How to decorate with Turquoise rugs

How to decorate with Turquoise rugs

How to decorate with Turquoise rugs

Often assumed as an exotic color, turquoise is one of the comfortable shades for interior design and décor. It can offer a comforting, bold, and vibrant touch to a room. You can adapt it to a combination of styles, ambiances, and influences.

Turquoise is inferred as sea-blue color, which is because of its similarity to the water in the ocean. Turquoise blue shades have a range of variations in their intensity. You can create an elegant vibe for any room, by investing in a teal rug. This color has been prominent in interior design and there are different ways to include it in your home décor.

This article includes ideas for using a turquoise or teal rug to decorate your home, whether you’re using it as an antique item or as the focal point of the room.

What So Special About Turquoise Rugs?

Turquoise is an elegant color that can promptly implant life and energy in your interior. It’s also versatile, so it works well with various bold pattern styles. Whether you own a house with a contemporary, classical, or bold rug design somewhere in between, our turquoise rug would surely be perfect for your living room.

If you prefer something budget-friendly, you can get rugs made of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene or polyester are also incredible options. You should pick a rug with the finest quality products so that it can last for years to come. For any space requiring modification by a refreshing color and revamped décor, try adding one of our turquoise rugs to spice things up.  Area rugs with turquoise shades are an excellent selection for people new to rugs. They illustrate hope and safety.

When you strive for positivity, your mind overreaches a color that provokes harmony. Ultimately, it appears peaceful, which is why turquoise is said to symbolize hope. This color brings peace and balances out your house décor and major furniture. A turquoise rug as a floor covering soothes the mind and brings calmness. Its flexible association with other color hues makes it the most preferred selection for different décor accents.

How To Decorate With Turquoise Rugs?

The turquoise rugs are made using the most premium high-end materials. Plus, being handwoven the rugs are available in an array of unique designs. Rugs made of wool are the best choice for living rooms, as they are reliable and easy to maintain.

Turquoise comes in many hues, like a gemstone. It allows you to create a contrast with lighter to darker shades based on your interior space. Decorating a room with turquoise is considered to provide harmony and pleasure.

Here are a few ways for using this color in your interior:

Teal Rug for Your Living Room

When styling a living space with a teal rug, it's best to consider that most homes are designed for complementary living room colors. It’s essential to remember that any pop of colors can be toned down by contrasting different palettes. Therefore, it is why professional designers find success by using bold and bright colors like teal for your home.

If you don’t like the idea of an entire room full of teal, try starting small by using smaller accent teal rug and color matching with your pieces of accent furniture arrangement. You might be amazed by how combining a turquoise rug into your home design can create balance through contrast. You can also try pairing different bright living shades of turquoise within your space. There are unlimited possibilities when decorating your house using a teal rug.

Teal Rug for Your Bedroom

Whether you’re taking on a home décor project to add a dash of bold color choices to your space, tossing in an accent teal rug will do the job. Turquoise rugs can complement any room interior from your living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. You don't have to be afraid of turquoise shades to become part of your design scheme.

The first thing to consider when styling a turquoise rug is the decorating area for its placement. After getting an idea of where to place everything, it’s time to place your new teal rug on top of any existing floor type.

Design A Coastal Vibe

It is easy to embellish your rooms by creating a theme like a beach, forest, etc. Defining a theme will entice the attention of people who love nature. You can easily create a forest or coastal theme for your room by using turquoise accents. You can add different matching sunny yellow and light neutral color trends of sea green to finalize the look. You can also use a combination of subtle patterns for your living room with some small alterations.

Coordinate Two Rooms With A Rug

Some studio apartments or huge living rooms have attached dining rooms. It creates a relaxing space in your house. However, most people find it challenging for combining the rooms with rugs while defining a particular identity for each.

Moreover, using shades of vibrant colors can help combine both rooms. You can either use a contrasting color or a rug with a standard accent color scheme. You can also use a range of unique beautiful patterns with a similar color to your living room or gallery walls.

Try Unique Shapes

There are several types of rugs available in different shapes, such as rectangular, circular, square, oval, etc. Expert designers use a combination of different shapes to figure out the best match for your space. Turquoise rugs of any shape can enhance the existing interior of your house by adding an elegant feel to it.

Create Contrast

When decorating with a turquoise decorate area rug, it's significant to consider the colors for the rest of your interior. Choose a shade for a turquoise area rug that will complement the room's beautiful color trends. It's better to not overcrowd the room and make it appear cramped by using too many prints and busier patterns.

The turquoise area rug you use should be a prominent yet elegant print in the room, or the space will seem cluttered. When selecting a turquoise area rug, you should prefer a hue that complements your pieces of furniture and the rest of the décor. Instead of bold art prints or paintings with diverse geometric patterns, subtle art will work perfectly with this area rug style.

Create Variety

Turquoise rugs can help create variety in a space. Using two rugs in a room, you can contrast their size and dazzling patterns to balance the room. If not, you could end up with a crowded or unpleasant effect. Conversely, a too-small rug can make a room look blank and neutral. Too many warning ornate patterns in a room can instantly damage any sense of harmony. Using different-sized rugs can help create a sense of variety. 


When it comes to decorating your home, giving it a look that stands out and signifies your interests will satisfy you and allure your guests. People ignore rugs from their interior, as they think they're not necessary. Adding a premium handmade rug can create an elegant look to your room.

Turquoise area rugs are available in different shapes and sizes. So, based on the area you desire to cover, there are a ton of cool options in the market. You can also find inexpensive options within your budget and feel free to explore what is available.

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