General advice for buying a rug

General advice for buying a rug

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Perfect Rugs

Rugs are a popular choice for floor coverings, and they can have a big impact on the overall look of a room. When choosing a rug, it is important to consider the style of the room, the color scheme, and the type of material. Rugs can be made from a variety of materials, including handspun wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose one that will work well in space. In addition to material, rugs also come in a wide range of options in colors and patterns. Selecting a rug that complements the other elements in the room can help to create a cohesive look. Rugs can be an effective way to add texture, color, and pattern to a room, making them an essential part of any interior design scheme.

However, during the buying a rug, one might have several queries that pull them far away from the right rug. This blog can answer your queries and help you purchase the right rug suitable for your home; a short buying carpet guide...

Quick Breakdown Of The Right Materials For The Rugs

When you are searching for a suitable rug, the first thing you must look for is the material and texture. Natural fiber rug pieces, artificial fibers, and synthetic fibers are some of the categories used in making unique rugs. Every high-pile rug is made of different materials, and their durability and pricing depend on your chosen material. The wide range of popular materials that are used in the making of rugs are as follows:

Handspun Wool Rugs

Handspun wool has always been an absolute favorite in most households. The slightly fluffy texture gives comfort underfoot and keeps the dirt hidden. The wool composition is the most durable material and can also repel stains. These properties make the hand-knotted artisan wool rug the ideal choice for all types of floors. It would be ideal for you to not place the hand-knotted wool rug in high-traffic areas. 

Silk Rugs

Silk and luxury blend together always. If you want to showcase a luxurious feel to your house with luxurious material, then Kashmir silk rugs are perfect. These rugs are soft, bright in appearance, and intricate in their designs with an extensive range. Being one of the strongest natural materials, Kashmir silk rugs are durable with luxurious material and lasts longer, and can be used as a statement piece. However, considering the luxurious texture, it would be ideal to avoid placing this floor piece in high-traffic areas or areas prone to water spills and provide long-term care. Moreover, you have to be aware of fake silk rugs as they can cause a major impact on contemporary décor.  

Polyester Rugs

Polyester can be considered one of the most affordable rugs that can cover up the floor instantly with its beautiful geometric designs. The rugs are quite soft and can resist stains, moisture, or abrasion. Even after repeated washes, the rug's color can be retained for a longer period. Polyester blended with acrylic rugs is also quite popular in the market. The dream piece has both durability and resistance properties, but it is not similar to the other rugs. 

Viscose Rugs

If you are interested in purchasing flashy and glamorous rugs, then the viscose blends can complement your preference. However, viscose rugs cannot absorb moisture, so that they would be ideal for bigger space rooms. Moreover, you can use viscose as a different range of options for luxurious material silk rugs because of its blend with accent fiber. 

Cotton Rugs

Cotton can be another soft touch to your feet that is perfect for any household. The rugs are extremely easy to wash, making them the perfect option for a kids' room. Though the rug is affordable, it does not sustain longer and would wear out within a few years. Moreover, you need to pay basic care to the cotton rugs as they can absorb moisture, and you have to be careful so you do not cause accidental spills around the carpet. 

The Right Size For The Right Area

When you are on a shopping haul to get the perfect carpet for your house, you must be careful of the size. Getting an oversized carpet and placing it on the entire floor can go wrong and create foot traffic. You have to choose the right size rugs that fit your placement correctly. Moreover, choosing the right type of rug for the right room is another important part that must be considered by every shopper while shopping for rugs. Having less durable and anti-resistant rugs in the kitchen or other frequently used areas would not be feasible. The following briefly explains the buying tips for the right size of the rugs for the right placement with affordable price ranges: 

Buying Tips On Rugs And Its Size That Suit The Bedroom

When placing the rug in a bedroom, the best way would be to place it under the bed partially. The rest of the rug can be spread near the nightstand. For a bedroom, the rug you choose should entirely depend on the bed size. Generally, you can have an 8 x 10-inch rug for a queen-sized bed, and for a king-size bed, you can have a 9 x 12-inch rug. The setup of partially placing the floor piece under the bed can give a soothing effect when you place your feet on the ground from the bed. For children's carpet, we recommend that you pay attention to the size of the room and the material of the carpet.

However, another option would be to place the design-forward piece in the center of the room or near the bed. However, if you do not like having the rug under the bed, you can have two runner rugs on both sides. 

Light Up The Living Room With The Right Set Of Rugs

If you are out shopping for a beautiful high-pile rug for your living room, you must consider the Hallways size and the range of prices. You can choose vintage pieces that fit the entire room with a single cover for a large room. You can fix the furniture placement on top of it and walk around the hallways with a comfortable underfoot. For a mid-sized living room, you can choose a large design-forward piece and place it in the center with furniture on top of it. However, only the front end of the sofas can ideally touch the carpet but not the entire sofa. For a smaller living room, you opt for smaller vintage pieces that can be placed partially under the coffee table without touching the rest of the furniture and avoid foot traffic.

Rugs That Match The Dining Room Space

The best way to place the rug in a dining room table space would be to cover it entirely with the dining table in the center. This should leave adequate free space even after fitting the dining chairs near the dining table. Just like the bedroom rugs, it would be ideal to choose the dining room rugs based on the size of the dining furniture. However, the size of the room is also to be determined before getting a suitable statement piece rug for the dining area so you could fix the furniture placement in high-traffic areas. 

Dream Piece That Fit Your Kitchen Space

The most challenging part about choosing the rugs is when you have to choose one for your kitchen as it comes under high-traffic areas. Especially for the kitchen, you would have to see the color, size, durability, and texture altogether, where nothing can be compromised. So, when it comes to size, it would be ideal for getting a two-piece rug that can fit the entire kitchen, either big or small, and place them in the shape of the letter L. Having a kitchen runner that can fit the entire kitchen that goes from the sink to the cabinets would be an ideal choice. You can leave out the spaces near the refrigerator and stove while placing the rug. If you have a larger kitchen space, you can throw in a big carpet that suffices the center of the kitchen comfortably, leaving a few inches between the wall and the carpet. 

Rugs Suitable For The Bathroom

Bathroom rugs can create a greater interior look. So, if you place it in an oversized or the wrong size rug, the entire look would be tarnished. For a standard bathroom size, you can choose a medium rug that can cover the right space on the bathroom floor. This can be placed in the bathroom vanity or near the bathtub. For a small bathroom, you can opt for two rugs placed in the wettest areas. You must ensure as your priority that the rug is placed in the right areas, as the space would be quite compact. For a larger bathroom, you can opt for a larger rug that mounts up to the size of the bathroom. A vibrant rug with intricate patterns and an extensive range can complement your modern bathroom look.

Bathroom runners are another set of rugs placed on the bathroom floors to give a modern look. The predominant size of the runner would be 24 x 40 inches, which can be suitable for a standard bathroom. You can place a runner from your bathtub to the base of your dressing space. Moreover, you can have bath mats outside the bathroom and under the mirror. 

Rules About Sizing The Design-Forward Piece

Having a clear perspective on the sizes for a range of options in a house, the next step would be to look out for certain other guidelines. If you plan to place a dream piece in a certain area, you have to watch out for the leftover space as it could create a major impact. If you opt for a larger rug, ensure that more than 12 inches of the floor are visible surrounding the carpet perimeter. 

If you are placing a much smaller rug, then the best option is to leave ample space between the rug and the furniture. Moreover, the space between the rug and the wall should also be maintained. You can also size up a rug on two sides of the room, leaving a gap between the furniture and the rug. This floor piece can allow you to sit on the floor on fluffy and soft rugs comfortably. 

There might be too many rules piling up with the sizing of the rugs. However, it is entirely about what you like and what you are comfortable with. So, you can base your choice accordingly and elevate the room with suitable rugs that bring together the various aspects of the room. 

Streamlining the Different Rug Construction

Once you have identified the material type you are looking for in your rug, the next step is to know about the rug's construction. The constriction of the rug should be given equal importance as the material. The type of construction you choose creates the look and feel you are searching for in your household rugs. The different types of rug construction are as follows.


The warps and wefts are weaved to create a flat-weave rug made on a loom. The loom is either weaved by hand or by a machine. There are no backings in this hand-knotted rug, and it is extremely flat, so you need not have to check for pile heights. You can use the rugs in any corner of the house as it easily washes off the stains. 


A shearing and backing process with loops of yarn creates beautiful tufted rugs. Because they are sheared, they have a soft, fluffy pile, but because they can shed, they could need more regular maintenance. These carpets may be created manually or mechanically with a unique instrument. Tufted rugs are affordable as the production time is shorter than the rest of the types of rugs. 


The power-loomed rugs use both the loom and machine together for manufacturing. The computer-controlled machine helps the weavers showcase the required design, making it easier to create well-crafted rugs. The rugs are made similarly to those of the hooked and tufted rugs. This type of rug is the most affordable and durable at the same time, making it the ideal choice for any corner of the house. 


Knotting is one of the most time-consuming methods of rug manufacturing which requires a lot of labor. Since it is entirely handmade by artisans on a loom, the wrapping by the weaver creates a fringed pile. The durability of the carpet tile is measured by the number of knots that are tied per square inch. The range of prices for this type of rug is quite expensive as extreme labor is required. Moreover, knotted rugs are used in formal places as they are vintage pieces. 


The manufacturing of the hooked rugs is similar to that of the tufted rugs. You can make the rugs either manually or mechanically. However, there is a slight difference in this type, as this type does shear the yarn loops. Since the shearing is not involved, the rugs have a knobby appeal making it a signature embroidery. These rugs are also suited for a formal place, and the price ranges are also quite high. 

Coordinating The Contemporary Decors And The Rugs Together

Color coordination plays a vital role when it comes to selecting a rug for the house. Once you have decided upon the material, size, and construction of the rugs, you have to ensure that the rugs match the color of the house. Having totally contrasting rugs and wall paint can ideally throw off the aesthetic look of your house. Moreover, the color of the rug, wall, and affordable décor should complement each other. If there is any slight discrepancy between these, then it can give an unrealistic impression. So, when you are looking for rugs, ensure that it matches the look of your house or the look you want to showcase when a visitor enters your home. 

Wrap Up Your Houses With The Right Custom Rugs

Rugs will hold a longer place on the floor of a house, and so a lot of care and effort are to be taken while purchasing them. Since it is going to stay longer, you have to check for its durability, resistance and texture that can last longer. Moreover, apart from purchasing the perfect rug, you need to walk the extra mile to follow the care instructions in the right way. Rugs can change even the most unattractive place into something much more beautiful. They add color to the room and fill the empty floor space with a soft touch that your feet can ride on. With a perfect rug and basic care, you can have an aesthetically pleasing appearance in your home.

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