Tips To Use Runner Area Rugs At Your Home

Tips To Use Runner Area Rugs At Your Home

Area rugs are a time-tested strategy to add a touch of style to any room. However, they can also be a tripping hazard, especially for runners. Runner area rugs are a great solution for this problem, as they are specifically designed to minimize the risk of tripping. Runner area rugs are typically made from durable materials such as wool or nylon, and they have a low profile that helps to prevent tripping. In addition, area rugs runner often have non-slip backing that helps to keep them in place. As a result, runner area rugs are an ideal choice for any space where there is a risk of tripping, such as narrow spaces or high-traffic areas. 

Everyone needs a living space that is appealing, beautiful, and most importantly comfortable for yourself and your guests. The runner rugs with natural fibers and two feet wide measurement can add the flair that you are looking for. 

The term "runner" refers to a long, narrow rug that is usually rectangular, piled over all the places like stairwells, bedrooms, entryways, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. You need a non-slip rug pad for your bathrooms.  Runners of light color and perfect size have become the best accent pieces to fill in the gaps in small living spaces and to give an aesthetic flavor to your interior. Decorate your high-traffic zones and narrow hallway with a beautiful runner made of synthetic fibers and a bright color to light up the path. 

Best Places To Have A Runner Rug

       -  Entryways
       -  Open Floor Plans
       -  Bedroom
       -  Staircases
       -  Hallways
       -  Bathroom
       -  Kitchen

Why Go for Runner Rugs?

The runner carpet with a color palette to match the walls has become a necessary part of our house decor. It gives the perfect feature to the interior of your house. It adds depth, comfort, and warmth to the different rooms on a need basis. Available in different sizes and textures, they fulfill a variety of purposes, including protecting the hardwood surface from high traffic, and dirt. Bathroom runners with a dark color have become a growing trend today. Get the correct size to math your room dimension.

Runner area rugs are a wonderful way to part life into house spaces. They add a dash of darker color and texture in a way that is unique to your house reflecting your perfect shade of personality. They add a specific homely atmosphere to your living space. The options for runner area rugs are limitless for you to choose from. The steps for choosing an area rug to use over a carpet and the decision to go with the right one for the visual appeal and for the protection of your floor is important. They also serve many practical solutions for everyday life. 

Things to keep in mind when getting Carpet Runners 

Never compromise on the quality of the material that you get. Spaces like entryways and hallways are usually the most occupied areas of your house, so a floor piece of quality must be chosen wisely. One of the most long-lasting pieces is a hand-knotted rug. It is a good option for entryways and lobbies. A flatweave runner is a good idea for these locations provided it is used with a rug pad to negate slippage. Sign up for professional cleaning or clean the rugs with warm water regularly. Keep an eye on the drying process if the rugs are placed in a heavy traffic zone. Keep in mind a performance-based option. 

Choose versatile runner design-forward pieces to help you add color and texture to your spaces and give them an appealing edge. A slew of options made of artificial silk or bamboo silk can be a good option too. 

Give Purpose to Your Hallway Runner Rugs

The placement and purpose of a runner rug depend on each area in your house. Traditionally, the hallway or doorway of your home is the most used one. These runners are meant to grab the attention of the visitors giving them an impression of your warm hospitality. A classic rug can do this role effectively. You can also go with a rug with a floral or geometric pastiche, like basic stripes or soft patterns in a more traditional way, to make it look attractive. A rug with bold borders can give a proper dimension to the structure of your space. Sticking to the neutral or vibrant color of your choice in accordance with the shade of the respective room would do the job. Keep in mind a performance-based option while picking runner rugs made of artificial silk and bamboo silk to lighten up the dullest space. 

If your taste is more of a contemporary angle, decorating the unusual areas with runners is a perfect decision. The most contemporary use for a basic runner is to divide the sections in an open living room setting. This can be used to demarcate between the dining room and an open area. Look for materials that can bear foot traffic between the two places and a color or pattern that reflects your visual flavor. Areas with constant foot traffic can be decorated with rugs made of simple textures and contemporary decor. The shopping process varies based on whether you are purchasing rugs for the bedroom floor or the bathroom. Look out for exotic materials made of rich textures as they make for an excellent choice. Here are the tips for runner rug decorations ideas.

Go for the Best Texture

Choosing a proper texture is very important. Area rugs usually go best over short-pile or looped carpets.  Thus, laying a thick and high-quality runner rug adds comfort and elegance to your space. For the high-traffic areas, choose a hefty runner or a flat weave rug depending on your taste, if you want a durable rug that can handle wear and tear. Flat-woven rugs are easy to wash and clean. Go for a non-slip rug pad for the perfect hallway runner. Never make compromises on style while picking vintage pieces for your heavy traffic hallway. Shop by style and ensure selection by size as you look at a wide range of options. Explore luxurious materials with natural fiber options. They make for a wonderful conversation piece. 

Similarly, if you have a more plush style of carpet placed, choosing a more mild-profile Berber or woven rug must be the right choice. Explore vintage pieces in the trendiest styles but don't rule out the performance-based option. 

Choose the Right Size

Your rug must be perfect and fit for the size of the room, regardless of what is under the rug. In accordance with the room dimension and the furniture’s alignment in them, the rug size has to be determined. Make sure to have the measurements and not outdo the space. Following a size guide would aid you to pick the right one for your space. Dyed silk rugs and similar all-natural materials can lighten up the dullest space. 

Let the Colors Reflect You

Choosing the color of your area rug is the first yet the most important step. If the rug is placed over a carpet then make sure that the colors sync with each other.  Always be sure that the wall color too complements the rug that you choose. Choosing a color scheme for the entire structure of the room can help you make the right decision. To define you and your personality your favorite color can be implemented. These runner rugs are available in multiple colors and shades to match every taste out there.

Avoid Chaos with Patterns

Generally, intense patterns do not mix well. Make sure to contrast the patterns with your carpet or the walls. If it is a patterned broadloom carpet, it is ideal for plain area rugs.

Tips for Decorating the Spaces

Runner rugs provide character and comfort to your room. The right placement of the rugs matters the most. So, here are some tips for the different areas of your home.

Using Runner Rugs for Hallways And Entryways

Hallways and entryways are the most withered spaces and are generally smaller in the area in comparison with other rooms. These may often seem congested with several accessories and decors. Here, simply placing a vibrant colored runner rug can create a lot of difference. It will give your guests the warmth and comfort of being home. 

Using Runner Rugs for Bedroom

Since the bed takes up the major area in a bedroom, the use of a runner rug is the best option here as they have a narrow and long structure. 

Using Runner Rugs for Children’s Room 

This room is different from a master bedroom, with respect to size and its usage. The rug here needs to be the most high-quality and sturdy to lessen the damage caused due to usage.  

Using Runner Rugs for Kitchen

Since the runner rugs come in a wide range of sizes, a perfect fit for your kitchen can be chosen according to the floor alignment. A pitch dark runner can help in easy cleaning and reusability. They can be used for a long time as well. This also adds color to the space.

Using Runner Rug for Dining Room 

Similar to the kitchen, make sure to get a lasting one. Also, food stains can be a threat therefore, going for a dark and shady color rug can aid in the cleaning task, without leaving any stains or marks. It should also be complementary to the items of furniture placed there. This should be the case even when the chairs are pushed back from the table to avoid scratching on the floor. 

Using Runner Rugs for Small Spaces

Small rugs are perfect for really tiny spaces such as pantries and closets. A runner rug here can make them look less chaotic and give a required focal point.  

Using Runner Rugs On Staircases

Runner rugs on stairs have a different visual appeal. There is a fullness created in the structure of the interior of the house. Staircases need to be free of slippery and any danger. A stair runner may add safety for you by providing the necessary friction required for the foot. These rugs must be securely fixed to the floor surface to avoid displacement. 

Simple ways to Clean your Rug

Identifying the material of the rug is crucial. This is helpful in the long-lasting of the piece. Different materials require different ways of cleaning methods and materials used. The size, texture, and the type of material of the rug determine the best way to clean it accordingly. Care must be taken for your rugs as it is for the carpets. Here are the common simplest ways to take good care and clean your rugs. So how to wash runner rugs?

       -  Vacuum large area rugs to remove dirt
       -  Brush out pet hair
       -  Turn rugs every year
       -  Shake small area rugs
       -  Wash mildly

Get the best runner rugs that your home deserves 

According to your taste and personality, you can use either informal or formal runner rugs in your homes. Using a runner rug in the hallways will effectively help you create a barrier to your home's private spaces. The biggest advantage of runner area rugs is that there are a variety of shapes and sizes to pick from.  You can go for the best one that could match your personality and house. This can create an image for yourself and your visitors. Make your home more welcoming by embodying the elegant runner rugs and have an elated aesthetic to your home spaces.

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