Decorate Homes Exclusively With Living Room Rugs

Decorate Homes Exclusively With Living Room Rugs

Bringing life to the living room is possible. You can achieve it with overarching color palette, bean bags and dining chairs and a Boho Vibe.  If it is related to décor, then adding a vintage piece of rug can bring in the excitement you are looking for in your home. Living rooms being the connecting point for the entire family, it is essential to add a layer of rich texture mixed with life. The right rug that meets the house's décor and color can change the house's look and feel and lift the room to paradise. This blog can be the guide to help you add a solid color to your living room with rugs. 

Different Ways To Décor Style The Living Room Design With Rugs

Rugs are a good place to start if you have decided to revamp the entire living room. While styling the living room, you need to consider certain styles that you think would suit your room. Some trendiest styles of positioning the key piece rugs in a living room with the correct size which you can shop by style with an overarching color palette are as follows.


Keeping Things Expansive

If you have hardwood flooring, the best classic style performance-based option would be expansive, as it can create a stunning look for your entire home like a piece of art. It provides a layer of comfort that can bring a soothing touch to the feet. When you purchase the expansive décor style of rugs with various weaving techniques, you must get a larger one. The rug should be big enough to be a border for the furniture you set at the house. You cannot dump-pack the expansive setup as it can make the room appear pretty cramped with simple textures. 

Cohesion Styling Of the Rooms

The cohesive way of styling the living room with rugs is quite unpopular among the crowd. Cohesion is the way of bringing all the furniture in the house together as a connector and a performance-based option. In this style, the rug is placed at the center, with the furniture either at the top or at its border. The basic rules concerning cohesion are entirely up to the owner and the luxurious material they use amidst the unusual items for decors. The vintage pieces depend on how you want to coordinate the furniture with the rugs.  Look up various weaving techniques to go with the theme of the house. Shop by style to embrace a Persian style or Boho living space. 

Lay Down The Accent Vintage Pieces

The accent style can be chosen when you have specific furniture that you wish to place above it. You can choose to have an accent rug for your 2 or 3-seater sofa or your mini coffee table. The basic rule is that the rug you place to create an accent must be a tad smaller than the furniture or unusual items you are aligning within the room. The reason for having a smaller quality pieces is to place it as an accompaniment for the simple textures rather than a décor style statement for rich textures.  Boho interiors include a nice family photo album,  Iranian carpet or Persian carpets, a couple of exotic materials and may be Persian style decor.

Statement Style To Enhance The Room With Simple Textures

The statement style is a popular way to decorate your living room. When choosing to position the rug, it would be ideal for placing them in the center of the living room. The type of rug can be circular, rectangular, or anything according to your preference. Moreover, some tend to showcase their statement by hanging the rug on the wall. However, the one thing you must be careful of is that it coordinates with the overarching color palette of the living room décor. A brick house, for instance, with darker elements and Bogo interiors can be a style to experiment with. 

The Appearance And Feel Of The Rugs

Once you have decided on having a rug in your living room, the next few steps about it are pretty crucial. Every choice you construct should be carefully considered without disturbing the entire setup of the house. So, while choosing the design-forward piece, you must be cautious about the appearance of the material and whether it suits your home décor. If you are looking forward to experiencing a natural vibe in the living room, then choosing the natural fiber rugs would be an ideal art piece. Choosing bamboo or jute natural fiber options can be right in areas with a lot of foot traffic. However, in less foot traffic, you can opt to have silk or wool natural fiber options as the luxurious material. Either way, you can maintain a natural vibe in your living room with natural materials and a range of options. 

The Positioning Of The Living Room Rugs With Range Of Options

After you analyze the style and appearance of the rug, the next step is to place it in the maximalist space. It would be feasible if you placed the rug accordingly based on the chosen material. The basic questions you must address before placing the rug are as follows.

     -  Are you placing the dream piece of luxurious material at the entrance, where much footwork is to be witnessed?

     -  Do you want to place the design-forward piece on the floor or the wall?

     -  Where are you looking to place the rug amid the pieces of furniture?

Once you have figured out the answers to these questions, you can proceed further with your arrangements to shop by style. If you use the rug occasionally, you can use it as a statement rug without any compromises on style. However, if you need your entrance flooring, you can place one right where people enter the room. Moreover, while positioning the rug, ensure that it creates an inviting aura for your guests to come and hang out in the house. By placing the foot of the furniture like the chair legs at the border of the vintage pieces, you are adding a charm and distinctive look to your entire home. 

Better To Avoid Crowding 

Once you have begun your pursuit of adding a different décor style to your home, you have to look out for various decorative elements. You might be posed with a range of options, everything looking appealing and a must-have in your house. However, you must be careful enough not to buy everything and crowd your entire home. Crowded furniture and accent chairs can never get along with the rug you place on the floor. The aesthetic appearance of your chic bedroom can be held together when you choose to limit your furniture and focus on creating a compelling atmosphere. You can only create a balanced living room by identifying and leaving the suitable spaces free and occupying the right spaces accordingly. Moreover, it would be ideal to avoid using rugs when there is a lot of furniture in a single room.  

Mixing The Old With The New

While placing the rugs, you can always mix and match the old to the new. If you have classic authentic furniture with a floor lamp, you can place a fresh and chic style of rug that would totally fit in the atmosphere of different home décor with maximalist space. Moreover, in order to create a timeless space in your home, you can add furniture or accent chair and rugs from different styles and eras that add an extra charm to the entire outlook. You can never go wrong with mixing the old with the new, so you can confidently opt for a contrasting rug for your home to bring a vibrant color family without any compromises on style.

You can place a modern patterned floor piece under an antique piece of furniture and create modern mixed art in your open-layout home. Moreover, you can also place an old authentic Turkish rug under a modern 3-seater sofa and experience a timeless feel with a neutral palette. However, it would help if you never miss out on the balance that is to be maintained in your decorations. Overdoing one sect can also completely ruin the entire outlook. So, always keep a balanced amount of old and new in your décor so you can have the complete feel of mix and match. 

A Way To Creating A Unified Home

There are so many decorative elements that are to be considered while picking out the rug for your living room or chic bedroom. You might be filled with so many ideas when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing living space. To streamline your ideas and choose the right set of rugs with a neutral palette for your open-layout home, the following natural elements can be productive. 

Light It Up With Suitable And Creative Color Family

The hunt for the right floor piece can be never-ending, with so many collections available in the market. However, you can always find your way to it if you are on the right track while picking the rug with the perfect burst of color. You can choose the pop of accent color for the rug for two instances. First, if you have an empty room that has not been painted nor has any furniture, then you can start off by choosing the rug. In such circumstances, you can select the rug of your choice that has your favorite color statement and design. After choosing the quality pieces, you can entirely work on the rest of the room decorations accordingly. As an alternative performance-based option, all you can do is give in to the burst of color statement for the existing room setup. This way, your room décor will not be disturbed, and you can match up the dream piece that can sit comfortably in your living room or chic bedroom. 

Setting The Right Tone For The Room

You might think that the tone of the floor piece does not affect the décor style of your room. However, you are absolutely wrong in this line of thought, as the tone you choose for the rug can directly impact the entire setup of the room. So, by opting for the conversation piece with the right tone, you can create a visually pleasing look for the open-layout home. However, it is entirely up to you to use the right tone; you can either add a dull tone for the rug when the room is bright or vice versa. Bringing more bold color to the room entirely depends on how you decide to tone the rug. Moreover, if you are looking for an entirely vibrant look for your room, then you can create a contrasting look with the conversation piece that can add brightness to your room. 

Shape Them At Your Convenience

The ideal perception of having a rectangular-shaped rug can be totally discarded. You can have rugs of any shape you want, as long as it fits the décor and tone of the house. You can shape the rug based on how you are willing to arrange your furniture, this way; you can place the rugs comfortably under the foot of the furniture. If a square, oval, or round-shaped design-forward piece suits the style of your décor, then you can opt for it without any hesitation. 

Living Room Décor Ideas With The Dream Piece

There are a number of living room décor ideas that revolve around the proper usage of rugs. The living room being the standard conference room for every member of the house, it would be ideal to choose the perfect quality pieces of rug that fit your home and your family gatherings. Some of the unique rug ideas for a living room are as follows.

Mid-Century Modern Setup

The mid-century is finding its way back in time from its roots. The 1950s and 60s styles seem to be still holding the grip of a modern outlook in the household. This style of the rug creates a neutral tone that comes with different geometrical patterns or lines. You can have a smooth finish to your room that would portray a calm and modern look to your entire house. 

Feel The Coastal Vibes

If you are on the watch for a coastal appearance for your living room, then placing an elegant rug can be a perfect choice. You can place them on the floor with the pieces of furniture, gracing it at the edges. You can choose a traditional but unusual item that has a silent tone imbibed in them. With such natural elements and natural fiber options, you can get the entire space screaming coastal with clean lines. Moreover, you ensure to place them at the right location so that it gives a fantastic contrast to the flooring with vibrant colors. 

Add Natural Elements With Natural Fiber Pieces

If nature interests you the most, then you can opt for the natural beauty look with natural fiber pieces for your rooms. You can choose jute rugs that can kickstart the environment-friendly experience you are willing to experience. These natural fiber pieces are durable and can stay for a more extended period, making them an ideal choice to decorate your homes. Moreover, you can place this rug in the busy footwork area, as it can withstand for a longer time. The handwoven carpet has its own rich texture that creates a variance in the final product. 

Live The Bohemian Dream

Bohemian is all about adding a layer of life to your home décor. The boho style with a natural vibe is a combination of vibrant colors that has a neutral tone to it. This can give you creative and vintage pieces that can become your absolute décor style statement. You can add bold colors to the floor by throwing neutral-tone furniture to match up its appearance. Adding some indoor plants can be a charm to the final touch of the boho vibe. 

Experience The Effortless Comfort

Just as the name suggests, the comfort that this type of rug offers is effortless that is mixed with different patterns, burst of colors, and subdued tones. You can witness a casual vibe that lies down on the floor for a longer time without any compromises on style. The tone of the rug tends to add charm and bring in a vibe of relaxation. The predominant bold colors of the rugs tend to keep the pieces of furniture grounded in its tone. 

Floor Up With The Perfect Rugs For Your Living Rooms

The great place to flex your home décor and trendiest styles are the living room, where you can showcase your preferences in choosing the right combinations. Rugs play a vital role in revamping your living space and taking it up to the next level. The right rug with the right tone and pop of accent color statement can change the entire appearance of your living room in an instant into the trendiest styles like minimalist home decor ideas. You must understand that no matter what type, color family, or tone of the rug you choose, they are bound to make a change, either positively or negatively. So, choosing the right and perfect rugs for your living room with a pop of accent color is the most crucial step while designing your room.

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