How to keep rugs from sliding?

How to keep rugs from sliding?

Exclusive Guide To Keep The Rugs From Sliding

Rugs are the most important decor prop that can entirely revolutionize the home's outlook. It adds extra glamor and aesthetics to the house with its unique tone and color. However, rugs require high maintenance and must be carefully taken care of at all times. The one downside of the rugs is that they can slide off the floor easily. This blog can give you a popular solution to prevent rugs from sliding. 

Pads To Ground The Rug To The Floor

If you are seeking the most suitable and easy solution to avoid slippery rugs, get a pad that can hold your rugs tightly to the floor. Pads are placed under the rugs that act as a support system for the rug to create a strong solid foundation. Some of the choices of pads that can help you fix your rugs from sliding are as follows.

Rubber Waffle Pads

The synthetic rubber waffle pads' material ensures the rug is in place without misplacement. These rubber rug pads can be customized according to the size of your rug and are suitable for floor surfaces. Apart from being a great support, the adhesive quality rug pads also become a layer of exceptional cushioning, making walking on the rugs even more comfortable. Cleaning the rug becomes an easy task with the installation of rug pads. The rug pads are not only a protector of rugs but also of the floor from scratches and other moisture damage. However, you must be on the lookout for the floor type as some rug pads tend to leave stains. 

Natural Rubber Pads

Some of the rug pads are made of natural rubber that gives an even stronger grip and holds the rug tightly. These natural rubber pads are suitable especially for flat weave rugs or some thin rugs. Since they are created with natural rubbers, these rug pads are quite expensive compared to other kinds of rug pads. Moreover, these pads are not made of chemicals, so you can also have a damage-free floor, but you cannot experience the bit of cushioning as a bonus of comfort. 

Felt Pads

Felt pads are an absolute rug-friendly solution that provides a cushion for the feet when placed under the rugs. You can avail of this carpet pad in a variety of thicknesses and can also customize it according to the common rug sizes you have at your place. Moreover, the felts pads protect the rugs from easy wear and tear and give firmness to them. However, these pads are not feasible for smaller rugs as they can work their way effectively only on large rugs. Using these pads on a hardwood floor can be even more effective, as it avoids causing friction with the floor and adds a comfortable layer to the rugs.

Tapes To Hold The Rug Firmly

Tapes are another efficient way to keep the rugs from sliding off the floor. The tapes are a convenient method that does not require additional labor while adding them to the rugs. Some of the different varieties of tapes that play a vital role in holding the rugs strongly to the floor are as follows.

Gripper Tapes

The gripper tapes are a better but temporary alternative that can grip the rugs firmly to the floor. You can avail of these rugs in rolls, and it generally ranges up to a width of 3 to 4 inches. You can stick the tape to the floor and place the rug on top. You can stick the correct tape in the grid shape or measure the length of the rug and stick an effective borderline on the floor. You can remove and clean the rugs effectively without any issues, remove the tape, and replace them in a different position. The tapes do not create a comfortable cushion feeling and are also unsuitable for concrete floors. 

Double-Sided Tapes For Carpets

The double-sided carpet tapes are available either as rolls or in cut squares. These anti-slip tapes have adhesive and gripping qualities that ensure to hold the rug tightly to the floor without slipping. You can avail the double-sided tapes in different thicknesses so you can place them at your will below your rugs. Moreover, the double-sided rug tape can be ideally used in rugs made of synthetic materials. It would be feasible to go through the procedure and the properties of the strong tape so that you do not use fake seam tape for your rugs on the surface floors. 

Silicone Caulking Gun To Give Grip To The Rug

Silicone caulking is a familiar term used in anti-slip socks to prevent someone from slipping off the floor. This can be used as an alternative for your rug by applying it to the bottom of the rug using a caulk gun. These are also available in tubes, so you can easily squeeze them without a gun. However, before applying them, ensure that your floor is not affected by silicone material. Moreover, before applying, check if the floor is clean and dry so that it sticks effectively to the floor and the rug. Once you have applied, it nearly takes 24 hours to completely dry and settle down. So, it would be feasible to leave it undisturbed for a day or more, so it could take proper effect. The negative impact of this glue is that it can also cause damage to the rug if it is used rashly. 

Velcro For An Easy Fix

Velcro strips are a great way to anchor your rugs to the floor firmly. The velcro strips are an alternative for the tapes and grippers and are easily accessible. Being a two-sided strip, the velcro can be placed on the carpet and the floor and stuck together. This is effectively used on smaller rugs so that the corner curlings of the rugs can be restricted, and you will have a flat rug. Moreover, you need not have to show extra care on the rug or the velcro material as it does not require high maintenance. It is an affordable solution, so it does not have a long shelf life. So, the velcro strips can be used if you are looking for a temporary fix for your rugs, especially for dorm or rental rooms. It is reusable, so you can use them multiple times before it completely wears off. 

Rubberized Shelf Liner Strips To Support The Rug

Shelf liners have always been a supporting aid for many other purposes like dishwashers and glasses, which tries to keep them in position. In the same way, these can be of great use to keep the rug solidly grounded to the floor. The non-slip rubber shelf liners are quite thinner and affordable at a lower cost. However, you can avail this only in 12-inches wide, so it can be effectively used for smaller rugs. Moreover, you must be careful with it as they can react negatively to the floor. So, before placing the non-slip rubber shelf liners on the rugs, double-check to avoid permanent damage later. 



Experience The Effectiveness of Non-slip Rugs

The prevention method you choose for your rugs from sliding depends on you. You can choose either comfort or long-lasting solutions according to your preference. Rugs add a great outlook to your household, so it is necessary to maintain them with care. So, a non-slip rug solution can be the first step that can help you with protecting your rugs and create a better home.

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