How to Clean a Shag Rug? (Best Ways)

How to Clean a Shag Rug? (Best Ways)

Shag rugs’ long piles and distinctive looks bring style to any room. The rugs’ looks that go with any decor are complemented by warmth, comfort, and acoustic impact. While a great addition, shag rug cleaning can prove overwhelming. They are prone to collecting and concealing crumbs, hair, pet dander, and other tiny items. The long and shaggy fibers can lose their glow and comfort if you don’t keep them neat, clean, and well looked after. Despite being more complex to clean shag run than other carpet types, you can adopt an effective routine with a few measures and keep them in top shape. Read on to learn how to clean a shag area rug at home.

Supplies You Need for Shag Carpet Cleaning

  • Water and baking soda
  • Dry microfiber cloth in white
  • Grooming tool and beater bar
  • Upholstery attachments for vacuum cleaner
  • Dry carpet shampoo
  • Steam cleaning (optional)

When browsing through rugs on sale, you not only check the photos but also read the descriptions. Before you start cleaning, remember to revisit the description, but this time focus on care instructions. It will help ensure you take the right steps and end up with a clean shag rug with its structural integrity intact. Let us look at the best ways to clean shaggy rugs at home.

Shake or Beat the Shag Rug

Shaking or beating a carpet is perhaps the easiest way to clean shaggy rugs, especially smaller and medium-sized ones. Take the rug outside and vigorously shake it to remove dirt lodged in its fibers. Use a rug beater or broom to remove the dirt if it has deeply embedded stains and dirt. Remember to shake the rug pad too. If the shaggy rug is bigger, hang it on a steady surface like balcony railings to beat the dirt off. You can also enlist help to shake and beat the shaggy rug.

Let the Shaggy Rug Absorb Sun Rays

Sun exposure can help kill mites and bacteria concealed in the shag rag’s fibers. It is a natural deodorizer, but you must practice caution. If you leave it exposed to the rays for an extended period, its colors can fade.

Vacuum Shag Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming is a great way to clean shag rug, but don’t use just about any vacuum. Vacuums equipped with beater heads and rotating brushes can harm your shag rug’s fibers. If you own an upright vacuum, ensure that you disengage the beater bar. Also, set the cleaning head to the highest pile setting. Remember to vacuum the underside as well, more so for rugs in heavy-traffic areas. The upright vacuum does a good job cleaning the backside at usual settings.

Dry Bath Shag Rug Cleaning

If your shag rug starts to lose its luster over time, you can give it a little pick-me-up by lightly sprinkling the rug's surface with a dry rug cleanser. Let it sit for a bit, then vacuum-clean it out.

Steam Clean the Shaggy Rug

At times, your shag rug may’ve been significantly soiled. Steam cleaning your shag carpet can help take out the dirt. Firstlt, place the rug on a tarp or outside, then vacuum. Before you start steam cleaning, ensure you understand the steam cleaner user instructions. After steam cleaning, it is recommended that you dry the shag rug outside and that you clean it with a white microfiber cloth.

Wash the Shag Rug

Some dirt, such as muddy footprints, can prove stubborn to clean. If your rug is heavily soiled, consider washing it, ideally if it is small. Half-fill the tub with warm water and add detergent. Pick the right detergent per the carpet’s fiber. Soak the rug and let it sit for at least ten minutes. Afterwards, wash the rug with your hands or a soft-bristled brush. This should remove all those stubborn stains.

Shag Rug Stains Removal

It's important to address certain stains promptly rather than waiting for your scheduled cleaning time for your shag rug. Stains such as spills or muddy footprints should be cleaned immediately. This helps avoid the stains pushing deeper into the rug between the deep cleanings.

You can easily eliminate the spills by wiping the rug quickly with a white microfiber cloth or paper towel. In case of muddy footprints, use a spoon or dull-edged spatula to remove the stains. If the mud is wet, let it dry. The trick here is to be gentle since rubbing the stain only pushes it deeper. Use white vinegar and water solution to clean the shag rug. Gently dab the stained area gently with a cloth dipped in the solution, and allow the rug to dry.

When to Consider Professional Shag Rug Cleaning

Professional shag rug cleaning is recommended at least once a year as you strive to keep them in top shape. In addition to regular cleaning, it is also wise to consider professional cleaning if your shag rug is:

  • Made from exotic materials
  • Heavy or oversized
  • Has odors
  • Has mold and mildew
  • Has been damaged by fire or water
  • Has stubborn pet stains

The professionals have the tools, skills, and expertise to clean the shag rugs better than you can manage the DIY way.

A clean shag rug helps set the right mood in any space. It is also healthier since it doesn’t harbor dirt that could lead to allergic reactions. A clean and dry shag rug also minimizes the chances of mold or mildew growth, further helping preserve the rug’s looks and structural integrity. Learning the proper techniques for cleaning and maintaining shag rugs is essential for ensuring their longevity and maximizing the value of your investment. Discover our delightful selection of discounted rugs and select the one that perfectly reflects your unique style and preferences. With the helpful tips provided above, maintaining its pristine appearance will be a breeze.

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