How to select the right rug for your room?

How to select the right rug for your room?

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How to select the right rug for your room


Area rugs can be practical design elements used as floor art, a substitute for a coffee table, or dining table for other decor styles. Consider substituting a plain sisal rug for a dark red Turkish rug or a Moroccan tile print for a French Aubusson. A room can be transformed from traditional to modern, classic to contemporary, or bland to bold with bright colors in living and dining spaces. Choosing the best accent color for your area rug necessitates several vital considerations. When obtaining a new area rug for your room, consider the following simple rule: brighter color, natural material, correct size, and bold pattern - be it a high-pile rug in darker colors or a 1-2 feet dining room table rug placed near furniture pieces. 

When should you buy a new rug 

Whether you're seeking to add a pop of color to your room or you're simply tired of looking at the same old flooring, buying a new rug can be an exciting way to change up your home's aesthetic. Consider the following: 

-Keep in mind the condition of your existing rug. If there are signs of wear and tear, it is  time for an upgrade with your dream piece. 

-Take a look at the size of your room. If you're finding that your rug is too small for the space, it may be time to go up in size and purchase a high-pile rug of lighter colors. 

-Finally, take into account your personal style before you explore a selection of rugs. If you're simply sick of looking at your existing rug, it may be time to switch things up. A new rug can completely transform the look and feel of a room, so don't hesitate to experiment with different styles and colors.

Whether you're refreshing your home's look or you're simply ready for something new, there's no wrong time to buy a new rug. One simple rule is to explore professional cleaning of not just your rugs but also inches of space under the rug to keep your room clean. 

Buying considerations for a proper mug size and materials

Rug style

There are as many quality pieces of area rug decor styles as furniture, lighting, and dining room table, resulting in infinite options. Traditional Persian rugs and classic European styles are busy patterns which are no longer the only choices for living spaces. Modern and contemporary differences such as bold florals, strong geometrics, simple Jutes, sisals and dining tables are available.


Selection of rugs depends upon style; research what is available and think about the intimate space you want to create in your area; remember that a rug does not have to equal everything in the room; instead, it should complement the textures and tones of the furniture placement with vintage pieces.


Cool or natural colors can be looked at while choosing an area rug. It would help if you thought about what vibrant colors you like, but that's not all. Your area rug's color will decide the look and feel for the room, so choose wisely. Natural fiber pieces make for a good conversation piece. Get in direct sunlight to bring in visual warmth. 


Consider how different vibrant colors will complement your existing furniture. In rooms with a lot of color and pattern, neutral tones or a single-color rug works best. In an unfurnished room, think about how different rug colors will complement the flooring, walls, and ceiling tones. The biggest piece of rugs can be used to make an affirmation or to blend in.

Rug patterns

If your room is already furnished in ample color, a rule of thumb can make your room pop. Similarly, a solid rug can be grounding and calming if your furniture is patterned. The effect of a pattern on the room is closely related to its colors; think about how the two will interact. It's all about stability; if your room is already fit-out, keep this in mind when choosing a rug. If the rug is one of the initial items you purchase, consider the pattern best for your cool art piece. 

Area Rug Dimensions

A too-small rug for the room is an error that must be avoided. In most average-sized rooms, ten to twenty inches of the bare floor should be left between the rug's edges and the room's walls. Based on the room size, it can range between eight and twenty four inches.

What to look for when purchasing rugs 

High Pile vs Low Pile

Consider the pile type you prefer when shopping for a rug: low, mid-pile piece, or high-pile area. Low-pile area rugs last longer and are easier to clean than high-pile area rugs. They are also less expensive than high-pile area rugs. Longer-pile rugs are vintage pieces - softer and more luxurious underfoot, making rooms appear cozier and more tempting. A low-pile rug including a dhurrie or kilim rug, will benefit a high-traffic room, whereas a thicker rug will lie in a low-traffic room, for instance, under your accent chair. 


Wool rugs are of higher quality and cost more, but they hold up well in high-traffic areas and shed less, while cotton rugs fade quickly and do not resist stains. The material from which a wool rug is produced is natural fibers. Natural fibers include wool, silk, cotton, jute, and bamboo; Synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and polyurethane are commonly used. Get high quality pieces or vintage pieces with natural colors to bring in trendiest styles. Your bedroom character could depend on it. 


Synthetic rugs are typically fade-resistant, easy to clean, and low-cost. They are less expensive, making replacement more accessible and an excellent cool art piece for families and pets. Polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and microfiber are popular synthetic rug materials. 


Various factors influence the price of an area rug, including size of carpet, materials and construction of the rug. The price of a rug is affected by whether it is handwoven or imported, whether it has patterns or dyes, and whether it is machine-made or hand-knotted. A good 8x10 size area rug can cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000. A 5x7 rug can range in price from $35 to $1,000.

Decide your budget before you start looking for a new area rug. The cost of the rug is decided by the amount of work that has gone into its creation. Look for sales around holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the end of the year. Elements of style include exotic materials, natural fiber options and artificial silk or bamboo silk. Wrap it up in breathable, water-resistant paper to protect the quality of the dyed silk rugs and the banana silk pros. Ensure regular dry cleaning to bring in return on investment. 

How to select the right rug

Size does matter

A small rug creates an unfinished effect that detracts from the overall style. On the other hand, a rug that is too large for your space will make the room look claustrophobic and cluttered. What is our suggestion? Avoid both scenarios by guiding your search for the best size rug for your space with your room measurements.

Numerous online sizing basic rules provide rug recommendations for practical reasons. It is wise to select a rug two feet shorter than the space's small wall. A 10'x12' room requires an actual rug size of 8'x10' rug, a 7'x10' room requires a 5'x8' rug, and a 5'x7' room requires an accurate size of 3'x5' accent rug.

A wool rug with neutral patterns or a lively pattern should cover all significant floor pieces of furniture in the room; for curated, texture-rich flooring that fixes the scale of your design, layer a small area rug on top of a larger natural rug. Place a smaller area rug at least halfway beneath your essential furnishings to create a cozy and secure floor plan. There is an exhaustive selection for rugs which will have to endure constant foot traffic.  Look out for mid-to-high-pile area rugs along with rich textures and plush comfort before looking at the size. 

Selective decision

A hand-knotted Heriz or Kashan area rug will complement a traditional dream piece. In contrast, the popular Beni-Ourain Moroccan lattice rug is best suited for modern, contemporary, or bohemian style designs. Rugs are accessible in every solid color, pattern, dark color and pile combination imaginable, and their distinct motifs and color stories are frequently associated with specific interior styles. A rug under dining chairs with high wool composition might be a personal choice, as opposed to flat weave rugs to tackle water spills near the bathroom. Your entire collection of rugs could depend on the open-layout home design. 


Adapt to Your Role

Each room has its function, rhythm, and foot traffic level. It would be best to consider this slew of options such as flat weave fibres when choosing the best area rug for your elements of style. Homes with muddy-pawed dogs and sticky-fingered kids should choose a rug that can withstand daily chaos without falling apart after six months. Buy rugs that are easy to wash by a machine and are durable for any space in your home. Natural rugs (such as jute, sisal, and seagrass) are also perfect for high-traffic areas.

Rug pad

When selecting a bedroom rug, the backing material is the last thing to consider. In addition to its many benefits, a rug pad will provide a cushion for your bedroom rug. Putting your rug under a TV console or bed frame won't slip, but a rug pad can bring traction and padding. Always protect bedside and under-bed rugs with a rug pad to avoid accidents. If you're installing your rug on solid-surface flooring, use a pad or a slip-resistant rug to keep it in place. Are you conscious of the constant foot traffic near the dining chairs? Then you might want to pick mid-to-high-pile area rug with simple textures and neutral patterns for the room. Selection by size of the room is key. 

Everlasting rug for your room

It is up to you how you buy a rug, but it is nice to be able to run your fingers through the mass to see how it feels and how it is made for personal preference. Touching various rugs can help you understand how they're made and how the materials feel. You can always go to a store and look at dry cleaning area rugs, then compare prices online if the same one is available. Take your time and look through all the choices, as an area rug will be the center of attention in your bedroom character for a few years. Be it rugs made of bamboo silk, banana silk pros or dyed silk rugs, pick from the exhaustive selection of plush comfort rugs to suit your open-layout home.

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