The Art of Bohemian Rugs: Materials and Craftsmanship Unveiled

The Art of Bohemian Rugs: Materials and Craftsmanship Unveiled

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What Are Bohemian Rugs Made of?

Bohemian designs have always been dynamic, with a splash of rich colors or earthy colors and intricate patterns. Perfect for a magnificent home accent, the boho area rug area is a must-have if you are a person with love for pop culture. So what's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about boho-style fabrics? Be it dresses, ornaments or carpets? Boho design style has always been a part of the hippie culture to represent the energizing vibe for those going after what they want.

So next time you are in the rug store purchasing a Bohemian carpet, don't think twice as you go for bohemian styles thinking if anybody's going to judge you for your choices. This article is instructive for suggestions for people looking to learn more about boho carpets and for ideas on incorporating a beautiful touch of boho décor into their interior design style or even outdoor spaces.

Bohemian Styles Rugs: What's Special About them?

When most people hear the word "bohemian," they might probably wonder what bohemian is or where it originated from. Boho décor is a concept that arose from a need for self-expression and representation using a creative traditional design. It was a way for free-spirited gypsies to express themselves through bohemian culture. Boho rugs do well to decorate your space without losing the handcrafted appearance and enhance the various design elements in your home simultaneously.

The Kingdom of Bohemia is in the Czech Republic's westernmost territory, considered the most significant historical site. The term "bohemian" or "bohemianism" actually comes from the French word "bohémien," which was misunderstood to be from Bohemia. It came from french artists who settled in low-cost Romani neighborhoods but were known for their unique lifestyles. 

Bohemian Rugs: What are they made of?

One advantage for anyone who has chosen Bohemian-style rugs is that they can quickly add a perfect touch of art and unique texture and create a stylish space. Any bland space can be converted into a creative space by introducing boho-chic art rugs designed with all-natural designs in your home. Read on to understand more about their make.

Colors of Bohemian Rugs

Bohemian-style carpets have a wide range of color schemes for choosing the one that will suit the space you intend to decorate. Even though bohemian style fabrics are a repository for abundant colors such as turquoise blue, more neutral colors are one of the specialties. Base colors of dark shades of green, browns, greys, and so on are used to highlight flashy colors with an array of turquoise. Warm earthy accent colors such as metallics and mono tones are also used in the boho carpet. A neutral color palette can be also used. Such an amazing piece gives a subtle look to the eye and sometimes comes with a vintage style and rich pattern.

Different Bohemian Rug Styles

Numerous generations' endless experimentation with mixing and matching produced various bohemian rug designs...The art design of bohemian-style carpets is so unique that they work well for neutral and bright settings. Whether you have sleek contemporary furniture or everyday items, a beautiful piece of the bohemian-style rug with antique design can be accommodated well in your part of your home. Buying a Bohemian rug should be a careful choice considering many aspects, such as its quality, original price and so on, rather than just a choice made because of its appearance.

Flat-woven bohemian rugs, multi-colored boho-inspired kilim rugs, boho vintage rugs, geometric boho rugs in shades of grey, reversible boho rugs, and boho shag rugs are some of the varieties you can choose from. Monochromatic boho rugs can add the required subtleness and minimalist style to your space if you want to go against vibrant colors or smoldering looks.

Transforming Your Space with Bohemian Rugs

The simplest method to achieve the mid-century vibe in your living room is to add boho-style rugs to the space. With various accent colors, textures, and Bohemian rugs patterns, the area you design will help seal the entire look. A designer who goes for a true boho-chic style will have an eye for small details. Include colorful curtains, wall carpet, and interesting throws on your sofas so that the surrounding area will also be designed to match the boho-style architecture.

Pairing your couch with a beautiful bohemian rug will help create a more subdued environment while keeping the rest of the decor basic and elegant. Bright and colorful bohemian carpets will liven up your existing space if you choose bohemian motifs or tribal motifs for a bohemian rug if you want to create a colorful, bright interior with a most effortless design. 

Before purchasing Bohemian-style carpets, look around the intended area and choose a color that blends with the furniture, wall, frames, lamps, and so on. Rug layering or multiple boho-chic rugs are best to create a more coherent effect. Make sure that the shape of the boho design style rugs matches the shape of furniture, such as that of an outdoor coffee table or an apothecary table.

Cost of Bohemian Rugs

A Boho style rug can be owned at an affordable price compared to other types of rugs on the market. The cost is invariably determined by the worth of an original rug, including the materials used, the quality of carpet fibers, and weaving techniques.


Handmade wool, silk, nylon, and polyester are standard materials used to manufacture boho carpets. Wool rugs are a touch of fun as they are generally soft and durable, lasting for an average of twenty to thirty years. The rug's lifespan may increase if it is maintained well. Wool rugs are resistant to stains, dust, and water damage; for these reasons, they can be more expensive than other materials.

Silk rugs offer extra shine but are less durable as they are more delicate. They require high maintenance as they have chances of wear and tear and fading when exposed to sunlight. Cotton rugs are a convenient option as they are made of plant fibers. They have a short lifespan compared to other materials. Jute rugs are another all-natural, organic material requiring high maintenance as the fibers may loosen and wear out over time. However, they have a lower chance of damage from water, dust, and stains.

Synthetic rugs are artificial materials, such as nylon, polyester, olefin, and viscose, and are ideal for those looking for affordable price options. They have fewer chances of fading and require low maintenance as they can be cleaned by a simple handwash or put into a washing machine. The only demerit is that they don't have the authentic look of a handmade wool rug though they come in different color combinations and gorgeous design patterns.


The quality of area rugs is measured by knot density and not by their bold colors. In the same way, warm colors in a Bohemian carpet also don't mean that the rug is not of good quality. Knot density is the number of knots per selected area: KPSI means knots per square inch, or it can also be knotted per square centimeter. A high knot density indicates that the Bohemian rug is of excellent quality and will last longer. You can use the following chart while purchasing a bohemian rug: 

Inferior quality - less than 80 KPSI

Medium quality - 120 to 330 KPSI

Superior quality - more than 330 KPSI


The technique used to create the rug determines its quality and, ultimately, its cost. A high-quality rug that will survive many years is made with a lot of work. A hand-knotted abstract colored carpet has high knot density and fantastic quality that may last up to five decades. On the other hand, hand-tufted rugs can last for up to 10 years. Machine-made rugs may also last long enough if made by manufacturers who have perfected the art, and the carpets are handled with care.

Decorate Any Space with Bohemian Rugs

Whether you're shopping for rugs for sale in retail or online, check for the authenticity of the rug and rug manufacturers. While boho chic rugs are easy-to-spot and inexpensive, you must be aware of all aspects to avoid being fooled by deceptive dealers who make tall claims. 

Fraudulent activities are more prevalent online as some rug vendors may trick you into losing money as they may vanish or deliver a low-quality rug. Sometimes a low-quality rug showcased with bright colors may lose its dye even with a few clean-ups. Be mindful if you are purchasing rugs for the first time, and it is better if you are accompanied by a person who knows how to weigh a good-quality rug. Speak with a rug specialist from a reputable background and track record or experts in antique shops to understand more about how to identify an authentic Bohemian rug.

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