Cleaning Kilims: How to Wash Kilim Rugs?

Cleaning Kilims: How to Wash Kilim Rugs?

Kilim rugs are not merely decorative items but rather showcase rich culture, artistic skills and individual fashion sense. It’s therefore important to learn how to clean a kilim rug without letting it get damaged. This handbook is your essential guide to mastering the art of cleaning Turkish rugs.

Kilim Rugs Cleaning: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Gather your supplies: Ensure that you have all the necessary tools before beginning to clean a kilim rug. As such you will require a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, mild detergent, soft bristle brush, a bucket filled with cold water, clean white towels, and above all, sufficient time.
  2. Begin with gentle vacuuming: First, use a vacuum to clean both sides of the kilim rug. It clears loose dirt and debris that can be easily removed, preparing the rug for more thorough washing.
  3. Mix mild cleaning solution: Mix mild and non-bleach detergent in a bucket with cold water. Stir until it dissolves. This mild solution will ensure the preservation of the rug’s lustrous dyes.
  4. Test in an unnoticeable spot: Apply the solution to a small and hidden part of the rug first to see that it will not adversely affect its color or the fibers.
  5. Scrub with care: Use a soft bristle brush to scrub in the carpet cleaning solution onto the top of the rug. Use a gentle scrubbing motion toward the direction of the rug's nap to avoid causing damage to the fibers.
  6. Thoroughly rinse and dry: Use clean white towels to blot dry the rug after cleaning, thus removing the extra moisture. Let it dry lying on its surface, but make sure that the rug is not exposed directly to the sun. Ensuring that both sides of it have dried is important before reinstating it within the sanctuary of your abode.

Turkish Rugs Cleaning with Kuden!

Kuden Rugs takes great pride in its commitment to preserving and upholding the cherished beauty of kilims. Following these recommended steps will ensure that the beauty of your Turkish rugs lasts for a long time. However, remember to keep doing regular maintenance and immediately tackle any spills in order to maintain its beauty.

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