Tips For Choosing An Oversized Area Rug

Tips For Choosing An Oversized Area Rug

What is the first thing that you remember when you think of your home? You can be sure it's the coziness you would have set up to come back from anywhere to rest there forever. Adding all the interior elements that give your space the comfort and coziness of any other place is everyone's desire. It is why area rugs are essential at home to turn them into a comfortable and pleasant space. The brilliance is that there is no rule of thumb with rug décor. You can place one under the dining table or in high-traffic areas. Cover your home's real estate with rugs of vibrant colors.

If you are about to design your home with area rugs, chances are that you would have already come across a huge selection of area rugs. Choosing a specific area rug over a wide range of options can be difficult considering all the characteristics for affordable décor and color palette simultaneously. This article breaks down some of the ways to select the right oversized area rug to have a better idea while you make a purchase and be sure that it's the best investment you will make according to your personal preference.

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Why Are Area Rugs Necessary?

Be it your home or office space, area rugs can be much more than a design factor and add a tinge of plush comfort. Some of the reasons why laying an area rug can serve you in a lot of ways are:

As protection against slippery surfaces

Rugs provide safety against slipping or tripping while walking on hard floor pieces. Rugs are designed with anti-slippery design textures that provide easy movement across the room. The rooms may sometimes be designed with floor tiles that make you feeble to walk if it is damp when climates change.

 As a protection for floors

Rugs can act as a shield between the floor and furniture pieces, like coffee tables, bookshelves, or sofas, to prevent scratches or to reduce friction. It can protect the floor from accidental spills or stains, as rugs can be cleaned and washed for reuse. Floors may need high maintenance when exposed to causes of wear and tear. Floor protection and soundproofing and insulation properties make rugs a necessity for every home.

As protection against harsh climate

Area rugs can help regulate the room temperature in harsh cold conditions. Good absorbent rugs stabilize the temperature by absorbing extra moisture in the atmosphere. Big area rugs for bedroom keep your feet warm and provide a layer of protection from the cold tiles. A natural fiber option is a good idea to explore.

How to choose the right area rug?

An oversized living room rug forms an elegant frame and sets the boundary around the seating area, especially when you have an open-layout home. Oversized area rugs are generally larger than 10x13 feet, with standard widths of around 12 feet, 13 feet, and 15 feet. These sizes are ideal for large rooms or rugs to cover whole room almost entirely with rugs.

You can also find manufacturers who will make custom-made area rugs with perfect size for you if your room size requirements are for giant extra large area rugs than standard oversized area rugs. This approach guides us on how to select oversized rugs that can save more time, money, and effort for re-purchase.

Oversized rugs are trendy but expensive simultaneously, depending on the durable materials used, rich textures and the complexity of print patterns. There are various specifications in terms of thickness, material, and price to keep in mind while choosing perfect rugs to cover whole room and adorn it with. Let's take a closer look at the details you need to weigh:

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Different Shapes

It's essential to conclude the shape of an area rug before anything according to the shape of your room or furniture:

  •        Round
  •        Square
  •        Rectangular (runners)
  •        Oval
  •        Unique shapes

Round rugs

Round rugs are considered somewhat distinct to stand out wherever they are laid out. They are good to go under round dining tables, coffee tables, or cocktail tables. If round shapes are difficult to find, square and rectangular ones can be used for a round-shaped table for a more asymmetric look for an abstract interior design.  

Round rugs are primarily used in contemporary décor of living and dining rooms and go well with any room when picked with the correct design elements. Round rugs are apt for modern interior designs with simple design patterns also. Contemporary rooms are decorated with round rugs to accentuate the room or any living space. Some even combine oversized round area rugs with small round rugs to create a polka-dotted effect for large halls and lounges.

Rectangular rugs

Rectangular area rugs are the most used area rug shape and one of the most comfortable options out there. They are the first shape that comes to mind when we consider rugs. The oldest rugs that date back centuries ago were rectangular in shapes like tapestry-style rugs and antique Persian rugs. Rectangular rugs are easy to find in the market and are presented with a lot of variety and patterns compared to other unique shapes.  

Though rectangular rugs work well with traditional and contemporary architecture, they are commonly used to display traditional styles. For instance, if your room has a traditional design, it's better you are decorating with oriental rugs that are rectangular. You can either go for Anatolian carpets that showcase brilliant colors, geometric designs, and flower heads' designs or Persian carpets with even more striking and multi - color designs of varied botanical designs and motifs, arabesque designs, and geometric designs.

Rectangular rugs are often used as runner rugs to direct visitors to an intended area in a building, like restaurants or hotels. High-traffic areas, entryways, or hallways, are decorated with runners with attractive patterns and simple textures that hold the guest's attention.

Square rugs

A square area rug is almost similar to the rectangular one. Though they cannot be used in narrow passages that form entryways, they can also be used for decorating traditional and contemporary room design styles. Square rugs suit perfectly square rooms and can quickly go under a square-shaped table. It blends with large open halls, living rooms, workspaces, and lounges.

Oval rugs

Oval rugs are a charm for decorating country-style kitchens or contemporary living rooms. Their transitional designs add them to the category of modern rugs on the market today, featured with modern colors or patterns. It's easy to select an oval rug and incorporate them into all types of room designs that have less creative designs and feel bare. Pick something with the right color or pattern, and oval-shaped area rugs fit well in foyers, hallways, living rooms, and whatnot.

Oval rugs come in all sizes and colors, and a large braided oval Persian rug in modern living room can be the center of attraction of the room.

Unique shapes

There are plenty of unique and interesting shapes for rugs for someone who wishes for their designs to stand apart from being ordinary. However, the question of whether it suits the room of your choice is something you have to ponder. Huge area rugs for living room also come with unique shapes of stars, pentagon prints, and other irregular shapes. Most of them can be used for kids' rooms or playrooms since they need funky colors and designs to make them more attractive and interesting.

Materials Used

Wool rugs, as you can guess, add a layer of comfort. Wool is durable, but it depends on how the rug is maintained to add or diminish its lifespan. Wool generally lasts for a long time on an average of twenty years, and hence used as a high-pile rug that is expensive compared to other materials. Wool rugs are stain-resistant, dust resistant, and less prone to water damage as they are a fine absorbent material. One disadvantage of wool composition is that their strands shed from base material over time, reducing the overall thickness. Again, one can preserve the wool rugs for longer by properly dusting and washing them with mild detergents.

Cotton rugs are naturally occurring plant fibers and can be easily sourced. They are best if one wants to go for a natural fiber option. Even though they are natural fiber rugs, cotton rugs next to wool rugs in terms of absorbent properties and durability. Compared to wool rugs and other materials, cotton rugs are less durable with a shorter lifespan compared to other materials and wool. Cotton rugs fade to pale yellow with usage as they are made of natural material.

Silk is a delicate material, and so silk rugs are considered to be a low-pile rug. They require high maintenance and have higher chances of fading when exposed to direct sunlight. Owing to the same reason, they are less durable.

Jute rugs are quick absorbents with a lower risk of wear and tear when exposed to dust, water, and stains. Jute is also made of natural fibers, making it easier for rugs to be woven with fibrous strands. Thus, they are eco-friendly and require high maintenance.

Synthetic rugs are made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, olefin, and viscose as opposed to natural fiber pieces. Synthetic rugs require low maintenance, are affordable, and are more durable than natural fibers though they are harder to dye. They also don't offer many options for complementary color and patterns.


Area rugs may look good outside but need adequate support underneath for the right thickness, non-slip feature, and cushioning. Rug pads are especially useful to help low pile area rugs to stay in place and not move around or curl around the corners.

Rug pads can increase a high pile area rug's durability and feel to a great extent. An area rug may need a rug pad if it doesn't meet the standard thickness requirements. Rug pads with thicknesses from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch will be ideal for adding the right amount of cushioning you want to add to your rug. Natural rubber rug pads have non-slip properties to prevent the rug from bumpy underfoot, slipping and sliding.

Location and size

While you may believe that the designs, colors, and patterns of rugs captivate a viewer, the rug selection by size can also decide if it falls into place and blends with the room. For instance, if you lay a large rug under a small piece of furniture like a coffee table, it will appear odd and uncoordinated with the place. At the same time, if an oversized rug is larger than the room, bulging here and there, it can ruin the whole purpose of putting the rug in the first place.

Large carpets can be used as indoor-outdoor rugs to complement the overall décor with quality pieces and meticulous designs that gained historical and cultural significance over time.

Confused on how to choose right rug size? Here is a detailed overview of what to keep in mind while choosing a rug.

Area rugs for your living room

Area rugs have been incorporated into rooms with large amounts of floor space. The living room is generally where people spend more time in groups with their loved ones. Huge rugs for living room are used either under a large piece of furniture like a sofa or for a group of furniture like the sofa, coffee table, and bookshelves in one go. One needs to understand that there are no strict rules about how you should design your furniture and rug. However, a simple rule to follow while selecting every new design must be that it should be well-ordered, aesthetically pleasing, and soothing to the eye. An area rug that extends a little beyond your furniture will make the entire space appear larger.

Read more about choosing a right size rug for your living room and make your space a lively one!

Area rugs for seating areas

Going by the size guide to choose giant extra large area rugs ensures that it includes all the sofa and table legs. You may also use the area rugs with vibrant colors to separate seating areas from larger spaces that require a divided look between different sections. Go for custom-sizes, matching colors and design rugs if you have large space. Utilize different rugs with the same range of colors and similar patterns to divide multiple areas to have a common theme.

Area rugs for Dining Room

A dining room is a space where people gather together to have food and pleasant conversations. Sometimes people make important decisions during dining since every member is present.

Area rugs are especially suitable for accommodating a 6-seater or 8-seater dining room table. It is ideal for any area rug to extend at least 16 to 24 inches from any furniture's edge on all sides, no matter the shape. Check if the rear ends of the seat dining chairs are accommodated by the area rug even when pulled out. Even if the rug almost reaches the wall, that's the minimum size you'll need.

Area rugs for Halls

An area rug would be the center of attraction, covering most of the area for comfortable walking and soft underfoot. Use appropriate runners for guests to stroll down the hall. Huge rugs for living room and runners can be used for hotels or restaurants to direct them to the intended area properly. Multiple rugs should have at least 6-8 inches of space between them while used in a spacious hall.

Area rugs for Bedroom

It's necessary  to put a rug of neutral color only under the bottom half of the bed, for the maximum comfort and softness underfoot as well as to make it easier for dusting. Choose sizes that are proportionate to the size of the room and the bed. The sides of big area rugs for bedroom should be 12 inches wide for a double-size or twin bed, and for a queen or king-size bed, it should be at least 18 inches. If it is too-small rug, it won't be enough for multiple members to use it.  

Area rugs for Kitchen  

Many people may be confused if they need to put an area rug in the kitchen. Runner rugs between the kitchen island table and the cabinets will be a great idea to keep a neat look. A full-size area rug in the whole kitchen can be another great way to add the design of your choice to the space.

In a kitchen, an area rug can be a huge savior for the amount of work and mess involved. It can keep the floors clean from water spills while you transfer the dishes from the sink to the stove. The rug can be washed often to keep it clean.

Area Rugs: Maintain Them Well for Long-term Use

Your job is not over if you shop by style and lay out a nice carpet with luxurious material and solid colors for each of the rooms at your home or workspace to bring personal style. It takes regular maintenance to ensure that the money you invested in rugs is worth it. Whichever rugs you buy, whether they are huge area rugs for living room or for the bedroom, everything lies in how you take care of them in the long run. Clean and neat carpets sustain for long periods when maintained well. Dusting, vacuuming, or washing them properly with mild soap or stain removers prevents them from getting damaged with wear and tear.

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