5 Tips for Decorating Using Geometric Rugs

5 Tips for Decorating Using Geometric Rugs

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5 Tips for Decorating Using Geometric Rugs

Geometric rugs are popular among those rug lovers who are confused about which pattern or style to choose. They are statement pieces that can stand out in any setting. If you are looking for a perfect rug to adorn your floors, geometric rugs are the best to give the visual illusion of space occupancy in the areas where they are placed.

Any rug can bring a vibrant visual appeal to the living space, but it takes the best one to blend in with the area that seems almost empty without it. A geometric rug does justice to match the color of the furniture pieces, furniture placement and room and adds definition to the entire room design. Geometric rugs have dramatic color combinations to make way for numerous design possibilities. Rug enthusiasts have sought them from time immemorial whenever there is a need for additional designs. Here are five tips for decorating using geometric rugs to select a design scheme for your interior decor.

1. Choose a Dynamic Design for A Functional Floor

Geometric rugs are versatile, with exciting designs and bold colors if you want a touch of vitality in your workspace. For some, your living space design must motivate your work or other recreational activities. Some wish for the space to be sophisticated with elegant design patterns and a subdued color palette, while others would prefer a splash of color. Either way, it's achievable with the different intricate designs of a geometric rug.

Modern design involves choosing a rug with unusual patterns, beautiful colors, and designs these days. Geometric rugs can serve both contemporary and modern decor with their elaborate designs. Rugs play a considerable part in setting the tone of an environment and shouldn't be disregarded easily by going for one that seems appealing to the eye at first.

Begin with studying the environment and its aspects so you can be specific about which type of geometric rug to purchase. Are you buying it indoors or outdoors? Do you prefer a round or rectangular rug, or do you like to keep it minimalistic or vibrant? Consider the various physical aspects and tactile feel to decide on one finally. A textured geometric rug weaved in the natural fabric can be an excellent choice for a "work from home" space with your workspace assets like the desk, chair, and laptop. Geometric rugs can genuinely improve the overall look of your room, effortlessly converting a bland space into a work of art. For the ones having intriguing and eye-catching pattern interest in rugs, they will never be disappointed by going after geometric rugs for a room's interior design.

2. Experiment with More Than One Color Scheme and Pattern

Geometric rugs are the type of rugs that allow you to experiment with different combinations in the color wheel. Bright colors, lighter palettes, pastel color palette, you name it, and any color scheme will be available in geometric-type rugs. You can select a complementary color for the rug for rooms with distinct colors and bold designs. Grab a geometric design rug with a neutral color combination for a neutral space, and you're good to go! Not sure if retail shops or online rug rugs will match your design, but you can always go for custom colors. Pastel color palette is always minimalistic and gentle, and you should choose them when you want to keep the tone to a minimum. This selection allows you to match the look and vibe of a minimalist-style room. Blue color can be the loveliest shade in both contemporary homes and modern home decor. Different shades of blue rug patterns can be selected accordingly to suit the requirements of minimalist or vibrant decors.

The color you choose for your room is not the only aspect that will affect a room's appearance. The distinct pattern you choose also plays a significant role in changing a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Different geometric shapes give the illusion of a small space, like considerable space concerning your chosen patterns. However, don't go overboard with matching everything in the entire space layout. Although geometric rugs blend in with the design of your room, contrast colors can look more appealing. Geometric rugs are particularly well-known for their graphic pattern and colors, so even if you mess up, they might become another decor! They are also best for giving a 3D visual look to make your modest space appear larger. A larger room, on the other hand, can seem trimmed down with the same effect of dazzling patterns.

3. Mix and Match Floral Patterns for A Wild Feel

You might be wondering how geometrical and floral patterns are even slightly related. You are not entirely wrong, but you are not quite correct in believing that geometric rugs may not come with floral designs. Specific floral patterns with warm colors are made in geometric rugs with fantastic color combinations. Explore a range of geometric rugs with floral patterns next time you visit a rug store, and you can see how the fabric or color can work well with you. A neutral color palette or dark colors are not usually used in floral patterned rugs, but they are also available in the market if you require any. The different patterns are made using fabric loops entwined to make the design.

Color rugs are a good match with other fabrics you may have used in the space, like curtains, sofa covers, throws, or table cloth. These geometric rugs can be easily distinguished from other rug types as they are eye-catching and layouts. The brilliant colors and color blend is spot-on that you may not have to look further. Going for a floral theme with warm colors is a time saver as you know which colors to be matched in the color palette with a round of getting the color swatches matched with the nicest color and purchasing the possible rugs right away.

4. Go for Layering

Geometric pattern rugs may not seem ideal to be used in multiple layers and might seem to hit when it's a single piece. No doubt about that, but do you know what the twist is? Everything that felt strange once was what was adopted as fashionable or stylish later. Yes, it would be best if you kept repeating the busy pattern until it became outstanding. The same goes for layering geometric rugs, whether oriental rugs or modern abstract rugs. Layering them up can fill the whole space with an intended theme. The layering strategy is fun and exciting as you rely on trial and error methods to conclude the key design.

Layering geometric shape designs can be a bit complex as they already have an active pattern type incorporated, and you need an extensive collection of rugs. Even a simple layering might seem to go overboard. But you can make an intelligent move by selecting the order of the rugs going to their color. For instance, don't pair a black or gray geometric rug with a fret pattern with a geometric rug with floral patterns or for colorful floors with flashy colors. It would seem rather dull, and you should be extremely cautious when going for contrast designs. It would help if you also went by the sense that a rug with a pastel color scheme usually won't match any other standard color. Layering geometric rugs is a good idea, especially if it is a large room, like your living room or bedroom.

5. Oversized Pattern to Set A Theme

Oversized patterns will be good enough, especially in large areas where you might have maximum foot traffic and busy homes. Using oversized patterns instead of heavy bold patterns is suggestible when you have considerable space to cover with a rug. There are many shapes for geometric rugs starting from circles, triangles, and hexagon shapes to bring in that kind of art with shapes corresponding to the room's architecture. Even adding a wall carpet of the same style is an option that could fill the entire area with the same theme. When the design overpowers the structure of a room with an identical pattern, it can create calm or chaos. Everything depends on the theme you select for the room, with a geometric rug that holds a specific shape.

Don't hesitate to experiment with the design possibilities regarding geometric designer rugs with oversized patterns and bold designs. One advantage of geometric rugs is calculating what to include and what not. Finding a rug with carelessly arranged patterns and perfect size can be stunning if you have decided the whole room decor to be exact and abstract. 

Geometric Rugs: A Part of Modern Home Decor

No one geometric rug will have a beyond-perfect geometric pattern that suits your room design needs. Mix and match the patterns, scale designs, and colors for large, medium, and small-scale designs to get an excellent overall look. A designer responsible for the interior design will combine patterns and match with furniture arrangement so that the rug blends even on a tiny scale. The result of designing your living space with a geometric design rug will always be positive.

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