At, we are often asked what makes us different from other online retailers. Our goal is to provide you with unique and affordable rugs along with superior customer service. For almost 20 years, we have provided thousands of rugs at discount prices without sacrificing quality. With a great selection of area rugs and runners, there is sure to be something perfect for your home! Our helpful customer service representatives are available to answer any questions that you may have.

Kudenrugs is more than a rug shop. We ensure you can create art in your home. Whether you need an entrance, living room floor or the bedroom above a luxurious feeling, we offer the perfect rugs and runners at a good price. We ship worldwide to businesses and consumers. Kudenrugs has all kinds of high quality rugs and runners, as well as simple information about information on modern hardware that makes your home look better.


Our story started out in 1985, when we began manufacturing and selling rugs with our own brand name. Thanks to the experience gained since then and the knowledge we have acquired, we are proud to provide you with the highest quality rugs.


Our name, Kudenrugs, is a blend of two words: "Rug" and "Art". Our vision is to present rugs as art pieces. We look at them with our eyes of art and process it using the most professional craftsmen in the world - we give you unique products that will mesmerize you with their beauty.

Kudenrugs, the online rug store for handmade rugs is a one-stop destination for all your needs related to rugs.Its unique approach, empowers you to select the best quality rugs at affordable prices. KudenRugs is a company which combines high quality of rug provide with highest level of customer service. We want to make your house even more comfortable and cosy. In our store you can not only choose the best product, but also get an advice from professionals who will help you to choose the right rug for every room in your home.

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Make your house special and unique with rugs.

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