Rubi - White Hemp Rug

9’ 5” x 5’ 7” ft / 287 x 171 cm

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9’ 5” x 5’ 7” ft / 287 x 171 cm
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This unique Turkish rug, handcrafted by highly experienced artisans in the 1970s, draws deeply on rich Anatolian culture and history. Using high quality hand-spun wool, from a unique blend, the skills of this delightful rug’s weavers shines through. 


Crafted from a 100% wool pile, the long and patient process of hand knotting and weaving that defines Turkish rugs means this hardwearing rug lasts for generations. 

As any rug aficionado knows, wool is an excellent fiber for quality vintage rugs because it is extremely durable and stain resistant. Wool’s supple nature makes it easy to work with, and it takes dyes well, allowing weavers to play with colors and contrast. 


What sets this rug apart is the exceptional creativity that uses striking designs and colors to weave stories into the fabric. This rug is a work of art that looks great in any room and is a great conversation starter. 


A professional cleaning process, sympathetic to the fabric, enhanced the rugs natural inconsistencies and kept its character.


Azo-free re-dyeing further highlights the natural wear and keeps the patterns that make heritage rugs unique and beautiful. 

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Rubi - White Hemp Rug

Rubi - White Hemp Rug