How To Choose The Right Area Rug for Your Decor: a step by step guide to find the right area rug for your decor

How To Choose The Right Area Rug for Your Decor: a step by step guide to find the right area rug for your decor

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How To Choose The Right Area Rug for Your Decor: a step by step guide to find the right area rug for your decor

Choosing the right area rug is an important part of making your home feel cohesive. An area rug can help define a space and tie together colors, patterns and textures that might otherwise clash. It can also act as a soft landing for your feet after a long day at work or stress-filled commute.

The first thing to consider when choosing an area rug is where it will go in your home. Is it going to be used in a living room or dining room? Maybe it’s going in your bedroom or hallway? Once you know where it’s going to live, then you can start thinking about how much space you want it to cover. Do you want something small that will cover just part of the floor? Or do you want something big enough to fill up a whole wall?

As far as size goes, there’s no hard and fast rule here — just make sure that whatever size rug you end up with feels right for the space it will live in (we’ll get more into that later).

Types of Rugs

There are so many types of area rugs, it can feel like you're trying to choose between a million different options. But don't worry—we've got you covered with this list of the most popular types!

  1. Wool: This is probably the most well-known rug material, and it's also one of the best because wool is soft to the touch, but durable enough to hold up over time. It's also easy on your furniture and hardwood floors, which means it won't scratch or damage them.
  2. Cotton: Cotton area rugs have a classic look that works well in any room of the house. They're also easy to clean and great for families with kids or pets who might be tracking dirt around the house on their shoes (or paws!).
  3. Silk: Silk is another type of material used for making rugs due largely in part due its soft texture that feels comfortable underfoot when walking across it barefoot or wearing socks/shoes without socks.
  4. Linen: Linen rugs are often made from recycled materials like old clothing or other textiles like burlap bags or string—so they're an eco-friendly option if you want something that's sustainable as well as stylish!
  5. Jute: If you want something natural that feels like grass underfoot but still looks elegant enough for your living room, then jute may be just what you're looking for!

When choosing an area carpet, it is also important to think about the two main style: rugs made with natural materials and rugs made with synthetic materials.

Natural area rugs are made from animal hair, wool or cotton, or other natural materials. They're easy to maintain and soft underfoot. Synthetic area rugs are made from manmade fibers such as polypropylene (a soft plastic), olefin (a strong plastic), or nylon. They're durable and easy to care for, but they don't have the same comfort or warmth as natural fiber rugs.

Natural fiber rugs can be woven in many different ways—flat weave (also called tapestry weave), basket weave or needlepoint—but they all have one thing in common: their flat sides make them easy to clean. Flat-weave rugs are woven by hand on looms so small that each hook can only hold one strand of yarn at a time; this creates an effect that some people find more attractive than others but that is always soft underfoot. Basket-weave rugs are made up of multiple threads twisted together tightly into a single strand; this makes them dense yet flexible enough to bend around corners without breaking apart easily when walked over repeatedly by heavy furniture like couches or chairs.

Rugs for High-Traffic Areas

In more cases than not, rugs can be the perfect solution for high-traffic areas in your home. They’re durable, they add comfort and style to a room, and they can help hide imperfections in your floor while giving it an extra pop of color. But if you’re looking for the right rug for your high-traffic area, you’ll want to make sure you choose a rug that can stand up to the abuse that comes with frequent foot traffic.

When choosing a rug for a high-traffic area, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose a rug that is made of durable materials. These include wool and nylon because they are stain resistant and easy to clean—no matter what kind of mess you make!

Make sure there are plenty of vacuuming lines so that the dirt doesn’t get trapped between the fibers of your rug. This will also help prevent it from becoming matted down over time and retaining more dirt than necessary!

Make sure there are no loose threads hanging from your new rug as these could easily snag on clothing or even bare skin!

Consider Area Rug Shapes

If you're looking to add a new area rug to your space, there are several different shapes that can help create a beautiful and functional space.

Round: Round rugs are great for smaller spaces, as they tend to fit into corners better than other shapes. They also lend themselves well to being used under furniture or seating areas.

Rectangle: Rectangles are the most common shape for area rugs because they're able to fill up larger areas and still provide plenty of coverage. Rectangles are also an easy shape to match with furniture pieces or other decor items in your space.

Oval: Oval rugs work well in rooms that have curved walls, like hallways and entryways. They can also be used in front of fireplaces or other large features that take up part of your floor space.

Square: Square rugs are great when you want something simple and classic, but they don't work well with irregularly shaped spaces like rounded corners or angled walls. If you're looking for more variation in color or pattern options with this shape, consider choosing one from our collection of designer area rugs!

Area Rug Sizes

Area rugs are a great way to add color and texture to your living room or entryway. They're also a great way to make the most of your floor space, whether you have a small apartment or just want to make sure that there's plenty of room for everyone at the dinner table.

But how do you know what size rug will fit best in your space?

It's actually pretty easy! The first thing to consider is whether you're looking for a standard size area rug or one that is larger than normal—and if so, how much larger. If you want something that fits right into the overall scheme of things, it's best to go with a standard size area rug. But if you have extra space on your floor that needs filling up, or if there are other large furniture pieces in your living room or dining room, then it might be time for something bigger!

When choosing an area rug size, remember that there are two main considerations: the size of the actual rug itself (the area covered by its woven fibers) and how much floor space it takes up when laid out flat on top of the ground or another surface like carpeting or wood floors (including any cushions used underneath).

Choose a style that fits with your decorating scheme. The key here is choosing an area rug that matches the rest of the furniture in your home—you don't want it to look like an afterthought! You can use color or texture to determine which style will work best with everything else in the room: if you have lots of wood furniture, go with something soft and textured; if you have more metal or glass pieces, you might want something sleek like metal or glass itself; and if all else fails, try going monochromatic with different shades of one color.

Area Rug Colors

If you're thinking about buying an area rug, you may have noticed that there are a lot of different colors to choose from. It's important to consider the color of your walls, but also the other colors in your living room or bedroom.

For example, if you have a lot of dark brown furniture and dark red walls, you'll want to go with a lighter shade of red for the area rug. You could also use a neutral tone like beige or taupe to help tie everything together.

If you have darker furniture and lighter walls, it might be better to go with one of the darker shades of red or brown. You can also try pairing blue with these colors, as blue looks great against darker shades.

If you're looking for an outdoor rug, consider using bright colors such as yellow or green in smaller areas where they will stand out more prominently than they would inside your home.

Finding the right rug can be difficult. You'll have to balance the color of the rug against the existing colors in your room to choose something that matches.

Every room is different, so it's important to choose a rug that goes well with both the colors in the room and the colors in your furniture.

Area Rug Patterns

If you're looking to add a bold, eye-catching, or fun design element to your home, you can't go wrong with an area rug. Area rugs are key design elements and one of the most popular ways to add color and pattern to any room. They can be used as a focal point, or as a way to tie together different colors and patterns in your space—no matter what kind of style you're going for, there's an area rug out there that will make it pop!

When choosing an area rug, think about how it will fit into your current design scheme. If you already have a lot of bold colors and patterns in your living room, then go with a more tonal design that won't compete with other elements. On the other hand, if you have a more neutral space, then try something with a fun pattern or large-print design that will really make an impact on the room.

No matter what kind of look you're going for, consider using an area rug as one of your main design features—it's one of those pieces that can really pull everything together!

Area Rug Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning that uses solvents and high-pressure water. This method is best for delicate fabric rugs that can't withstand being washed in a washing machine. The cleaning solution will remove any soil or stains from your rug, but it won't be as effective at removing pet hair or other contaminants.

If you prefer to avoid dry cleaning, try spot cleaning instead! Spot cleaning is a quick and easy way to remove stains from your rug without having to take it to a professional cleaner. Just spray on some carpet cleaner and blot out any stains with paper towels or cloths until they're gone!

If you want even more tips on keeping your area rug clean, check out our blog post "How To Clean Area Rug" for more information!

Before Buying a New Area Rug

Before you buy a new area rug, there are a few things to consider.

First, think about the size of your space. If your room is really small, you might want to get a smaller rug.

Second, think about the space between furniture and tables in your room. If there's not much space between these items and the wall, then it's probably best to get an area rug that covers the entire floor.

Third, think about what color you like most! You can find rugs in all sorts of colors—from neutral tones like brown and cream to bolder options like red or blue.

Fourth, think about what design you like best! There are so many different types of area rugs out there—from simple rectangles to intricate patterns with complicated details. You can even find rugs made from natural materials like cotton or wool that are soft underfoot and have low maintenance requirements!

Fifth (and finally), think about what materials will work best for your situation: Are you looking for something durable enough for high-traffic areas? Or do you need something softer on sensitive feet? Will it be indoors only? Or outdoors as well? These are all important questions to ask yourself before making any decision.

Buying an area rug from Kuden Rugs

Buying an area rug from Kuden Rugs is a great option for those looking for an affordable, natural-colored area rug. Kuden Rugs has a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes at prices that won't break the bank.

Sizes range from small rugs for use as accents to large rugs for covering entire rooms. Patterns include everything from traditional Persian designs to modern abstract designs.

Kuden Rugs offers a variety of natural colors including browns, tans, reds, blues and greens. These colors go well with any type of decor and will not clash with furniture or other décor in your home or office setting.

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