How to Clean A Wool Rug?

How to Clean A Wool Rug?

Tips On How to Clean Your Woolen Rug

Wool rugs are durable, long-lasting, and natural, repelling dirt and insects. They're passed down through families but require regular cleaning to maintain their quality and longevity, especially considering their high cost. To save time on cleaning a wool rug, remove muddy shoes, hoover at least twice a month for pets or high-traffic areas, and promptly deal with stains and pet odors using distilled white vinegar. Wool rugs are resilient and can last a lifetime with proper care. They should be replaced every six months and cleaned yearly with frequent vacuuming. Professional cleaning is recommended. Luxurious rugs need to be cleaned often so they don't lose their touch, and in this article, we will list some of the tips you need to consider when cleaning your rug.

Some of the things you need to consider when cleaning your woolen rug include the following ;

1. Shake off any dust and dirt

    Clean the rug and pad by scrubbing off dirt and dust, then beat the rug with a broom or speciality rug beater and clean the place according to the manufacturer's directions. Vacuum the rug thoroughly, focusing on the center and edges, avoiding fringe. Use a small hand vacuum if needed, and hover both sides.

    2. Section by section, clean

      Clean wool rugs by adding water to two buckets and a small amount of wool-safe detergent to one. Avoid using bleach or ordinary laundry detergent, sponge the mixture, and gently scrub, avoiding over-wetting. Rinse each rug part with clean water, ensuring both sponges are clean. Pat dry, repeat for each area, ensuring no dirt is re-spread.

      3. Assemble a rug cleaning kit

      Ensure you have all the necessary tools to clean a wool rug, both for regular housekeeping tasks and for deeper cleanings. To care for your wool rug, use a rug cleanser specifically designed for wool and a non-bio laundry detergent solution. Use paper towels, white microfiber cloths, and a vacuum cleaner to clean spills and debris, and follow manufacturer instructions.

      4. Vacuum your woolen rug

       Regular vacuuming and hoovering are essential for cleaning a wool rug, especially when it's new, as it initially sheds fibers. For wool rugs, use a hoover with an adjustable beater bar and gentle bristles. Pet hair can be removed with a hoover. For lower suction levels, use a hoover with adjustable suction levels. Avoid using a beater bar on fringes.

      5. Shampoo a wool rug

      A wool rug may require a deep clean due to family dog odor, spills, or stains. Use a wool rug shampoo or a mild detergent in cold water, as the manufacturer advises. Follow the rug manufacturer's instructions and test a small area before cleaning. Pick an inconspicuous corner for color preservation. Avoid overeating wool when shampooing, using a damp microfiber cloth. Rewet the material as needed for heavy soiling areas.

      6. Dry the rug

      Dry the rug to prevent moisture absorption. Hang it outside or use a fan, but allow it to dry for hours. Wash the rug pad before reinstalling and clean the floor area.

      How often should wool area rugs be cleaned?

      Regular cleaning is crucial for protecting rugs. Use a soft Hoover beater bar to shake dirt off the fibres, allowing the vacuum to pick it up. Wool is a popular "self-cleaning" material, as its cuticles push dirt to the surface. Wool is an opaque material that can hold up to a pound of dirt per square foot, making it difficult to clean thoroughly. Rug cleaning experts recommend cleaning every 1-3 years, especially for investment-grade rugs and antiques, as this is a deeper clean than a topical one.

      How to ensure your woolen rug looks good

      You need to know how to clean a wool rug at home so that you can have a rug that looks good at all times.  Wool carpets are valuable possessions, but they can deteriorate over time. To maintain their appearance, extra care is needed, including avoiding moths, wear, and strain. Moths can destroy the style and appearance of wool rugs, and wear and stress can cause stains to appear unremovable. A steam cleaner uses high heat to heat water to 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit, producing a pressurized steam burst that sanitizes materials and removes mold, bacteria, mildew, soap, grease, and limescale. Three steam cleaners are available: canister, upright or mop, and portable, with various cleaning attachments, including nozzles, extension wands, brushes, squeegee attachments, and fabric attachments.

      When you have a woolen rug, you need to make sure you look into the following things ;

      1. Rotate annually

      Rotating a rug once a year can prevent wear and tear from spreading to other sides, allowing furniture stains and dings to appear on the other side and giving some wool rug portions a break.

      2. Fully Hoover the area

      To maintain a clean wool rug, vacuum it at least once a week, increasing frequency if traffic or pets are present. Use a robust and high-quality hoover, especially a pet-hair-specific one, to trap dust, mites, and other contaminants. This is the easiest way to maintain the quality of your rug.

      3. Obtain a rug pad

      A rug pad is essential for any rug in the house to create a barrier between the floor and carpet, reduce damage, and make vacuuming easier. It also helps reduce slips and falls, especially for wool rugs without a small table. Additionally, rug pads soften steps.

      4. Use a cleaning service

      A carpet cleaning service can be hired to clean a wool rug once or twice a year, depending on its usage. The service should know the best solutions for your carpet and may charge by the hour or surface area. They are typically deep clean for at least six hours.

      5. Clean spots immediately

      Clean wool rug stains with vinegar by mixing warm water with white vinegar or dishwashing liquid. Apply to stain with a washcloth, rinsing if necessary. Light colors show colors more. Clean immediately, as colors will dry if left alone.

      6. Follow manufacturers guidelines

      When buying a wool rug, keep the cleaning instructions provided by the merchant for future reference. They have expertise in their product and may have a method for proper cleaning and maintenance. Their rules may vary depending on the wool source and the rug’s lifespan.

      Is steam cleaning the right option for a wool rug?

      Can you steam clean a wool rug? Yes, specialists recommend light steam washing as a best method for cleaning your wool rug. Wool is sensitive and can be soiled and damaged, even after cleaning. Steam cleaning can keep wool carpets fresh for at least a year but it's essential to contact a carpet cleaning expert to clear accumulated dirt, especially in high-traffic areas.

      How steam cleaning works

      When steaming your carpet, there are things you need to take into consideration, and they include the following ;

      1. Water heating

      The device uses water heating to reach high temperatures in a sealed reservoir, producing pressurized steam for melting, disinfecting, and removing grime and debris.

      2. Steam vapor

      Steam vapor is created and pressurized to flow in a strong stream, reducing the risk of streaks or moisture damage as steam temperature increases.

      3. Cleaning action

      Steam effectively dislodges dirt, stains, and germs from surfaces, lifting and separating impurities, making residue removal easy without abrasive chemical cleaners.

      4. Sanitization

      Steam cleaners effectively sanitize hard-to-reach areas by eliminating bacteria, germs, and dust mites, eliminating the need for suction. However, post-sanitization, hoovering, wiping, or mopping are necessary.

      How to get stubborn stains out of wool carpets

      Wool carpets enhance living spaces but can be susceptible to stains. This manual provides tips on removing stains without damage, covering various types of stains and providing a toolkit of methods to restore your carpet to its original, spotless state. We shall speak of the best way to clean your rug and some of the stains you will be dealing with so that you can remove stains instantly.

      Types of carpet stains

      • Food and beverage stains, including coffee, tea, wine, sauces, and greasy spills, can cause discoloration and become more challenging to remove if not promptly removed
      • Pet accidents, such as urine or vomit stains, often require professional cleaning to remove the stain and any remaining scents that may seep into the wool fibers.
      • Ink and dye stains on wool carpets can be effectively removed using appropriate cleaning agents to treat the stains as soon as possible.
      • Water-based stains, despite appearing minor, can lead to mold and mildew growth if not properly dried and cleaned, further damaging carpet fibers.
      • High-traffic areas and outdoor shoes can cause dirt and mud to damage carpets. Proper stain removal requires specific strategies, identifying the stain and selecting the right cleaning solution.

      Ways of getting rid of stains on woolen carpets

      1. Spray water

      To treat stains, apply water to the discoloration, gently wipe the affected area, work from the edge to the center, and blot the surface repeatedly. Treat stains immediately rather than waiting for them to dry, as it prevents irreparable damage. To clean a rug, wet it with warm water and avoid vigorous scrubbers. Use a soft-bristled brush in a circular motion, but avoid excessive force.

      2. Use vinegar

      Vinegar is an ordinary household cleaner that can effectively remove pet and minor food stains. To maximize results, mix vinegar with warm water, like 1/4 cup to 2 cups of water. Apply and wipe the stain, blotting with a dry cloth as needed. Allow up to 15 minutes for wool stain removal.

      3. Apply rubbing alcohol

      Rubik's alcohol is recommended for removing stains from nail polish, cosmetics, ink, or shoe polish. At the same time, vinegar is best for food and pet stains and is particularly effective for complex artificial materials. Apply rubbing alcohol to your wool rug and wait for the stain to lift. If not, let it sit overnight. Most of the pigment should be on the rag, not the carpet. If the stain persists, seek professional help.

      4. Vacuum lightly

      Wool rugs are resilient but can be damaged by heavy wear. They can be cleaned with modest vacuuming to remove dirt and dust. Hoovering in various directions helps avoid fringes and residue. Avoid using the vacuum's maximum setting, and set the volume to low or medium.

      5. Seek help from someone skilled

      Hire a professional rug cleaner for antique or hundreds of years old wool rugs, especially if a stain is complex or has been untreated for over a few days. A thorough cleaning is recommended to maintain the carpet without risking breakage.

      Benefits of professional rug cleaning 

      It would help to wash wool rugs at home as often as possible to let sweethearts shine. In case you have a braided wool rug, you need to know how to clean a braided wool rug and if you don't know how to, professional help is the best option. In this part of the article, we will discuss some benefits of employing a professional cleaner.

      Some of the benefits of employing a professional include the following ;

      1. Superior rug cleaning

      DIY rug cleaning can expose rugs to germs and bacteria, leading to various ailments. Professional cleaners are the best choice as they specialize in cleaning carpets using appropriate methods and supplies, ensuring the fabric's quality is maintained.

      2. Obtain cleaning services inside your means

      Professional cleaning services are affordable and can accommodate various needs and financial situations, unlike DIY cleaning, where you may pay more.

      3. Spend less time on unfinished business

      Hiring Persian and other carpet cleaners can save time and prevent wasted time on unfinished business, as not having the necessary information can negatively impact your work efficiency.


      If you have pets and are unsure about how to clean dog urine from a wool rug or how to remove stains, this article will provide the guidance you need. In this article, we covered the topic of wool rugs and provided insights on how to clean them.

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