How to Clean Bathroom Rugs? (Best Methods)

How to Clean Bathroom Rugs? (Best Methods)

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Bathroom rugs are not just for functionality, they add style and help make your feet comfortable. They, however, undergo daily use hence causing them to be exposed to dust, moisture and bacteria every day. To clean bathroom rugs, follow these methods for effective cleaning:

How To Wash Bathroom Rugs

1. Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuum cleaning should be the first thing when you want to clean bathroom mats. Get rid of loose dirt, dust, and debris by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush or upholstery attachment. Make sure you focus on the parts of the rug which are most likely to accumulate dust such as corners and edges.

2. Shake It Out

Shake your bathroom rug outdoors. This will sweep away any leftover debris that the vacuum might have missed. Additionally, you can beat the rug lightly with any broom or rug beater in order to get any deep-set dirt out of it.

3. Machine Washing

Before washing your bathroom rug, check out its label to see whether it can be washed in a machine. Wash it in cold water using a mild detergent if possible. Do not use bleach or use any other hard chemical, for it may destroy the fibers. After washing, spread the clean bathroom mat to dry out in open air or take it to a tumble dryer at low temperature settings.

4. Hand Washing

Alternatively, you can opt for hand washing if your rug is non-machine washable. Get a large basin or bath tub full of cold water mixed with mild detergent. Softly shake the rug in water and then rinse well. Using a cloth, squeeze out excess water but leave it to dry off on its own.

5. Spot Cleaning

Clean up stains and spills as quickly as possible using a mild carpet cleaner, or an equal combination of water and vinegar. Use a clean cloth to blot the stain, dabbing around its peripheries to avoid spreading. Wash off with water and air-dry.

6. Regular Maintenance

Make sure your bath rug is completely dry before spreading it out again to help prevent any mold or mildew from growing. You can simply turn it over every so often to balance the wear evenly.

7. Professional Cleaning

Consider professional cleaners for delicate and expensive bathroom rugs. They have the knowledge, skills and necessary tools for cleaning and restoring your rug’s aesthetics.

Following these strategies will help you maintain your bathroom rugs in good condition. A stylish, well-maintained bathroom rug not only enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom but also contributes to greater overall comfort in your home. Look no further than Kuden Rugs if you're on the hunt for carpets and some friendly, professional advice.


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