Creating Harmony: Mixing Multiple Rugs in a Room

Creating Harmony: Mixing Multiple Rugs in a Room

Rugs are a terrific choice if you want to cozy up your floors and have an easy and economical way to change the look of your entire house. Unlike traditional carpeting, rugs are a more budget-friendly option and can be effortlessly changed whenever you want to give your room a new vibe. A timeless look that always goes in style is using multiple rugs.

Layering multiple rugs has become a popular trend, possibly inspired by the Boho style. And guess what? It's not just a passing fad; it's here to stay! Rug layering is an incredible way to add more options to your space!

At Kuden Rugs, we know that creativity can change your living space. Combining multiple rugs is one of the best ways to spruce up your room. We’re here to give you all the tips and tricks to make your living room or bedroom look fabulous. Let us help you unlock the potential of your home decor!

The Magic of Multiple Rugs in One Room

Integrating multiple rugs into one room can change the setting. We've seen how great it can look and give a lively vibe. So, let's get started by looking at these critical elements:

Pick Complementary Colors and Patterns

You should always choose complementary patterns and colors. They help create a harmonious and balanced look. So, choose patterns and colors that complement each other and complement each other well.

Choosing rugs that have similar colors or themes allows them to complement each other and be complementary. A subtle secondary rug should complement a bold primary carpet.

Vary the Rug Sizes

You can create a harmonious vibe by combining a large and smaller rug when arranging your furniture. Place the larger rug as an anchor under your furniture arrangement. This will give your space an incredibly calm and stylish appearance! You can see where you sit; the room is enriched with depth and texture.

Layering Rugs For a Luxurious Feel

Try layering rugs to enhance the look and feel of any room! It's a simple yet effective way to elevate it. For instance, putting a smaller rug on top of a larger rug will give your space depth and character, making it feel more welcoming.

Define Zones with Rugs

If you have a big living room, you can use multiple rugs to create different areas within the space. For instance, you can put a rug under your seating area and another under your dining area. In addition to adding functionality to your space, this subtle separation makes it look stylish.

Ways To Use Multiple  Rugs Together

Have you ever wondered why people tend to put multiple rugs in their homes? Besides the apparent floor protection they offer, they also serve an essential decorative purpose. Multiple rugs can help to tie a room together and add a touch of luxury to the floor plan.

For example, a complementary color in narrow spaces at the entryway can provide a welcoming feel while a rug in the hallway can create a sense of sophistication. In the living room, a rug can add warmth and personality. And in the bedroom, it can make the space feel cozier and more inviting. No matter where you place them, rugs can help you achieve the perfect home decor.

Multiple rugs can improve the appearance of a minor, constrained room, thus restructuring the floor plan. Now that you are aware of their nature and purpose, let’s take a look at how several  rugs can be brought together to transform the look of your floor plan.

You can mix and match custom rugs to develop your style. You may combine vintage and modern rugs, for instance. Additionally, it will reflect your individuality and preferences. Our question is, where to put a runner rug? The location where you will use the  rugs is the most crucial factor to consider when attempting to employ many  rugs at once.

Coordinating Multiple Rugs In The Hallway Of Your House

When looking for multiple  rugs for your hallways, you should try to coordinate them with the colors of the walls of nearby rooms. However, it does not mean that if the wall color is parrot green, you need to keep the rug parrot green, too. It will be better if the rug's color is any shade of green. The same logic applies to all rugs in the vicinity. It will be best for them to be siblings and not twins. In this way, if your house has an extra-long hallway, these rugs can be used one by one.

 Multiple Rugs Together In The Washroom

While looking for a rug for your bathroom, the most important thing to remember is that it should be a water-resistant and durable material. While bathroom mats make the space more hygienic, a rug brings functionality and aesthetics to the real estate. It helps catch water drips and makes the bathroom feel more homely.

Depending on the space availability, you can decide the number of  rugs you want to place in the bathroom. You can even layer them up if you choose. However, using only one  rug in a tiny bathroom is better because using more than one might make the room appear cluttered and ruin the overall design.

The Bedroom Elegance with Multiple Rugs

Multiple rugs can also enhance your bedroom's convenience and style. Here are some tips:

Mix Textures and Patterns

Mixing rugs with different designs and textures can make a room feel cozy and lively. Mixing different textures can make the room feel more luxurious while also making it more enjoyable to touch.

Define Functional Zones

You can also divide your bedroom into different parts with multiple rugs. This is very helpful if you use your bedroom for multiple things, like sleeping, getting dressed, or hanging out. You can put one under the bed to mark where you'll be sleeping and another where you'll be sitting or getting ready for better comfort and clarity.

Matching Nightstand Rugs

For a unique bedroom style, think about pairing up rugs on either side of your bed where your nightstands are. It'll create a balanced and calming look, making the room more pulled together.

Multiple Rugs in the Living Room

Adding personality and style to your living room can be as simple as mixing and matching rugs. Here's how:

Experiment with Textures

Don't be afraid to mix and match the textures in your living room! If you want to mix things up, you can pair cozy, plush carpets with sleek, flat-woven carpets. You can add visual interest to your space with this combination of textures. Combined, they add depth and interest to a room.

Coordinate Two Rugs in One Room

Layer two rugs at the foot of your coffee table with a classy look. Put the bigger one first, then add a followed by the smaller one that stands out. Not only will this look gorgeous, but it'll also feel super soft!

Layer Rugs of Different Shapes

It's fun to experiment with the design of your living room by mixing rugs of different shapes. One way is to layer a rectangular rug upon a round one, giving your living room a unique look.

General Tips To Decorating With Multiple Rugs

Pairing The Rugs Together Based On Appearance

While pairing multiple rugs together, make sure that they are of the same family, be it based on the color scheme, design or fabric. You can even buy two pieces of the same  rug and use it. Rugs with the same weave patterns and color shades can also work. Even if the weave pattern and color of both the  rugs are not similar, they should look at least related. In this way, you will not have to worry about two of your rugs clashing and spoiling the whole look.

Identical Rugs With Different Shapes And Sizes

If you want to coordinate two rugs in one room, this is also a terrific alternative. Now, this can differ based on the room where they can be placed and as per your liking. For example, you can choose two rugs of the same shape, but different dimensions. Or you can use an oval shape and a rectangular rug or you can use rugs of bright colors with rugs of darker colors in the same room.  It will look similar but not too much.

The thing here to keep in mind is that both the rugs should be of similar color and weave pattern. Otherwise, they may look out of place while using two or more rugs together to create your personal and comfortable look. You can even try a custom size of  rug or layer them and see if it looks appealing to you.

Mix & Match Rugs Of Different Patterns And Colors

A solid-colored rug's fashion is excellent for those who are not matchmaking experts. Simply choose two same color rugs, or at the very least, in the same color family. One should be completely solid, while the other may have a pattern. They can also be used in tandem in any room of your choosing.

When it comes to  rugs, the options are endless. From traditional Oriental designs, bohemian styles, basic styles, complementary styles, to sleek contemporary styles, there is a  rug to suit every taste with a different color story and some common styles also. However, finding the right  rug for your home can be a challenge.

If you're hoping to bring together different styles in your décor, here are a few tips to keep in mind. First, consider the overall theme of your décor. Are you going for a classic look, or are you aiming for something more modern? Once you've decided on a general direction, you can begin narrowing down your options.

Another thing to remember is the color palette of your dining table room. If you're working with a limited number of colors, it's best to choose a  rug that falls within that palette. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. The beauty of multiple rugs is that they can be swapped out easily if they don't work with your overall vision. So go ahead and try out a few different styles until you find the perfect one for your home.

Grab Your Favorite Designs That Represent Your Personality

Adorning with multiple rugs is an effortless method to improve the decor of your home's vacant, constrained spaces. Any room or area in your house can readily gain character, comfort, and extra style.

Rugs for can be found in a variety of styles and patterns like floral patterns, scale patterns, bold patterns, dot patterns, and bold patterns. Be it rugs for high-traffic areas in the living space, the ideal solution is to ensure that the entire space is coordinated. So go on and grab some floor finish rugs for your home and awaken your guests with the chicest rug collection.


At Kuden Rugs, we're all about helping you create gorgeous, balanced spaces in your home. Put two rugs together in one room, and you can change your living room and bedroom. There's so much potential for making your house uniquely yours; we're here to guide you. Don't wait - make your decor stand out with the power of multiple rugs now.

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