Vintage Rug: Why is it the perfect buy?

Vintage Rug: Why is it the perfect buy?


Vintage rug collections can instantly transform any room by adding a touch of elegance and global influence. With intricate fashionable colors, detailed borders, a distressed texture, and modern flair with cultural and historical meanings, these rugs have a wide range of collections typically designed to evoke the same classic, nostalgic feel of bygone years. They have a timeless appeal and can complement a variety of home themes, including modern and contemporary spaces.  No matter what the foot traffic, you need strong hand-made rugs made by Kuden Rugs and explore the huge collection of transitional area rugs for your homes. 

What is a vintage rug?

Genuine vintage pieces are free from recycled material like polyester, plastic, and other synthetic materials. Instead, they are entirely made of natural materials, most notably wool. A vintage rug is perfect for elite living. An aged, lanolin-rich wool rug, for instance, is a great décor to take your home back in time. A fine rug that is tightly woven but is  floppy or supple is probably old because even tightly woven rugs become loose in time. A curated selection of a rug's color or dye quality can tell its age. Old rugs will feel gritty, sandy, or smooth on the back.

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Qualities of the vintage rug

Unique color from around the world

They are made of naturally-dyed wool from sheep grazing. Naturally dyed carpets have more natural colors and last longer than those dyed with synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, and polyurethane. The actual colors will outlast those of today's synthetic dyed wool. No matter what the unusual traffic is, clean your Bohemian rug collection with a damp cloth and watch the magic flow to your rooms.

Softness and warmth that will not fade

Kashan carpets are popular for their high-quality soft Kurk wool — sourced from the animal's underbelly — with a much higher lanolin content. The superior quality of Kurk wool, the softer and more lustrous the texture. Many modern rugs are made of cheap wool that sheds and depreciates fast. Genuine hand-spun wool makes high-quality wool rugs. 

Stories and symbols abound

Kashan and Kirman pictorial rugs have the largest selection that depicts the original colors, lifestyles, and customs of 19th-century Persia. The geometry and color reference of antique Caucasian rugs bear a striking resemblance to paintings. In Chinese weavings, the elegant stylized interpretations of dragons, bats, and lotus flowers are rich in positive symbolism with the dominant color palette.

Available in eye-catching sizes

Even if you have a large room, finding an appropriately-sized modern carpet can be costly. Large antique carpets are often more cost-effective with dynamic color designs: this Sultanabad carpet from West Persia, measuring 735 x 407 cm, is over 120 years old. Because of its size and condition, it would instantly brighten up any interior. 

The approved choice of experts

Be it a classic runner for the hallway or under the furniture, vintage rugs are suitable carpets. These works of art were created to be used, yet many are incredibly well-preserved, looking as if they were woven just yesterday. These carpets and rugs represent one of the world's oldest art forms and are as worthy of a place in today's interior as they were created.


Decorate your homes with a reasonably priced vintage rug

If you are looking for a rug that will define your fashion and personal taste while making your room look like a billion bucks, then now is the time to invest in quality rugs at affordable prices. Traditional or modern rugs have desirable features and qualities that make them ideal for interior decorating. Rug décor ideas from various designers are always available to help you enhance the look and feel of your home.