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Drawing from the rich palette of nature, green rugs have a long history and help to bring a sense of the outdoors to your home. From calming olive green to regal emerald, a green rug is beautiful but rarely overstated. Let's see more!



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Jama | Vintage Turkish Grandeur | Exquisite Green Rug | Kuden RugsTurkish Overdyed Rug | Jama's Timeless Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Jama - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8’ 1” x 5’ 3”

Sale price$323.10 Regular price$359.00
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Lillie | Vibrant Green Hand-Knotted Rug | Kuden RugsLillie | Overdyed Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Lillie - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8’ 8” x 4’ 9”

Sale price$315.00 Regular price$350.00
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Vera | Vintage Turkish Craft | Luxurious Green Rug | Kuden RugsTurkish Overdyed Rug | Vera's Timeless Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Vera - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

10’ 4” x 6’ 10”

Sale price$539.10 Regular price$599.00
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Laurel | Vintage Turkish Splendor | Exquisite Green Rug | Kuden RugsTurkish Overdyed Rug | Laurel's Timeless Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Laurel - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

6’ 8” x 3’ 8”

Sale price$185.40 Regular price$206.00
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Jackie | Lush Green Hand-Knotted Rug | Kuden RugsJackie | Vintage Area Rug Elegance | Kuden Rugs
Jackie - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

8’ 8” x 5’ 1”

Sale price$333.90 Regular price$371.00
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Lucy - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsLucy - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Lucy - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

6’ 5” x 3’ 8”

Sale price$225.00 Regular price$250.00
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Leola - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsLeola - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Leola - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

6’ 11” x 3’ 10”

Sale price$242.10 Regular price$269.00
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Deborah - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsDeborah - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Deborah - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

6’ 7” x 3’ 8”

Sale price$228.60 Regular price$254.00
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Ann - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsAnn - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Ann - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

6’ 4” x 3’ 7”

Sale price$216.90 Regular price$241.00
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Kisha | Vibrant Green Hand-Knotted Rug | Kuden RugsKisha | Overdyed Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Kisha - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8’ 10” x 5’ 6”

Sale price$371.70 Regular price$413.00
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Norah | Tranquil Turquoise Vintage Area Rug | Kuden RugsNorah | Overdyed Elegance in a Turkish Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Norah - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8’ 9” x 5’ 1”

Sale price$288.00 Regular price$320.00
New Arrivals One of A Kind%10
Jaylyn - Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsJaylyn - Handmade Area Rug | Kuden Rugs
Jaylyn - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug

10’ 7” x 7’ 4”

Sale price$577.80 Regular price$642.00
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Rhea | Medallion Vintage | Hand-Knotted Turkish Area Rug | Kuden RugsRhea | Green Elegance | Authentic Antique washed Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Rhea - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

8’ 6” x 5’ 4”

Sale price$349.20 Regular price$388.00
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Cartier - Vintage Rug | Kuden RugsCartier - Turkish Rug | Kuden Rugs
Cartier - Vintage Turkish Anatolian Rug

8’ 11” x 5’ 11”

Sale price$211.50 Regular price$235.00
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Avery - Vintage Kilim | Kuden RugsAvery - Turkish Kilim | Kuden Rugs
Avery - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

9’ 3” x 3’ 1”

Sale price$295.20 Regular price$328.00
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Bridget - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsBridget - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Bridget - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

6’ 8” x 3’ 11”

Sale price$276.30 Regular price$307.00
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June - A Vision in Persian Blue | Kuden RugsJune - Crafting Elegance with Every Knot | Kuden Rugs
June - Vintage Persian Area Rug

10’ 11” x 10’ 5”

Sale price$5,538.60 Regular price$6,154.00
Wren - Vintage Green Antique Washed Rug - kudenrugsWren - Vintage Green Antique Washed Rug - kudenrugs
Wren - Vintage Turkish Small Rug

6’ 9” x 3’ 10”

Sale price$234.00 Regular price$260.00
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Jazmin - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugsJazmin - Vintage Green Overdyed Rug - kudenrugs
Jazmin - Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug

3’ 10” x 2’ 7”

Sale price$141.30 Regular price$157.00
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Zayla | Verdant Vista | Hand-Knotted Turkish Rug | Kuden RugsZayla | Overdyed Opulence | Lush Green Vintage Carpet | Kuden Rugs
Zayla - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

9’ 3” x 5’ 10”

Sale price$432.00 Regular price$480.00
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Callesta | Emerald Elegance | Hand-Knotted Turkish Beauty | Kuden RugsCallesta | Medallion Marvel | Vintage Wool Accent Rug | Kuden Rugs
Callesta - Vintage Turkish Area Rug

7’ 8” x 4’ 9”

Sale price$317.70 Regular price$353.00
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Sabiha - Vintage Beige Patchwork Rug - kudenrugsSabiha - Vintage Beige Patchwork Rug - kudenrugs
Sabiha - Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rug

9’ 11” x 6’ 7”

Sale price$470.70 Regular price$523.00
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Nadda - Vintage Green Patchwork Rug - kudenrugsNadda - Vintage Green Patchwork Rug - kudenrugs
Nadda - Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rug

7’ 11” x 5’ 8”

Sale price$349.20 Regular price$388.00

Top-rated green rugs

Is Green Rug the best?

Welcome to the green realm beneath your feet where beautiful gradients tell stories of the embrace of nature. Green is Nature - a color synonymous with the soothing symphonies of the natural world.

Like a garden decorated with luxury elements, so is it with a green vintage rug reflecting its warm elegance in a space. Green rugs are one of the most popular and eye-glittering rugs that blend and augment a variety of furniture or areas, be it in exterior or interior decor.

Step onto our oriental rugs, an artwork that brings the outside in and gives your room vitality. It whispers stories of forests and meadows with every fiber, creating a peaceful retreat for your house.

Journey with me, as I  reveal the secrets behind green rugs at Kuden Rugs with a variety of elegant designs.

What makes green rugs special?

Green rugs are renowned for their distinctiveness for several reasons. Beyond just enhancing the unique natural ambiance, Kuden Rugs' diverse range of designs and styles infuse an element of luxury into your space, elevating it with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Here are some ways of the ways how they do it:

1. Natural Harmony: When you bring a green rug into a space that already embraces natural features, something special happens – the whole design just comes together more harmoniously. It's like green has this way of tying everything together; after all, it's a color that's all about harmony and balance.

Kudens Lesly vintage rug is a superb example.

2. Design Versatility: Our green area rugs stand out for a pretty cool reason. We mix up modern and traditional designs, which gives them this amazing ability to mesh with all kinds of colors and styles. It’s like they have a chameleon-like quality, blending in seamlessly wherever you put them.

We have a couple of green carpeting shades and styles that will fit your vision, whether it's a more traditional, homey vibe or a more modern, minimalist appearance - such as Bridget vintage and Daniela vintage rugs.

3.  The shade of tranquility: Your space can be made to seem peaceful and at ease by using a green modern carpet, one that is often associated with growth, tranquility, and nature.

The shade of green in a rug can really transform a room, whether it's a bright lime, a deep emerald, or a soft sage. Each hue brings its own vibe. And at Kuden, we've got this awesome collection of green rugs that just harmonize perfectly with any space.

4. Develop visual attraction: Our green oriental rug's texture can significantly improve a space's aesthetic appeal. This luxurious, soft rug is like a little slice of heaven for your feet. Once you step on it, you'll feel so at ease, you'll just want to keep your toes snuggled in its lush, comforting embrace.

Apart from its visual appeal, the tactile qualities of green carpeting provide us with a sensory experience that is similar to the tactile marvels of nature. Whenever we are talking about the textural appeal, visit Kuden today to witness more.

5. Pairing possibilities: Our green modern rugs have a delicious flavor that can be complemented by a variety of creative color combinations. It opens up countless ways of different color and pattern combinations.

You can see this versatility in action with the diverse range of Kuden rugs such as Rhea, and Norah vintage rugs, and a lot more, where each piece showcases how green can complement different color palettes beautifully.

How could a green vintage rug enhance the design of your space?

Among interior decorators, vintage rugs are well-known. Opting for green antique carpets over other hues has become a popular choice for many people, and there are several reasons behind this trend.

Many people feel that green antique carpets come across as more authentic or natural compared to other colors. They enjoy the style, but also appreciate the gentle effect the color green has on their eyes, offering a soothing visual experience.

A green rug is incredibly versatile – you can use it in any room. Thanks to its natural richness and earthy tones, it blends seamlessly with every space and color scheme. Its adaptability means you can pair it with any hue in any setting.

There's a special charm when you match a green rug with brown walls. It creates a sense of flawlessness, almost like you've captured a tiny, perfect planet right in your room. Give it a try and experience the enchantment of creating your own little world.

Places to set green vintage rug in your home?

Green really is nature's color, isn't it? So, when you pick a green rug, it's like you're bringing a bit of the outside world into your living room or any part of your house. It adds a natural touch, right where you need it.

Now, you might be thinking, 'Can a green rug really work in my space?' Absolutely! There's a whole range of green shades to choose from. Trust me, you'll find one that just clicks with your home's vibe. Check out these creative ways to use green area rugs in your home.

In the living room

Most people lean towards a rug with a calm, harmonious gradient of hues that feels welcoming to both guests and themselves. It's all about creating that inviting atmosphere.

Pairing the rug's trellis pattern cleverly with your furniture can really tie the room together, creating the perfect complement and enhancing the overall feel of your space. A light green modern rug can be utilized with a suitable slightly darker hue wall.

In the Bedroom

One of the most striking features of this mid-century modern bedroom is the green Persian rug. Perfect color matching will be great if your bedding blends with this rug design hue.

The color is not only exceptionally soothing, which makes it ideal for a bedroom, but it also harmonizes with other furnishings.

In the kitchen

For someone who desires an opulent collection of kitchens, a quirky kitchen full of personality and color is far more intriguing.

An artistically designed green runner rug can give your kitchen a stunning appeal. The uniqueness of Kudens Litonya's vintage rug is something you won't want to miss.

In the Office

Make the most of your time in designing the ideal layout if you're going to be working from home all day. With our various green vintage turkish rugs, you can set a standard attractive, official space for your business.

An incredibly charming setting that really focuses on decor and brims with personality can be a huge source of inspiration. Do you want to give your business a new look? Visit our website to obtain a rug that suits your office.

Other Spaces

Are you considering purchasing green vintage carpets for your dining room, foyer, hallway, bathroom, or even outside? Worry less, Kuden got you covered.For every room in your home that you're looking to infuse with a bit more style and flair, we offer a variety of sizes and collections.

Tips for Selecting the Top Handmade Green Rug?

Choosing a premium handmade green rug requires taking into account several factors, including practicality, craftsmanship assessment, and aesthetics.

The following tips will help you select the ideal handmade green area rug for your space:

  • To select a top-notch green rug, the material used to craft the rug must be considered. Rugs produced from natural fibers like wool, silk, or cotton often have quality and durability.
  • Check out the artistic prowess and technique used in the rugs’ creation. Hand-knotted rugs are considered high quality.
  • When choosing a rug, it's important to look into the dyeing techniques used and also check for its color fastness. This ensures that the rug won’t fade or bleach over time, maintaining its beauty and vibrancy for years to come. Natural dyes are eco-friendly and can improve the rug's aesthetics.
  • Discover the rug's country of origin, such as Persian, Turkish, or Indian, to learn about the weave pattern and style. Additionally, examine the rug's texture and pile height.
  • The location and size of the rug are two important considerations. You should choose based on the size of your room and where it will be placed. Appropriate rug size and function are of great need.
  • Before you head out to shop for a green rug, it's a good idea to find out about the recommended cleaning procedures and care requirements for the rug.


Green, often seen as the color of life and nature, brings neutrality and harmony when used in carpets, showcasing its special qualities and versatility. In the world of interior decor, green rugs stand out as threads that weave together the complexity of design with the essence of nature, creating a unique and balanced aesthetic.

Green vintage rugs are indispensable as pieces of home decor because of their capacity to transcend design fads, create calm spaces, and accommodate a wide range of styles. Choosing them is more than picking a floor covering; it depicts timeless elegance and organic balance.

Would you like your area to have the classic style and natural balance that only comes from the color green? You can have the classic green Kuden modern rug. Rug for sales is on now – it's the perfect time to grab yours!

Shop with Kuden rugs, shop for top-rated carpets now!

Explore More: Green Rugs Insights

Do you love gardening? If so then green vintage area rugs can give your home interior a natural greenish look. These green vintage rugs can offer a splendid feeling of nature love.

These types of rugs don't just look beautiful but are also environmentally friendly because they can reduce the impact on our planet. However, most people think that green rugs only fit in eco-friendly homes. That couldn't be further from the truth. There is a huge market for green rugs in offices too. 

This diversity makes them somehow unique.

Vintage rugs are famous among home decorators. A lot of people have been choosing to go with the green vintage rugs over the other colors available. The reasons for this are varied. Some believe that they look more natural than others. Others like the fact that the color is easier on their eyes, while still being able to enjoy the style.

Green is one of the most popular colors in interior design today. This color makes a statement without being overwhelming. If you're looking for ways to bring this shade into your home, here's how to use a piece of the rug as the focal point.

A green rug can be used in any space. It will fit anywhere with any color due to its natural abundance on our planet Earth. This diversification in its usage let you use this in any space with any color.

However, it reflects the sense of perfectionism when being used with brown walls. It looks like a little planet that you own.

The Color Green is the color of nature, health, growth, and healing. It is an earthy color that balances other colors in a room. If you have a problem with clutter, green can help you create a peaceful, orderly atmosphere. There is something about green that calms the mind. If you are feeling agitated or stressed, try putting some green on your walls or in your bedroom.

Green is the color of nature. And so, when you choose a rug that features this particular shade, you'll be making sure to bring some of the natural elements of the outdoors into your own living space.

However, there are times when you may want to consider using different shades of green. For example, you may want to use a darker shade of green to accentuate certain areas of your room. Or, you may also decide to go with a lighter, more subtle tone of green for the rest of the flooring.

Do you want to generate an artificial and elegant garden in your home interior? Our green vintage rugs are a great way to add a special touch to your home. These rugs are also used as a decorative element in many places around the house. They are an interesting addition to your interior. Our handmade green rugs are available in a variety of unique patterns that is not easily repeated in other handmade products. They are made from 100% wool and therefore they have a long lifespan. We offer you a wide collection of green vintage rugs.

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