Are Oriental Rugs Out of Style in 2022?

Are Oriental Rugs Out of Style in 2022?

Rugs signify royalty across various traditions, from traditional spaces to minimalist spaces. They have been a part of decor trends across multiple cultures for the last 3000 years; there's no reason the oriental look would be out of style now. They had a lull in the 2000s as simplistic monochrome designs took center stage for some time, but as time went on, the earthy tones and authentic vibe of oriental styles made a comeback. The intricate patterns that come from each culture have their unique sets of organic shapes, prints, range of colors, and choices down to cultural authenticity.

A great rug for your room is like a set of excellent shoes for your dress, complete and elegant at the same time. The first thing that comes to your mind when you see this contemporary piece in your friend's home is the touch of glamor. The rug also has various colors. When you step into the place, you want to leave a mark. Rugs add an element of your personality to make the room feel like you. With rugs, you have a lot of options to choose from, all the way from materials to patterns and designs. Any place's aesthetics can be boosted to the next level when you add a rug or a carpet into the equation. With the booming interior designing industry, magnificent designs are at the core of adding that distinct, elegant touch that many floor plans miss. Implement geometric patterns with various styles and bold patterns to add elegance to your living space. Read to know more about oriental rugs.

How Are Oriental Rugs Making A Comeback?

Since the mid-2010s, interior designers have been experimenting with contrast and cohesion compared to various bolder styles with contemporary designs. The bold colors are finding their way into different bohemian and Scandinavian interior designs. As furniture and white walls became the norm with minimalism in the 2000s, the necessity to add some variety with bold patterns and abstract patterns was apparent in traditional decor. An oriental rug is a decorative piece that brings function and style back to where it belongs, your home.

Homes are not just about living spaces, a kitchen, a dinner table, and walls that are devoid of the personality that lives between them. High-traffic areas require high-quality oriental rugs. Play with vibrant colors and give a few modern touches to boost the definition through a beautiful oriental carpet or your favorite shag rugs. The multiutility of rugs is the reason why a lot of people are getting one. They make a room warm and welcoming with a simple but lasting presence. They are a great addition to families with children and a great place to lie on your feet after a long day.

Oriental rugs of bold colors, neutral designs and decorating styles have always been in demand. Intricate patterns with bright colors can create a contemporary space with design magic. Whether near the dinner table or designing wall carpeting, you can create a Bohemian vibe with the right custom size oriental rug. Be it a simple design with a wide range of colors to suit wall carpeting or intricate ones in synthetic fibers or fibers from cotton to match carpet tiles and dining tables, you can find suitable ornate designs for your high-traffic areas with Kuden Rugs - a popular choice. It makes for a neutral backdrop in your homes with a neutral palette.

History of Oriental Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs and shag rugs have origins in the middle east and the eastern parts of the world. The intricate designs and oriental patterns speak of the rich cultures the rugs come from. From Turkey, Mongolia, and Armenia to Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan, the manufacturers have their unique design magic to rely on. The emphasis on natural materials and geometric patterns has helped oriental rugs remain a perfect option for anyone looking to boost their personal style quotient and stand out.

Since the origins of the rugs are from countries that practice Islam, the rugs also come under Islamic carpets and Persian carpets. While Persian rugs have their roots based out of Iran, oriental rugs are from the Asian continent. Persian rugs have a distinct knot style and carry details to the point where you can count the number of knots per square inch. Skilled artisans can quickly identify the difference between a Persian hand-knit rug and a machine-made oriental rug. The subtlety in common colors and densely knotted style makes the rug an asset that appreciates value.

Oriental Rugs: In Style and Upgrading

The oriental rugs have a lot of inspiration from animal prints and landscape prints that have remained popular across generations. While the animal print rugs have remained across generations, the new era of bolder design trends is seeing an evolved sense of colors to suit the tastes of the new public. Years ago, rugs were as rare and expensive as they would become a part of the heirloom. Design quality has changed to suit tastes, and artists have much more freedom with asymmetrical designs to create a neutral backdrop.

The popular styles of rugs have also helped in making rugs accessible and affordable. While the traditional styles have always been expensive, the new rugs have been focused on using inexpensive materials to give the consumer options to choose from. Modern materials have helped make these a part of an elegant personality from a part of the aristocracy.

Styling An Oriental Rug

A celebration of colors in contrast to standard colors helps make the right choice for your rooms. Often, the beige tones of the walls match the bedroom floors, but the element of color has been missing. The way to make hardwood floors look better has always been to add a bit of contrast in the right place.

The thing about rugs is you can always play with a bit of color. Soft colors have always been the best thing to play with for geometric rug patterns. Lovely colors are those that make you notice them among the popular colors. The beauty of natural colors or beige color with white patterns fills your room with coziness that's calm, bright, and celebratory at the same time. Experimenting is the best way to find the perfect place for your rug. The following are the points to keep in mind while finding the ideal place for the perfect rug:

1. Find the perfect size match between the room and the rug:

For a living room rug, go for a larger area rug that embraces the place it is put in so that it doesn't look out of place.

2. Placement of the rug in the right place:

In a living room, continuity is critical for making it as welcoming as possible. If your rug starts from underneath the couch, the look will be much more pleasing to the eye than keeping it separated from the rest.

Decor Trends for Rugs

While the classics will always remain trendy and sought after, the most significant home decor trends are taking potshots at the norm and beating each other to the punch. Keeping it simple is the ideology to follow whenever it comes to rugs and finding the right balance for the fitting room. The best place to discover new trends would be to search online or to go through the hassles and find a flea market. The trends are as follows:

Geometric Rug Patterns

They consist of angular and straight lines and abstract design concepts that make them stand out without competing with the other decor.

Neutral Rug Colors

Neutral colors have been taking over the market as it grounds the space; the accent piece with muted colors will be a beautiful addition to your area.

Floral Rug Motifs

A classic piece of design that grabs anyone's eyeballs is a floral design. There is a variety of shapes, bolder designs, and colors to make excellent choices from.

Teal Rugs

A color that demands a presence, teal rugs have been sneaking into the market to step into the light-colored rooms and bring the much-needed variety and variation to the color palette.

Ikat Rugs

The patterns that resemble watercolor paintings. Their appeal solely lies in the mesmerizing patterns and a lot of character they bring into any place they're in.

Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs are truly vintage designs that blend traditional styles and soft colors. It has a traditional touch that elevates any place they're put in with a presence that's felt and loved by all.

How Hard Is It to Maintain Oriental Rugs?

Unlike traditional rugs that are extensive on natural fibers, the new types of rugs are incredibly resistant and bring more utility than initially thought. Flat-weave rugs are a massive addition as they blend vintage looks with machine-washable material. When rugs became the elegant addition to every household from the accent sign of royal kingdoms, the designs had to change and add to the functionality.

Since there was a necessity to develop and give more than expected, modern rugs offer a lot of peace to the buyer by being spill-resistant and machine washable simultaneously. That's the reason today's rug pieces are in complete contrast to what antique rug pieces have to offer. The goal is never to leave a stain for long; the longer you leave it untreated, the harder it is to maintain them. You can follow a simple regime as follows:

1. Remove all the debris possible

Vacuum as much as possible, as the density of knots can lead to some dirt being trapped inside. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the surface and remove all the dirt from underneath. In the long run, the dirt will cause the fibers to break.

2. Apply soft natural cleaning solution

Use cool water and neutral pH cleaning liquid for washing rugs; ideally, use the cleaners you use for woolen fabrics and sweaters. Use a washing machine or bucket to wash it to get the best results.

3. Use a mixture of Vinegar and Baking Soda to remove stains

Use a mix of 1:1 water and vinegar mixture with a teaspoon of baking soda to make a cleaning liquid for stains; spray it at the target area and leave it for a couple of hours before following step 2.

4. Comb and clean the fringe carefully

Be careful with the fringe, as it can unintentionally have bits of dirt. Comb it out so that it lies flat.

5. Rinse and dry the rug

If you're washing it through the machine, use a spray of water to dislocate any detergent, as it can cause long-term issues. Dry the rug in an airy location and rotate and dry it underneath. Keep it in the sun for a maximum of one day to avoid fading.

Add Decor to Your Living Space with Oriental Rugs!

Bring delight to your homes with a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. Buy rugs made of sustainable materials and bring unique styles to your living space. Live in your environment now. Shop with KudenRugs to look for a wide variety of oriental rugs.

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