How to Clean an Outdoor Rug?

How to Clean an Outdoor Rug?

Outdoor rugs have become a total must-have in recent years, going from being just a trend to something you need. You know, it's like everywhere you go, there's always a house with a super lovely outdoor rug in their garden. But the thing is, cleaning outdoor rugs can be a bit of a hassle as they need more cleaning than the ones we put inside the house.

So, how do you do this?

At Kuden Rugs, we get how awesome it is to spruce up your outdoor space with our gorgeous rugs. They're crafted with so much love and care you won't believe it!

We're all about building a solid bond with our customers, so we're here to help you clean and take care of your outdoor rug. Just follow these easy steps, and your area rug, be it an antique rug or modern, will stay looking fresh and last a long time.

Gathering Your Cleaning Tools

Cleaning an outdoor rug might seem intimidating initially, but trust me, you don't need any fancy stuff for it. You can find most of the things you need right in your home. Here's everything you'll need to clean an outdoor rug:

  • Clean, Flat Outdoor Space: Of course, you'll need a lovely outdoor area that's clean, open, and flat to put your outdoor rug on for cleaning. Having an area like this will certainly make cleaning your outdoor rug way more manageable than if you didn't have it.
  • Broom: You can use it to get rid of extra dirt and water, and you probably already have it at home.
  • Vacuum: You didn't think you had to vacuum an outdoor rug, huh? Hey, maybe you should reconsider! Using a vacuum is a super helpful way to suck up any extra dirt before you dive into the real nitty gritty of cleaning.
  • Pressure Washer (Or Hose): You don't need a pressure washer to clean your outdoor rug, but a hose will definitely come in handy.
  • Liquid Dish Soap: You're going to love this! It's handy for tackling those tough stains that are a pain to clean.
  • Soft-Bristled Brush: Much like the dish soap above, this is going to be incredibly useful to get rid of dirt that is pressed into your beautiful outdoor rug.

How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

In this section, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on the best way to clean your outdoor rug to make it beautiful again.

Shake Or Beat Your Outdoor Rug

Alright, first things first, you have to make sure you get rid of any loose dust and dirt that's hanging around. Just shake your rug in a big area to loosen up any dust and dirt that hasn't stuck to the outdoor rug.

If you've got on a super big outdoor rug, hang it over a washing line and give it a good shake to eliminate all that loose dust and dirt. You can use a rug beater or even a cricket bat for this!

Vacuum the Outdoor Rug

Alright, now it's time to tackle the tougher dust and dirt. We have to get rid of those stubborn ones! To get this done, just lay the rug flat on the ground (outside is better, but inside works, too) and give it a good vacuuming a few times.

The vacuum's suction will help eliminate the dust and dirt stuck in the outdoor rug's fibers since it was last cleaned. Hey, don't forget to take off the beater bar attachment from your vacuum if it has one.

Add Some Dish Soap

Now that you've finished vacuuming your rug, it's time to get it nice and clean. Add some washing-up liquid or any light soap you like to a bowl of hot water.

Then, dip your soft-bristled brush into the cleaning solution and give your outdoor rug a good scrub. This will get rid of all the dirt and grime that your vacuum couldn't reach.

Rinse the Your Rug

Now that you're done vacuuming, it's time to give the rug a good rinse. You can do this with a garden hose, a pressure washer, or even a watering can if you don't have outdoor running water!

Whether you can hose down an outdoor rug really depends on what it's made of. You can find out by checking the manufacturer's website or looking at the label on the rug.

Leave your Outdoor Rug to Dry

Once you're done cleaning the outdoor rug, just let it dry completely. That's the last step! You can do this outside by just laying the carpet flat on the ground and letting the sun do its thing to dry up the water. But remember, it depends on the weather and might take some time.

Yeah, most people can hang the rug over a washing line and let the sun and wind do their thing to dry it. No worries!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean an outdoor rug with vinegar?

Yeah, you can clean outdoor rugs with vinegar in most cases. Just mix some water with the vinegar before using it on the rug. If you skip this step, it might end up causing some damage.

Note that cleaning an outdoor rug with vinegar is not a solution for all outdoor rugs. So, before you proceed with that, take a peek at the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Better safe than sorry, right?

How do you clean an outdoor rug covered in mildew?

If you've got all your rugs covered in mold and mildew, you can clean them up using a mix of baking soda and white vinegar.

Just sprinkle some baking soda over the affected area and spray it with white vinegar. Just give it about 5 minutes for the baking soda to do its thing with the vinegar, then rinse the rug with a hose. Easy peasy! This will get rid of the gross mildew and mold. Mix white vinegar and baking soda, and you're good to go!


Maintaining your Kuden Rug is a breeze when you follow our cleaning instructions. We want to be part of your outdoor living experience, and we want your rug to last.

Check out our website for our fantastic rug selection. Plus, hit us up on social media for more tips and ideas. We're here to make your backyard even more stunning - grab a Kuden Rug!

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