How To Clean Antique Rugs?

How To Clean Antique Rugs?

How to clean antique rugs?

Rugs elevate the aesthetics of a room and enhance the overall look and feel of the living space. However, special care needs to be taken while maintaining these rugs, especially when it comes to antique rugs that are associated with high-cost, textural designs and varied synthetic and man-made fibers.

This article will give you a glimpse of antique rug cleaning and other aspects like cleaning frequency, antique rug cleaning technique, etc. 

Why is it essential to clean antique rugs?

Antique rugs are statement pieces that brighten the room and compliment the furniture. They also provide comfort to your feet when you either walk on the rug or let your feet rest on them while being seated. All that foot traffic only leads to increased dust accumulation.

Antique rugs are woven with different types of fibers. Some of them are made of synthetic fibers while some are carefully sourced from natural fibers. Moreover, antique rugs have textural designs, making it easier for dirt and dust particles to settle in the rugs. Thus, comprehensive cleaning of rugs is essential to keep them dust-free and attractive. 

How to go about the antique rug cleaning process?

Handmade rug cleaning involves an advanced, five-step cleaning process that can be tackled at home with proper guidance and a few specialized tools. Depending on the amount of dirt, size of the rug, and frequency of cleaning, you may choose a simple or detailed cleaning method. Alternatively, you may opt-in for professional rug cleaning assistance if you are looking for deeper carpet restoration services. 

Follow these simple steps to undertake the rug cleaning process at home:

1. Equip yourself with the right tools and cleaning supplies to get rid of the grime. 
2. Use an actual cleaning solution like a rug shampoo to treat the rug with care.
3. Perform a color test before washing the rug with clean water to ensure that the color of the rug does not bleed. 
4. Dry the rug and brush it with a soft-bristled brush to provide a clean and cozy feel to the rug.

What are the care instructions while cleaning an antique rug?

Here are a few care tips to follow at home to ensure excellent cleaning of your antique rugs:

Vacuum your antique rugs

Like a vacuum cleaner, a fine cleaning machine can remove the most stubborn kinds of stains with ease. Whether it is odor issues or a coffee stain, vacuuming can help fade the unpleasant effects of a worn-out rug. But, there are a few care instructions to bear in mind while vacuuming a rug:

- If your rug has fringes, then using a vacuum cleaner on this part is not advisable

- Make sure you vacuum the rug in the direction of the fibers rather than against them.

Use a homemade remedy for odor removal.

The odor of your rug impacts the living experience, making it essential for you to undertake an odor removal exercise from time to time. Here are quick remedies to treat that unpleasant odor of your antique rug.

- Mix some vinegar, liquid detergent, and water to remove bad odor and tough stains from antique rugs.

- Another quick way to remove that odor is by sprinkling some talcum powder on the antique rug and leaving it overnight. This will transform your rug into a fresh and fragrant one.

Treat permanent stain damage with soap and water.

A party at your place can often result in guests spilling some ketchup or wine on your beautiful antique rug. These accidents leave behind tough stains, making after-party cleaning a cumbersome process. Try some regular liquid soap with water to try and brush off the stains with a proper brush. Most of the time, the results are surprisingly favorable. However, you may need professional rug cleaning experts to tackle the stains in some cases.

Remove your soiled footwear before walking on a rug

Using soiled footwear while walking on rugs often leaves dust particles to settle on them. Ensure you use a pair of home slippers that are clean and free from dirt while walking on your carpet.

Rotate your rug frequently

Uneven footfalls lead to faster wear and tear of the rugs and also cause pressure marks to appear on them. Moreover, furniture marks often leave stains and dents on rugs, making it difficult to treat if noticed too late.

They say - prevention is better than cure. Thus, professionals recommend rotating rugs every 2 to 3 months for maintaining an even movement over the rug before permanent damage.



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