend to lose a lot of heat due to the delicate nature of the material. Using a Quinn area rug helps in bridging that gap and helps you add utility on top of something that blends with the design.

Laminate flooring tends to be a simple toned floor that gives you the freedom to experiment with a few bold patterns like a fine-grain grid pattern. Complement color to use a subtle shade instead of setting a color shade entirely on the opposite side of the spectrum. A laminated floor is remarkably waterproof and lets water slide off with ease. Be careful while buying a high-end wool rug because they directly lead to mold formation once they absorb the water. Thin and inexpensive wool rugs can be used to deal with such locations. You can also opt for a floral print that grounds the room to help you construct your design philosophy around. They are excellent insulators, which help keep your feet away from the coldness of the floor.

Hardwood Floors

A hardwood floor carries an element of class, especially the darker wood kind. Dark wooden flooring can be matched with an aspect of personal style where it can benefit from lighter and natural shades of brown. Likewise, a more golden wood color will benefit from having darker and richer tones on top of them. Patterned rugs overwhelm the room in such cases; try going for a banded shag instead. Contrast works by providing a warm look to the room and making the atmosphere more tranquil. A royal flooring choice demands a monarchical color scheme to follow; go for colors like burgundy, royal blue, or deep purple to produce a warmer feeling room with boosted aesthetic value.

When using patterns against a hardwood backdrop, the problem is not directly imminent, but when you carefully notice it, it adds to the randomness. Your favorite shag or a Persian area rug might add so much noise to the floor design that your guests might overlook the wood side of the design altogether. One way to prevent this might be to lay the rug perpendicular to the grain and make a clear distinction between patterns- floor and rug. A khaki color rug will look out of place against a lighter shade as the wood demands a neutral palette for viewing.

Tiled Floors

Tiles provide a lot of variation from the beginning, but all tiles have a few things in common. A shimmering surface that is very easy to clean; makes them the perfect flooring for bathrooms. Rugs take the hit here as they are very absorbent and can become damp and filthy as they come in contact with wet feet and dampness more often than not. It's your responsibility to choose a type of rug that can resist such harshness. A polypropylene rug fits the bill with inch perfection. The excellent part about polypropylene is that it can be used in all home areas as they are easy to maintain and incredibly stain resistant. They come in flat weave synthetic fibers along with different pile heights; both medium and deeper piles are possible.

If you have the habit of walking with muddy boots or have a problem with pet hair in the household, it's wise to find inexpensive rugs with a neutral palette. The neutral backdrop helps in giving you the utility and the option to find the correct fit from post-modernist styles. You can also opt for custom sizes that do not interfere too much with the range of styles. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Rug 

Now that you know how to select your rug according to carpet trends let's try and understand what else you should look for in this art piece of furniture. Your expectations from design and utility according to the combination of cushion and a bit of texture will help in determining how satisfied you should be with your rug.

Cotton is always an excellent material for rugs. Fibers from cotton are carefully knit into the designs and can be maintained more easily than rugs made with lower-quality wool. A cotton rug typically has a soft underfoot compared to bumpier jute rugs. This trait lets the carpet be versatile across places like an airport carpet and aligns with the carpet trends. Dash & Albert Herringbone Woven Cotton Rug is one such example.

One of the most multi-utilitarian rugs is made of jute. The material is convenient when it comes to jute plant fibers, not retaining much dirt, and they feature a woven style that is simple and effective. Jute rugs' only problem is they are not water resistant and can slip across laminated floors.

Always use carpet shampoo to clean the dirt stuck between the piles. Carpet shampoos are not harsh and protect the fibers from being abrasively worn out. Rugs are moving forward, and new designs are coming into the market. Wash your rug at least a couple of times over a year and dust it every couple of days to keep the rug quality intact. Take proper care of rugs across all categories; synthetic fibers are more resilient but not corrosion-proof. Polyester fiber protector is available in the market for use whenever necessary.

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