Bedroom Room Rug Ideas

Bedroom Room Rug Ideas

The bedroom is frequently the focal point of home decor since it serves as a haven where one retreats for tranquility and comfort. It is not just your bed, it is a canvas of creativity and comfort. With the right rug, your bedroom will never be the same when it comes to aesthetics and comfort. This detailed manual will give you a grasp on the varieties of bedroom rugs and reveal the secrets of placing them right. Let’s make your room the most comfortable and stylish place on earth one rug at a time.

Why You Need a Bedroom Rug

You have selected the best possible furniture and accessories for your bedroom, but still, you feel that something is missing: It’s a bedroom rug! As the proverb says, an appropriate accent piece can save an inadequately dressed person; in the same way, a carpet could create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom. This is not only about appearance but also about finding harmony around you.

At KudenRugs, we know that choosing the right rug has a lot of power and that is why we are always there to guide you on carpet use at home.

Best Rugs for Your Bedroom: Inspiring Ideas

1. Bright Bedroom Idea: Splash of Color

If you want to bring new life to your bedroom and give it an energetic mood, then why not start by introducing a vividly colored rug? Such rugs are not merely functional accessories that can be added to a room, they also function as statements of art that would immediately bring energy and heat into the space. Picking a bold and vibrant rug can help determine the mood of your entire bedroom space, making it easier to match other components of your room’s design.

The brightly colored rug can also provide you with a unifying color scheme for your bedroom. The rug serves as a centerpiece in the room, where you can take colors from it for the matching furniture and decorative elements. You will discover an array of choices in bold geometric vintage style or classic Persian pattern for your taste.

If you are choosing a room with bright colors, bear in mind the size of your bedroom and where the latter would fit in relation to the overall scheme in question. For making a statement, you can select a large rug that covers most of the floor or pick a small one to add a touch of color in selected areas. Remember to match the rug with matching bed linen, cushions, drapes, and stylish add-ons to achieve a unified and appealing appearance.

2. Boho Bedroom Rug: Eclectic and Free-Spirited

If you are someone who loves boho style and unstructured look, you definitely need a boho-inspired bedroom rug to complete your decoration. As a bohemian, you can throw together a dazzling medley of bright colors, textures, and patterns. Expect a riot of colors, bold patterns and some eclectic character that defines the boho-chic bedroom.

These rugs are the personification of such an artistic and bohemian atmosphere. Many of the rugs in the bedroom have a mix of rich and vibrant colors, which instantly convert your room into a place of creativity and self-realization. Boho bedroom rugs are so named for their enchanting color schemes, designs and textures. Your bedroom becomes a real safe place.

In most cases, a boho-style rug features natural themes such as palm trees and flowers. Using these motifs adds nature’s charm indoors to make the room tranquil and filled with organic beauty. To complement the boho feel, choose a rug pattern with either bold floral or whimsical palm leaves to bring nature and freshness into your bedroom. Add floor cushions, tapestries, and a combination of decorative throw pillows for a bohemian haven that invites leisure and personal expression.

3. Neutral Scheme: Calm and Serene

For anyone seeking to have a peaceful and calm environment in the bedroom, a neutral rug is the ideal partner. The neutral colors offer a soothing, calming atmosphere that any living space can have timelessly. Thus, these individuals seeking peace and calmness in their surroundings will always prefer the neutral colors. Rugs of neutral colors, from beige and brown to creams and grays, offer simple and elegant beauty, which adds lightness to the atmosphere of your bedroom.

The beauty of such a scheme is that it is neutral and always up-to-date. A rug in neutral colors acts as a tranquil backdrop for the overlay of different elements of your interior design. This neutral rug will fit into every design theme—modern, traditional, or minimalist—in your bedroom, thus it is the best option for anyone regarding styles.

Furthermore, neutrals are very good when it comes to blending with other decor elements. They easily match various types of bedding, curtains, and furniture designs that grant you the liberty to customize your bedroom without having to worry about color conflicts. A neutral-colored rug is adaptable in the sense that it can fit into any design preference, whether you go for the cleaner lines of the minimalist look or the cozy-coat effect.

4. Bold Pattern: Adding Personality

A rug in vibrant patterns is one of the most effective ways to introduce your personality and character into a bedroom. An interesting rug in a room can be the focus of your bedroom – it immediately attracts attention and forms the basis for the whole interior. Choose between horizontal stripes that give you a feeling of airiness or thin ones that give you additional width and height, there are numerous opportunities for refurbishing your bedroom.

Horizontally striped rugs create an illusion of length, making the room look larger, airier and open. It is particularly important in small bedrooms. On the other hand, thin stripes can produce striking sensation of height and breadth. Installing a rug with narrow, vertical stripes can give height to your chamber bedroom or create an open space feeling in it. This impact can be especially beneficial when you intend to make your bedroom more comfortable by visually enlarging it and having low ceilings.

Create a striking feature wall by trying stripe wallpaper for your next bold pattern game. This extra layer of pattern and textures can make the overall appeal of your bedroom more enhanced by bringing in depth and visual interest. With striped wallpaper, you can make architectural features such as alcoves or recessed walls more prominent, thereby enhancing the style of your bedroom.

You can experiment with various bedroom rug designs because there are no set rules for bedroom decorating ideas. The type of bedroom rug materials affects how it looks, feels, lasts, and requires care. Here is all the information you need to choose a rug that will improve your bedroom about rug materials.

5. Small Bedroom Rug: Cozy Corners

Never let the limited space stop you from including a rug in the decor of your small bedroom. As a matter of fact, with just one well-placed small rug, you can revamp the whole place – it will add style, comfort and practicality to your compact home. When it comes to small bedrooms, there is a need to maximize every square inch, and a thoughtfully chosen rug can do wonders towards obtaining that homey feel that you crave.

A small rug can also be used in any room for creating a comforting reading nook. For instance, if you have a nice reading corner or an alcove where you relax and read your books, you may bring in a piece of carpet or a small rug to make it stand out as its own personal space. This rug adds to the appeal of your small bedroom as a perfect place to unwind and relax.

A small bedroom rug is very precious because it adds a touch of luxury and comfort to your room. A selective carpet can even produce an inviting mood so that you may sit and spend some time pleasantly in a small space. You can add colors and patterns that link the decor of your bedroom, thus, providing a character and style into the room.

6. Large Bedroom Rug: Embracing Grandeur

With room to spare in the bedroom, it’s time to go big, and that means bringing out a big area rug. With so much space to play with, go for grandeur and choose a large bedroom rug. This can bring wonders in transforming your room and creating the perfect anchor of the space that integrates smoothly all elements of your bedroom design.

Besides that, a large area rug can be used in your spacious bedroom to make it look more glamorous and cozy. The wide surface of this carpet provides a special sense of comfort and luxury when one steps on it, thus increasing the warmness of the room. It’s a pleasure that makes one feel good about the space and helps them feel at home in the bedroom.

For choosing a big bedroom rug, look at your room scale and proportion. Make sure it goes far beyond the sides and foot of your bed giving an illusion of vastness. Ensure that the rug complements the existing decor by blending in with the color scheme and design or adding a dramatic contrast that enlivens the room.

Selecting the Best Rug Materials in Your Bedroom

Having looked at several bedroom rug ideas, let’s now consider the materials that can improve the bedroom decor. Materials determine the appearance, feel, strength, maintenance and cleaning of a rug. Here's an overview of some popular rug materials: 

1. Wool Rugs for a Contemporary Bedroom

Picture a rug that incorporates the softness and cozy feel of your favorite sweater! They provide a sense of luxury when walking on them. This type of rug is perfect in active households because of its dense fibers that are crush-resistant.

2. Cotton Rugs for a Delicate Bedroom

In designing a comfortable bedroom, woven cotton rugs are preferred. They have sharpness and eternal freshness that make them ideal for reading zones where one goes to relax with an interesting book. The fact that many cotton rugs are reversible makes them very adaptable and easy to clean.

3. Silk Rugs for a Bedroom Lounge Setup

Silk rugs have an elegant soft sheen, the very epitome of graceful softness. They would make a great addition of extravagance in your room. Nonetheless, silk rugs should be installed in low traffic zones since they are delicate. They need a little extra care than other materials for their shine; however, the marvelous look is rewarding.

Bed size

Rugs Inches wide

King-Size Bed

18-24 inches

Queen Size Bed

12-24 inches

Full-Size Bed

6-9 inches

What Is a Good Bedroom Rug Size?

After introducing some great rug ideas for your bedroom, it’s time to address the most important part – selecting just the right size of a rug. How your bedroom looks depends on the size of a rug. Let's examine some guidelines to help you make an informed decision:

  • King-Size Bed: An ideal bedding space is created when a rug goes 18-24 inches beyond each side of the bed.
  • Queen-Size Bed: Go for a carpet that covers the entire space under the bed and around the nightstands by 12-24 inches on both sides.
  • Full-Size Bed: The perfect size for this space should be a rug which hangs 6-9 inches down both sides of the bed.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, so while making a decision on your bedroom rug size, it is also important for you to take into consideration some of your personal preferences, as well as the structure of your room. Most contemporary bedrooms feature a large area rug beneath the bed, which acts as the focus of the entire room. You can also incorporate smaller rugs which act as accents, creating visual interest and room divider in your bedroom.

How to Place a Bedroom Rug

Now let’s talk about bedroom rug placement since you have already determined the right size. Placement of items in your bedroom is important for reaching ideal blend and visual balance. Whether you have a king, queen, or full-size bed, here are some tips for placing your bedroom rug:

  • Under the Bed: A rug below the bed, with part of its edges reaching beyond the four corners and the foot of the bed, provides an aesthetic appeal and makes the feet feel warm when stepping on them in the morning.
  • Accent Rug: If you have a smaller room size, place a small rug near the foot of the bed to add elegance. It invites attention, and is quite warming.
  • Layered Rugs: Add some color by stacking area rugs. Use a smaller accent rug atop a larger area rug to bring depth and visual interest into your bedroom.
  • Square and Round Rugs: Break the monotony of the ordinary rectangle rug and opt for a square or a round rug to spice your bedroom with a distinctive taste.

Designing Your Luxury Bedroom with KudenRugs

With this article, you are now ready to go about transforming your bedroom. Just keep in mind that bedroom rug selection is not bound by any strict criteria. Your bedroom is your painting and creativity space. However, you need to strike the right balance between the size and color of carpets for the perfect look.

Let’s help you find a perfect bedroom rug that catches your personal vision at KudenRugs. Ready to start? Visit our website and discover an elegant collection of bedroom rugs that will add luxury to your space. Your perfect rug is only one click away!

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