Rug Runners

Runners are usually rectangular but very long and narrow. They can add color to hallways and galley kitchens, making them inviting and warm, or fill space at the side of the bed. Many designers use aΒ patterned runner to link rooms and spaces together, creating coherent design themes. Review runner rugs now!



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Keahi - The Warmth of Persian Weaves | Kuden RugsHand-Knotted Splendor - Keahi Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Keahi - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

9' 6" x 2' 11"

Sale price$1,216.00
One of A Kind
Hillah - The Essence of Persian Elegance | Kuden RugsHillah - Where Tradition Meets Modern Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Hillah - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

11' 2" x 3' 7"

Sale price$1,702.00
One of A Kind
Heni - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner RugHeni - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner Rug
Heni - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner Rug

7' 10" x 4' 2"

Sale price$323.00
One of A Kind
Ieashah | Beige Geometric Wool Runner | Kuden RugsIeashah | Vintage Oriental Rug Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Ieshah - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9' 3" x 2' 11"

Sale price$343.00
One of A Kind
Sibeal - The Blue Elegance of Persian Weaves | Kuden RugsSibeal - Where Tradition and Modernity Meet | Kuden Rugs
Sibeal - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

10' 9" x 3' 4"

Sale price$1,346.00
One of A Kind
Ranell - The Heritage of Persian Weaves | Kuden RugsRanell - A Symphony in Wool and Cotton | Kuden Rugs
Ranell - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

9' 10" x 2' 11"

Sale price$982.00
One of A Kind
Latisha | Chic Pink Geometric Runner | Kuden RugsLatisha | Hand-Knotted Vintage Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Latisha - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

9' 0" x 1' 9"

Sale price$691.00
One of A Kind
Krysta - The Quintessence of Persian Floral Design | Kuden RugsElegance Woven into Every Fiber - Krysta Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Krysta - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

19' 8" x 2' 8"

Sale price$1,721.00
One of A Kind
Kourtney - Vintage Turkish Rug Runner - kudenrugsKourtney - Vintage Turkish Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Kourtney - Vintage Turkish Area Runner Rug

11' 9" x 4' 6"

Sale price$1,539.00
One of A Kind
Nidha - The Red Elegance of Persian Runners | Kuden RugsHand-Knotted Heritage - Nidha Vintage Rug | Kuden Rugs
Nidha - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

14' 2" x 2' 8"

Sale price$1,700.00
One of A Kind
Ikeishia | Geometric Vintage | Hand-Knotted Turkish Runner | Kuden RugsIkeishia | Beige Elegance | Authentic Runner Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Ikeishia - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

12’ 8” x 2’ 9”

Sale price$532.00
One of A Kind
Bertie | Sophisticated Gray Runner Rug | Kuden RugsBertie | Hand-Knotted Turkish Elegance | Vintage Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Bertie - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9’ 5” x 3'

Sale price$242.00
One of A Kind
Crystal | Lush Green Vintage Runner | Kuden RugsCrystal | Overdyed Turkish Carpet Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Crystal - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9’ 11” x 4’ 3”

Sale price$360.00
One of A Kind
Bethany | Vintage Turkish Grandeur | Exquisite Blue Runner | Kuden RugsTurkish Overdyed Runner | Bethany's Timeless Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Bethany - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

10’ 1” x 3’ 1”

Sale price$265.00
One of A Kind
Connie | Luminous Yellow Floral Runner Rug | Kuden RugsConnie | Overdyed Vintage Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Connie - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

10’ 5” x 3’ 5”

Sale price$332.00
One of A Kind
Dora | Vibrant Turquoise Floral Runner Rug | Kuden RugsDora | Overdyed Vintage Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Dora - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9’ 1” x 2’ 6”

Sale price$244.00
One of A Kind
Adrienne | Vintage Turkish Grandeur | Exquisite Red Runner | Kuden RugsTurkish Anatolian Runner | Adrienne's Geometric Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Adrienne - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

10' 11" x 4' 5"

Sale price$413.00
One of A Kind
Cristina - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsCristina - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Cristina - Vintage Turkish Area Runner Rug

8’ 9” x 4’ 2”

Sale price$341.00
One of A Kind
Kendall | Vintage Turkish Splendor | Exquisite Pink Rug | Kuden RugsTurkish Anatolian Rug | Kendall's Geometric Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Kendall - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

9’ 0” x 4’ 1”

Sale price$330.00
One of A Kind
Mollie | Vintage Turkish Grandeur | Exquisite Pink Runner | Kuden RugsTurkish Anatolian Runner | Mollie's Geometric Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Mollie - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

9’ 4” x 3’ 3”

Sale price$300.00
One of A Kind
Zlata - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsZlata - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Zlata - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner Rug

8’ 2” x 4’ 0”

Sale price$318.00
One of A Kind
Miya - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsMiya - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Miya - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner Rug

8’ 6” x 4’ 4”

Sale price$347.00
One of A Kind
Maggie - Vintage Oriental Rug Runner - kudenrugsMaggie - Vintage Oriental Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Maggie - Vintage Turkish Oriental Runner Rug

11’ 2” x 4’ 9”

Sale price$1,300.00
One of A Kind
Angelia - Vintage Persian Rug Runner - kudenrugsAngelia - Vintage Persian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Angelia - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

9’ 5” x 2’ 8”

Sale price$780.00
One of A Kind
Clara - Vintage Persian Rug Runner - kudenrugsClara - Vintage Persian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Clara - Vintage Persian Runner Rug

10’ 0” x 3’ 1”

Sale price$1,170.00
One of A Kind
Ryann | Azure Elegance | Hand-Knotted Turkish Runner | Kuden RugsRyann | Overdyed Serenity | Vintage Blue Runner | Kuden Rugs
Ryann - Vintage Turkish Runner Rug

12’ 8” x 2’ 9”

Sale price$384.00
One of A Kind
Jan - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsJan - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Jan - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner Rug

9’ 3” x 3’ 11”

Sale price$394.00
One of A Kind
Kaira - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsKaira - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Kaira - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Rug Runner

6’ 7” x 3’ 2”

Sale price$261.00
One of A Kind
Jessie - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsJessie - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Jessie - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Rug Runner

5’ 9” x 2’ 7”

Sale price$212.00
One of A Kind
Gabriela - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsGabriela - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Gabriela - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner Rug

8’ 6” x 4’ 1”

Sale price$378.00
One of A Kind
Lily - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugsLily - Vintage Anatolian Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Lily - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Runner Rug

9’ 2” x 4’ 0”

Sale price$393.00
One of A Kind
Alyvia - Red Turkish Kilim Rug - kudenrugsAlyvia - Red Turkish Kilim Rug - kudenrugs
Alyvia - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

12’ 3” x 4’ 9”

Sale price$580.00
One of A Kind
Avery - Green Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugsAvery - Green Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Avery - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

9’ 3” x 3’ 1”

Sale price$328.00
One of A Kind
Gillian - Brown Turkish Kilim Rug - kudenrugsGillian - Brown Turkish Kilim Rug - kudenrugs
Gillian - Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

9’ 10” x 4’ 2”

Sale price$431.00
One of A Kind
Alyson - Red Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugsAlyson - Red Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Alyson - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

9’ 10” x 4’ 1”

Sale price$423.00
One of A Kind
Cloe - Red Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugsCloe - Red Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Cloe - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

11’ 11” x 5’ 1”

Sale price$600.00
One of A Kind
Aryana - Multi Color Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugsAryana - Multi Color Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Aryana - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

10’ 8” x 4’ 5”

Sale price$482.00
One of A Kind
Amiya - Multi Color Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugsAmiya - Multi Color Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Amiya - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

12’ 6” x 4’ 6”

Sale price$562.00
One of A Kind
Frida - Brown Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugsFrida - Brown Turkish Kilim Rug Runner - kudenrugs
Frida - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

13’ 9” x 3’ 2”

Sale price$450.00

Stylish Ways to Use Runner Rugs in Your Interior Design

Embarking on a journey through the world of runner rugs transcends the ordinary; it's an exploration of timeless elegance and cultural heritage. Persian runner rugs and Turkish runner rugs in particular, emerge as exquisite pieces that seamlessly blend tradition with sophistication. Within the rich tapestry of Persian rug and Turkish Rugs craftsmanship lies a story of meticulous artistry, weaving techniques passed down through generations, and cultural significance embedded in every knot.

Embark on a stylish journey through this guide, delving into the world of chic and imaginative interior design with a focus on elegant runner rugs. Discover the enchanting charm of vintage and antique Persian runners, perfectly tailored to add sophistication to your hallways and kitchens. As you navigate through this tapestry of design, unravel the intricate patterns and rich cultural stories embedded in each runner rug, artfully blending form and function for an elevated home aesthetic.

Creative Ways to Incorporate a Runners in your Home

Adding a rug runner to your home can be a fantastic way to enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your space. Here are some creative ways to incorporate a rug runner into different areas of your home:

1.Β  Β  Β  Stairway Style

Transform your staircase into a stylish focal point by introducing a carefully chosen rug runner. A well-selected vintage oriental runner rug not only adds visual interest but also provides a soft and comfortable surface underfoot. Opt for a pattern that complements your existing decor or choose a bold design to make a statement. The elongated shape of the runner naturally follows the curve of the stairs, creating a visually pleasing effect.

Consider the practical aspects as wellβ€”choose a durable material that can withstand the daily traffic on the stairs. Wool or synthetic fibers are excellent choices for their resilience and ease of maintenance. Additionally, a non-slip rug pad can enhance safety, ensuring that the runner stays securely in place.

2.Β  Β  Β  Kitchen Comfort

Transform your kitchen into a haven of comfort and style with a Persian and Turkish kitchen runner. Strategically place a rug runner in front of the kitchen sink or prep area, infusing a touch of elegance into this utilitarian space. Choose a rug crafted from robust and easy-to-maintain materials, like indoor-outdoor fabrics or stain-resistant options, ensuring it can gracefully handle spills and constant foot traffic.

Choose a design that complements your kitchen decor, whether it's a subtle solid color to blend seamlessly or a pattern that adds a pop of personality. The kitchen rugs and runners not only provide a soft surface underfoot but also acts as a visual anchor, defining specific zones within the kitchen.

3.Β  Β  Β  Hallway Harmony

Transform the often-overlooked hallway into a harmonious and inviting space by incorporating a Persian rug hallway runner. The introduction of well-chosen Persian hall runners can break up the monotony of a long corridor, adding both style and comfort to an area that is frequently passed through. Opt for a Persian rug hall runner that complements the color scheme and aesthetic of your home, creating a cohesive flow from room to room.

The elongated shape of the long Persian runner naturally guides the eye down the hallway, creating a sense of continuity and purpose. Consider hallway runner patterns or textures that add visual interest without overwhelming the space, making it feel more intimate and well-designed.

4.Β  Β  Β  Bedside Beauty

Infuse a touch of luxury and symmetry into your bedroom by incorporating an antique oriental runner on either side of your bed. This departure from traditional bedside rugs adds a distinctive and elegant flair to your sleeping sanctuary. Opt for Persian carpet runners that extend the length of the bed, creating a cohesive and visually balanced look.

Opt for materials that offer a soft and plush feel, like wool or faux fur, to enhance the comfort underfoot in your bedroom. Such choices add a layer of luxury and relaxation, perfect for starting and ending your day. To ensure a seamless blend with your existing decor, carefully choose a vintage Persian runner that harmonizes in color or pattern.

5.Β  Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Layered Living Room

Revitalize your living room by embracing the trend of layering with strategically placed Persian and Turkish style runner rugs. Instead of a singular, large area rug, layer a stylish runner over an existing carpet or rug to introduce depth, texture, and visual interest. This technique adds a dynamic and curated look to your living space.

Choose a rug runner that complements the color palette and design elements of the room, creating a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere. Experiment with different textures, such as a flat weave runner over a plush carpet, to achieve a balanced contrast that's both visually appealing and tactile.

6.Β  Β  Β  Entrance Elegance

Transform your entryway into a sophisticated and welcoming space by introducing a rug runner that exudes elegance. Placing a carefully chosen runner at the entrance of your home not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also sets the tone for the entire interior. Select a rug with a design that resonates with your style, whether it's a classic pattern, a bold geometric print, or a timeless solid color.

Opt for durable materials that can withstand foot traffic and effectively trap dirt, making it both a practical and stylish addition. Consider a runner with a non-slip backing for added safety in high-traffic areas.

7.Β  Β  Β  Bathroom Bliss

Infuse your bathroom with a sense of comfort and style by introducing a rug runner into the space. A carefully selected runner can transform the cold, utilitarian environment into a haven of relaxation and bliss. Opt for a rug made from moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean materials, ensuring it can withstand the bathroom's unique conditions.

Choose a design that complements your bathroom decor, whether it's a serene color palette, playful patterns, or a luxurious texture. The elongated shape of the runner can visually lengthen the space, adding a touch of sophistication to even the smallest bathrooms.

Place the runner in front of the vanity or bathtub to create a soft and comfortable surface underfoot. This not only enhances the overall comfort of the space but also adds a decorative element that ties the bathroom design together.

8.Β  Β  Β  Office Upgrade

Elevate the functionality and style of your home office by incorporating a rug runner beneath your desk and chair. This thoughtful addition transforms the workspace, adding both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Opt for a rug runner that complements the overall design of your office and enhances the professional atmosphere.

Choose a size that allows the chair to glide easily, ensuring that it covers the area where your feet rest and rolls beneath the desk. The rug runner provides a defined zone for your office setup, separating it from the rest of the room and creating a focused work environment.

Consider materials like low-pile or flat weave rugs that accommodate office chairs with ease and are durable enough to withstand the daily demands of a workspace. Additionally, a rug runner contributes significantly to sound absorption. By reducing noise levels, it fosters a quieter, more serene atmosphere, enhancing productivity and tranquility in your space

9.Β  Β  Β  Reading Nook

Transform your reading nook into a cozy haven by incorporating a rug runner into the space. A well-chosen runner can define the area and add warmth and comfort, creating an inviting spot for literary escapes. Opt for a plush and soft rug material, like a shag or faux fur, to enhance the tactile experience of your reading corner.

Choose a runner that harmonizes with the color palette and style of your reading nook. Opt for a neutral tone to create a calm atmosphere or a vivid color to add vibrancy to the area. Its elongated shape effortlessly draws the eye towards the focal point of your reading sanctuary.

Position the runner beneath a cozy chair or next to a bookshelf, visually anchoring the space. Doing so not only introduces texture and style but also offers a comfortable surface underfoot as you immerse yourself in your favorite books.

10.Β Dining Drama

Infuse drama and sophistication into your dining area by incorporating a striking rug runner beneath your table. Move beyond traditional full-sized dining rugs and opt for a runner that spans the length of the table, creating a dynamic and visually impactful setting. Choose a rug that compliments the color scheme of your dining room while adding an element of contrast or intrigue.

The elongated shape of the runner acts as a stylish focal point, defining the dining space and guiding the eye toward the table. Consider patterns, such as stripes or geometric designs, to add a touch of contemporary flair or stick with a solid color for a more classic look.

Ensure the size of the runner accommodates the dining chairs even when pulled out, maintaining both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The rug runner not only adds an extra layer of comfort for seated guests but also protects the floor beneath the dining table.

11.Β Playful Patterns

Inject a burst of personality and vibrancy into your living space by incorporating a rug runner with playful patterns. Whether it's geometric shapes, abstract designs, or whimsical motifs, a rug runner with a lively pattern becomes a dynamic focal point that instantly energizes the room.

Choose patterns that complement your existing decor or use the runner as an opportunity to introduce a bold and unexpected element. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns within the room for an eclectic and curated look.

Consider the color palette carefullyβ€”vibrant hues can add excitement and warmth, while softer tones contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere. The playful pattern of the rug runner can set the tone for the entire space, making it a standout feature in bedrooms, living rooms, or hallways.

12.Β Outdoor Oasis

Extend your living space outdoors by creating a stylish and comfortable oasis with the addition of a rug runner designed for outdoor use. Elevate your patio, deck, or covered outdoor area by introducing a rug runner that not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds warmth and texture to the space.

Opt for materials specifically crafted to withstand the elements, such as synthetic fibers or outdoor rugs made from polypropylene. These materials resist fading and moisture, ensuring your outdoor rug runner remains vibrant and durable even in varying weather conditions.

Choose a design that complements your outdoor furniture and surroundings, whether it's a natural weave for a bohemian vibe or a bold pattern to make a statement. The rug runner can define seating or dining areas, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings.

Advantages of Incorporating Runner Rugs in Your Home

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, runner rugs bring a myriad of advantages to your living spaces. Let's explore why incorporating runner rugs into your home is a decision that seamlessly marries style with practicality.

1.Β  Β  Β  Β Aesthetic Finesse:Β The vintage charm of Persian runners transforms your floors into works of art. With faded yet vibrant colors and classic motifs, these rugs add an aesthetic finesse that complements various design styles. Each step becomes a journey through history, making your home a haven of elegance.

2.Β  Β  Β  Β Functional Grandeur:Β Beyond aesthetics, the length of a Persian runner serves a functional purpose. In larger spaces like hallways or grand entrances, a long Persian runner guides the eye, creating a sense of continuity and grandeur. It's not just a floor covering; it's a design element that defines your spaces.

3.Β  Β  Β  Β Kitchen Comfort:Β Say goodbye to cold kitchen floors with a Persian kitchen runner. These rugs add a touch of opulence to your culinary space while providing a comfortable surface underfoot. The intricate patterns and durable materials make them both functional and visually appealing.

4.Β  Β  Β  Β Entrance Elegance:Β Make a lasting impression by placing an antique Persian runner at your entrance. The richness of design and the historical narrative woven into these rugs set the tone for the entire home. Your entrance becomes a canvas of luxury, welcoming guests with sophistication.

5.Β  Β  Β  Β Hallway Sophistication:Β Revitalize forgotten spaces like hallways with Persian hall runners. The harmonious blend of design and functionality adds sophistication to these transitional areas, turning them into captivating walkways. Every step becomes a graceful journey through your home.

6.Β  Β  Β  Β Versatility Unleashed:Β The versatility of Persian carpet runners knows no bounds. Experiment with placing them in unexpected areasβ€”under furniture, along the sides of your bed, or even as a focal point in smaller spaces. Let your creativity flow as these rugs become versatile design elements.

7.Β  Β  Β  Β Seamless Integration:Β One of the key advantages of Persian rug runners is their seamless integration into diverse design styles. Whether your home leans towards modern aesthetics or embraces tradition, these runners effortlessly tie the room together, adding an element of timeless beauty.

8.Β  Β  Β  Β Practical Harmony:Β Beyond their visual appeal, Β runners offer practical benefits. They protect high-traffic areas, reduce noise, and provide a comfortable surface underfoot. By strategically placing them in different zones, you create a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

Your StylishΒ HavenΒ Awaits

Your home deserves nothing less than the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary allure. As rug enthusiasts, we understand the allure of Persian runners for sale and the joy they bring to interior design. Whether you are drawn to the vintage, antique, or contemporary, our collection offers something for every taste.

Ready to embark on a journey of style and sophistication? Immerse yourself in the world of Persian elegance by exploring our collection of vintage and antique Persian runners. Let your floors be canvases, telling tales of tradition and luxury.

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