How To Choose The Right Size Rug For Your Room

How To Choose The Right Size Rug For Your Room

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The furniture is arranged, adds to the overall look and feel. The right rug size is often overlooked, but it is really important. A great rug can completely change a room, adding coziness, style, and comfort.

At Kuden Rugs, finding the perfect rug is extremely important when you are looking to create a cozy and welcoming vibe in your house.

Tag along as we walk you through every step of how to choose the right size rug for your home. This will help you pick one that will give you plenty of service without sacrificing quality and comfort. Let's dive in, shall we?

Why Rug Size Matters in Interior Design

When it comes to decorating your space, remember that the rug's size plays a big role in both its visual impact and how well it works in the room. Choosing the right rug is essential to creating the right feel in any room. Adding a nice sense of balance to your overall look, it ties everything together, gives your furniture a solid foundation, and helps tie everything together.

You can throw the overall design and size of the room off by choosing a rug that is too small or too large. Getting the right rug can change the mood of your home, making it feel welcoming and warm. For instance, a tiny rug can make a room feel cramped, while a big rug can make it look unsettling.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rug Size

What size rug for a room is the best? To help you out, here are a few factors that will influence your decision before you measure and select a rug size.

Room Dimensions And Layout

  • Measuring the Room: To find out how much surface area you have, correctly measure your room before choosing a rug size. Think about the room's length, width, and any nooks or building features that affect where to put the rug.
  • Placement of Furniture: Think about how your furniture is laid out and where it goes. Determine whether you'd like the furniture to sit on the floor all the way through or just a little bit.

Rug Placement Options

  • Centered Rug Placement: Many people opt to put their rug in the middle of the room, which gives the room a focal point and helps hold furniture in place.
  • Floating Rug Placement: Putting the rug in a way that none of the furniture touches it can work well in some places, most of all if you want to show off your beautiful floors.
  • Furniture-on-rug Placement: The placement of furniture on rugs helps create divisions between parts of a room. Living rooms and dining rooms use this method a lot.

How to Measure Your Room For The Perfect Rug Size

The first step in choosing the correct rug size is to measure your room accurately. Grab a tape measure to get started. Next, think about how you want the furniture to be arranged.

Do you own a dining table? If yes, remember to measure its length and width, too, as it will help you figure out how big of a rug you require for your table and chairs.

It would be best if you left about a foot between the rug and the walls when taking measurements for your living room or bedroom. Why? This will give your rug a nice border. You can get the right rug for any room in your house by taking accurate measurements.

Rug Size Guidelines for Different Rooms

When learning how to choose a rug size, think about where you want to place it. With that said, let’s look at the different room options you have and the kind of measurement you should have before making a purchase.

Living Room

Make sure that the living room rug is big enough to hold the furniture down. The best size is one that fits all of the furniture, or at least the chair and seat legs. These things finish off the room and make it feel cozy.

If you want a rug for a normal living room, think about 8'x10' or 9'x12'. Is your sitting area small? A 6'x9' rug might work well there.

Dining Room

This area of the house requires a rug bigger than the dining table. This way, the chairs remain on the floor even when you move them. This will ensure you're comfortable and look good while dining.

A tip: add about 2 feet to each side of the table's dimensions when measuring the rug's size. For a table 6 feet by 3 feet, you need a rug 11 feet by 7 feet.


Picking the perfect rug for your bedroom all comes down to the layout. In the master bedroom, you should get a rug that is bigger than your bed. This way, when you wake up, you'll have a soft place to put your feet down.

Generally, these come in sizes of 8'x10' or 9'x12'. If your bedroom is smaller or you're on a budget, you can use a 6'x9' rug. Place it at the foot of the bed. Also, remember that choosing the right bedroom rug size is essential when trying to make a room appear bigger and more spacious.

Other Rooms

When it comes to other rooms like the home office, study, or guest bedroom, you have more flexibility. Think about the room's size, purpose, and furniture placement when picking out a rug. Rugs that are 4'x6' or 5'x7' can be useful and stylish in small rooms. A 6'x9' rug is what you need to break up a bigger room and make it feel more like home. It will also make it a little warmer!

Always remember that you can change these tips to fit your likes and the way your rooms are designed. The right rug will definitely change the look and feel of any room. It gives your room style and makes it feel warm and appealing.

Kuden Rugs has a wide range of rugs in different sizes and styles to meet your needs. We have the right mat for every room in your house, whether it's the living room, another room, or neither.

Tips for Choosing a Rug Size to Make a Room Look Bigger

If you've got a smaller space and you want to make it look bigger, it's important to pick the right size rug. Today is your lucky day, as we have some hidden tips and tricks to make your room bigger with a rug.

First, pick a lighter rug as light colors tend to reflect light, making a room feel more open. Next, you want to go with a simple and clean design. Take your time picking busy patterns, as they will confuse the room and make it feel cramped and smaller.

Remember that picking a rug color that matches your flooring will tie everything together and make the space look bigger and more spacious. So, find the right balance between the size and color of carpets to create a harmonious ensemble.

Another tip is to place the rug at a slight angle. If you angle the rug, it will draw your attention along the diagonal lines, making the room look bigger and warmer.

Common Rug Size Mistakes To Avoid

When choosing a rug size, it's essential to avoid common mistakes that can deter the whole design of a room.

Choosing the Incorrect Rug Size

Don't forget to take your space's dimensions into account, as they can greatly affect the overall harmony and coziness of your room. A space that is too small or too large can feel unbalanced. The size of your rug matters when choosing a rug for your space. In a big room, a small rug might not catch your eye, but in a smaller space, a large rug may overpower the space.

Picking The Wrong Rug Material

Rug material is important because it affects how long the rug will last and how easy it is to maintain. A wool rug is definitely the best option if you're looking for a durable and low-maintenance rug! Compared to other materials, such as cotton and sisal, wool is known for its exceptional durability. They not only stand the test of time, they are also easier to clean.

Not Using A Rug Pad

Who wouldn't want their rug to last as long as possible? To help you achieve that, we have the perfect solution: rug pads! The pad will also help protect your carpet fibers, preventing them from crushing and wearing out prematurely.

Rug pads are great for preventing slips on carpets, ensuring your safety and comfort. If you have children or elderly family members living with you, it would be highly beneficial to consider investing in one of these!

How To Visually Balance Furniture With The Right Rug Size

Picking the right rug size is super important for your interior design game. It changes the visual appearance and ambiance of your space a lot. It's important to think about the size of your furniture in the living room. Pick a rug that fits under the front legs of a big sofa. This will make everything look good and put together. On the other hand, if your couch is smaller, go for a rug that completely covers it.

The next section to cover is your sanctuary. If you want to make your bedroom look nice, the size of your bed is very important. It looks great to pair a big bed with a rug that goes past the feet and sides. The rug makes the bed look even more beautiful. If your bed is smaller, put a rug at the foot of it to make it feel more cozy.

When you pick a mat that goes well with your furniture, the room looks completely balanced. Having a good balance in your space not only makes it look nice but also gives off a cozy and welcoming vibe. This makes it a fun spot for you and your friends to hang out. In the end, it's all about finding the right mix to make your room a comfortable and nice-looking haven.

Rug Size And Style Considerations

When choosing a rug, you should also consider the pattern and style. Choosing a rug with a clean and simple pattern will make everything look nice and clean if it is in line with the style of the room. It's not just about size! Choose a rug that matches the room's style. It can be fun to experiment with rug sizes and patterns to make your room look cool and layered, regardless of whether you like classical or unique styles.

Consider the texture as well as the type of material that you would like the rug to be made of. Rugs that are plush and fluffy have the effect of making a place feel more inviting. A plain fiber rug or one with a flat weave can also lend an air of sophistication to the space. It is crucial, when designing the style and decor of your area that you choose a rug size that is compatible with the whole look you are trying to create.

Conclusion: Finding The Perfect Rug Size For Your Room

In order to make your place look nice and functional, you need to choose the right rug. Knowing the usual sizes, considering the room and where your furniture will go, and looking at several different options will help you choose the right rug. Afterward, you can choose wisely based on your personal preferences.

Join us on a journey to discover the ideal rug sizes for every nook and cranny of your home. We've handpicked personalized suggestions for your living room, bedroom, dining area, kitchen, entrance, and hallway to make your spaces truly shine. Before you go out and buy a rug, you need first to determine how big the space is and what kind of rug you want to get for it.

With this fantastic guide, you've gained the wisdom to pick the perfect rug size for your room. Now, you can effortlessly marry your personal style with your practical needs, crafting a cozy and stylish space that's uniquely yours.

Are you looking for a way to make your room stand out? Check out Kuden Rugs for the perfect rug to revamp your space. We've got everything you need to bring comfort, warmth, and style into your home. Let's make your house look amazing – because every room deserves the perfect rug. Shop now!


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